Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SandyPR.com: THE Source for Talk Radio Expert Commentators

SandyPR.com has assembled one great roster for Talk Radio today! We've got all the HOT TOPICS - the big issues in today's news - represented. From her Money Team, to an excellent National Security Team (and blog) to the best in Political Analysis, Entertainment and Legal issues - SandyPR.com has you covered! Keep us on file and call or e-mail us anytime you need an expert to cover the latest breaking stories! Keep an eye on the SandyPR.com blog for all the latest from these Radio Super Stars!

Raj Bhakta, Politician, Financial Expert
Reb Bradley, Family Counselor & Parenting Expert
Brigitte Gabriel, Leading Expert on Global Islamic Terrorism
Steve Gill, Radio Talk Show Host, Political Analyst
Bill Glynn, Entrepreneur, Advisor to Fortune 1000 Companies; Financial Expert
Roger Hedgecock, Radio Talk Show Host, Political Analyst
Dr. Evelyn Higgins, Radio Talk Show Host, Health Care & Fitness Expert
Dr. James Hirsen, Media/Hollywood and Political Analyst, Professor & Legal Analyst
Fmr. Congressman John LeBoutillier, Political Analyst
Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Congresswoman, Political and Financial Analyst
Dick Morris, Political Analyst
National Security Team, Experts on National Security and Terrorism
Bill Porter, Leadership & Financial Consultant
Wayne Allyn Root, Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee, Financial Expert
Doug Wead, Presidential Historian, Political AnalystRobert Weiss, Legal Analyst, Reformer of Wall Street's Abuse, Financial Expert

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