Monday, November 30, 2015

Return to Winter By Doug Schoen

Russia, China, and the New Cold War Against America

By Doug Schoen

In Fox News analyst Doug Schoen's new book, Return to Winter: Russia, China, and the New Cold War Against America, he tells us the U.S. is a nation in crisis. While Washington has been rendered nearly impotent by ongoing partisan warfare, we face an array of national security threats that America seems increasingly unprepared, and perhaps unwilling, to handle. Among these, none is more formidable than the unprecedented partnership developing between Russia and China, two former foes drawn increasingly close together because of a confluence of geostrategic, political, and economic interests - all of which have a common theme of diminishing, subverting, or displacing American power.

While America's influence around the world recedes - in its military and diplomatic power, in its political leverage, in its economic might, and perhaps most dangerously, in the power and appeal of its ideas - Russia and China have seen their influence increase. From their support and interventions on behalf of rogue regimes like those in Iran, Syria, and North Korea to their aggressive use of cyber-warfare and intelligence theft, Moscow and Beijing are playing the game for keeps. Meanwhile America, pledging to "lead from behind," no longer does much leading at all.

In Return to Winter, Doug Schoen and Melik Kaylan systematically chronicle the growing threat from the Russia-China alliance and argue that only a rebirth of American leadership in the world can counter the corrosive impact of this antidemocratic alliance, which may soon threaten the peace and security of the world.

Return to Winter outlines how Russia and China are now operating against American and Western interests in nearly every conceivable area:
  • * Russia working assiduously to build more nuclear facilities for Iran and ensuring Iran maintains "breakout potential" for a nuclear weapon - even as the West formalized its nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic.
  • * Enabling the Syrian regime: making it possible for Assad to deploy chemical weapons against his own people, preventing U.S. interventions in Syria, forcing Obama to walk back his "red line," and, finally, deploying Russian forces to protect the Assad regime.
  • * Keeping the deranged North Korean regime afloat for years and enabling Pyongyang's nuclear capabilities - which have grown to be far greater than previous American estimates.
  • * Russia's plans to destabilize and annex territories in Europe - from Eastern Ukraine to the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • * China's expansionism in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, where they are flouting international law and making claims that would put one of the world's primary shipping lanes almost entirely under Chinese direction.
"Return to Winter puts on the table what many have preferred to ignore or wish away, namely that our current foreign policy is causing grave and systemic harm to American interests all around the world."  --John Bolton, Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

The Future Looks Like Baltimore By Craig R. Smith & Lowell Ponte

The Future Looks Like Baltimore

American Dream vs. Progressive Dream

New book reveals keys to winning the battle for the future of the U.S.
As Baltimore braces for the first of the six trials sparked by allegations that six Baltimore police officers caused fatal injuries to Freddie Gray, a small-time drug dealer in this city where nearly one resident in ten uses heroin, we are reminded of the riots, looting and arson of last April, which injured 200 police, damaged 350 businesses, and set fire to 150 vehicles and 60 structures.  Is this what the future of America looks like?

According to monetary expert Craig R. Smith and futurist Lowell Ponte, it's a very real possibility if Progressives have their way.  In their new, THE FUTURE LOOKS LIKE BALTIMORE, Smith and Ponte explore the sinister origins and roots of Progressivism - an un-American, anti-individualism and pro-collectivism, anti-free market and pro-socialist ideology - that shares common ideological ancestry with both Nazism and Communism.
In The Future Looks Like Baltimore, you will learn: 
  • The history of Baltimore and how it started out as a key destination for immigrants seeking the American Dream;
  • How Progressive politics took over cities like Baltimore replacing the traditional American Dream of equality under law, life, liberty, property rights, prosperity, and personal responsibility into government-run welfare dependents;
  • How Progressives have an elitist tendency to want the state to impose their values onto everybody else;
  • How Progressives believe that if science and state are given limitless power, they can create a new Eden and a perfect human species free from greed, want and war; and
  • About the leading Democrats in the 2016 Presidential campaign - Hillary Clinton, who advocates "toppling" the top one percent of income earners in America, and Bernie Sanders, a self-described Socialist who favors imposing an annual 90 percent income tax rate on the rich and up to a 65 percent tax on their estates.

According to a September 2015 Gallup poll, 49% of Americans say the federal government now poses "an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens." Why do so many Americans feel threatened by a Progressive-led government? Smith and Ponte detail how Progressivism is systematically killing the American Dream by undermining four of its cornerstones: 1) honoring property rights, 2) doing better than our parents via education, 3) working to earn our own way, and 4) achieving an independent, earned and secure retirement.
They also reveal how and why Progressives like President Obama are rushing America into a cashless, un-capitalist new economic system. Craig and Lowell show how Progressives hijacked the Democratic Party and, through anti-business taxes and regulations, are ruining the American economy through the fear of expropriation that businesses now feel about investing and hiring more workers as the Democrats stifle growth of the economy with endless regulations and new policies.
The mere existence of a major Progressive Party threatens, damages and weakens America's free market economy and future. The more it wins, the more our nation will resemble the bad aspects of Baltimore. Progressives are busy destroying the old American Dream and the Constitution that had kept government size and power in check.
In this, their sixth book, the authors show how readers can help protect themselves and their savings; and they suggest some things we can do to help reignite the American Dream and win this battle.  Craig and Lowell also reveal Baltimore's little-noticed seeds of greatness that could restore the American Dream. [more...] 


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Culture Wars By David Horowitz

The Black Book of the American Left - Volume V
Culture Wars
By David Horowitz

New York Times best seller David Horowitz's new book, The Black Book of the American Left - Volume V: Culture Wars, is the latest in the series of his political odyssey.  In Culture Wars, Horowitz shows how today's Left uses culture as a battleground the way the old Communist Left used the economy.  He focuses on the attacks on American values that began in the 1960s and have continued since, an effort at a wholesale reshaping of the national culture to reflect the agendas of the liberal political elites.

In Volume V of The Black Book series, you will learn about:
  • The Progressive Party line;
  • Media culture and how the celebrated are defaming America;
  • The epidemic of sexual politics;
  • Feminist assaults and the war against love;
  • PBS and NPR - the government's left-wing networks; and
  • How left-wing politics fueled the AIDS epidemic.
Horowitz warns that the political elites have changed the cultural landscape in ways that have damaged America to its core.  With the triumph of "political correctness" and the pushing of multiculturalism comes a direct assault on the principle of e pluribus unum. 

By rewriting American history at the high school and college level, to transform it into a narrative of violence and victimhood; by conquering and controlling the mainstream media; and by making "identity politics" and "gender" into weapons of cultural aggression, the Progressives are succeeding at infiltrating American values and holding its people hostage with their own guilt.

About the Author: David Horowitz is the bestselling author of numerous books including Unholy Alliance (2004), The Party of Defeat (2008) and Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left (2014). His Art of Political War (2000) was described by White House political strategist Karl Rove as "the perfect guide to winning on the political battlefield."  David is the founder and chairman of the David Horowitz Freedom Center which is dedicated to the defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Tough As They Come" By Travis Mills

By Travis Mills

"People often refer to me as a 'wounded warrior,' but I'm no longer wounded. I'm just a man with scars living life to the fullest and best I know how."
                                                                   -U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Travis Mills
On April 10, 2012, United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the 82nd Airborne had what he describes as "a normal day at work that turned ugly." In TOUGH AS THEY COME (written with Marcus Brotherton, foreword by Gary Sinise), he shares his story of surviving "a simple act of war" that led to the 6'3", 250-pound man becoming one of only five surviving quadruple amputees from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Athletic, outgoing, and good-natured, Travis joined the military shortly after graduating from high school. He loved being a soldier and took his job seriously, though his natural ebullience always shone through. When his crew finished a patrol during which they'd had a firefight, Travis, nicknamed "Big Mills," would run ahead and sing the 82nd Airborne cadence, high-fiving each of his guys as they passed by. He was their fearless leader and their comedic relief.

After two deployments in Afghanistan, Travis could have opted out of a third tour, but felt he couldn't let his team go without him. So after promising his wife it would be his last deployment, Travis headed back to war. Six weeks in, on what was scheduled to be a day off, Travis and his team were called into action to sweep a local area for IEDs. After the initial sweep showed the area clear, Travis set down his backpack. That small act was all it took to change his life forever. Just five days before his 25th birthday, an IED instantly made him a triple amputee; his remaining arm was removed two days later.

Devastated by his injuries and made desperate by unbearable pain, Travis agreed to be put in a Ketamine coma, a controversial and extremely risky treatment to stop the pain. After experiencing terrifying and vivid hallucinations for days, Travis's mind cleared, and he was pain-free. For the first time, he felt a flicker of hope. "An enormous challenge lay ahead of me, yet the thought of that didn't dismay or repulse me anymore," Travis writes in TOUGH AS THEY COME. "The quest to succeed in the army had always been a challenge for me. My situation now as a quadruple amputee held out the same sort of dare to succeed. For higher reasons I would never know, I was being called to walk a new and unknown pathway." And so began Travis's arduous and miraculous journey of recovery-of his life, his faith, and himself.

Thirteen surgeries and hundreds of hours of rehabilitation later (it took a solid week of therapy just to learn how to sit up again), Travis can walk, drive, dance, skydive, hold his wife's hand and fix his daughter's breakfast. He now spends his time counseling others with similar injuries, giving motivational speeches at churches and corporations, and working for the Travis Mills Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to showing wounded veterans and their families that they can overcome their physical and emotional challenges and find new purpose.