Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Passing of a Pioneer Talk Show Host: June Cain Miller

This past Sunday June Cain Miller Henry passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She had recently lost her husband who had been in a tragic SUV accident years prior. She was so devoted to him and was at his bedside every day for the longest time. Before he passed, June was excited about reviving her career and we were all working with her to make that happen. Now she's with her beloved. The following is the story of a true pioneer of talk radio and TV.

Before talk radio there was talk TV and June Cain Miller was the queen. Her aggressive, yet fun-loving style made the June Cain Miller & Friends show must-see TV! June captured the attention of the 34+ demographic for more than 15 years, sparking a phenomenal response from a 12.1 million household reach and was as popular as Donahue and Oprah. Likewise, June's radio presence attracted female as well as a good percentage of male listeners. Rather than the usual talk radio format where the host rants about current events and all the problems of the world, June's radio show was known as solution-oriented talk radio. She offered real-life solutions to many of her listeners' questions and problems.

She called herself a "Realistic Conservative with a Liberal Up-Beat Personality." Her fast-paced, entertaining shows were a positive affirmation of values. On TV and radio, and in her books and blog, she addressed the important and always relevant issues of concern to Americans. She was controversial without being combative and knew the importance of covering relevant issues of the day and was doing it in a meaningful and captivating way.

In the '80s, June set out to fill a void in talk radio. Always a politically astute woman, she recognized the monopoly that liberal personalities held on television and talk radio. She said, "Audiences were not getting both sides of issues, either because hosts lacked journalistic integrity or guts." June had both. With the Reagan landslide victory, and upon meeting him, she was convinced that by delivering realistic messages, dynamically and with compassion, he would earn the votes of that much sought after - and necessary - demographic: women voters of all ethnicities. She knew it was time for a woman equipped with the facts to hold her own, grab hold of the microphone and tell it like it really is, and that she did!

June's programs were broadcast on WFIL in Philadelphia, WNAR in Norristown, PA, KIEV and KRLA in California. She and her guests, many of whom were celebrities, sports figures, and politically correct politicians, helped drive home the message of individual responsibility. June offered a reality check on education, lower taxes, less government, states' rights, a strong military, and all the conservative values that built America in the first place. Having been raised in a family of 12 children when times were really tough, she learned, "It's not good to have too much month left at the end of your money.'"

Her book, The Chipping Away of America, addressed politics, relationships, family, the prescription drug culture, current events and much more - a must read of why, when, where, how and who is responsible for the chipping away of America and its values that make it the greatest country in the world. She covered the problems of illegal immigration, unions, education, racism and the presidential election and stated emphatically, "You must vote logically not emotionally; it's the only way we can stop 'The Chipping Away of America.'" A frequent guest of talk radio since the '70s, June was quite a sparkling jewel in the radio world! more...

Funeral services are to be held Saturday Jan. 17th at the Church of Latter Day Saints at 1190 Gary Dr. in Oxnard, California at 2pm. For more information feel free to call grandchildren Jessica and Tamara Miller at 760-705-0073. If you are able to attend the services June and her children, grandchildren and many friends would be comforted greatly by your presence.

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