Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The 5 Big Lies By Michael Medved

From the host of one of the top-five radio talk shows in the nation, with 5 million weekly listeners in more than 200 markets, and the author of the New York Times bestseller The 10 Big Lies About America, comes a timely and forceful defense of America's economic system:



Why is it commonplace for people to place a higher value on government and nonprofit work than on starting a successful business in the private sector? That's because they've been spoon-fed myths about capitalism - our country's lifeblood - for years.

In THE 5 BIG LIES ABOUT AMERICAN BUSINESS: Combating Smears Against the Free-Market Economy, one of the nation's most controversial and popular talk-radio hosts, Michael Medved, boldly tackles the smears and deceptions that underlie the public's bitter, resentful attitude toward capitalism and confirms that our unique corporate system has always benefited, and will continue to energize, our economy and this great country.

Medved takes each lie, dissects it, and provides startling, documented evidence to the contrary. Medved, known as "the smartest guy on radio," does not shy away from controversy and argues passionately to defend the truth. He challenges the five biggest lies told about our economic system:
  • LIE #1: The current economy proves that capitalism is evil and in its final death throes
  • LIE #2: When the rich get richer, the poor get poorer
  • LIE #3: Corporate bosses are overpaid and corrupt
  • LIE #4: Small business is more ethical and more responsible than big business
  • LIE #5: Government is more fair and reliable than business, and citizens should trust government bureaucrats more than they trust for-profit corporations
With the current economic crisis bringing new attention to these old but fiercely promoted myths, THE 5 BIG LIES ABOUT AMERICAN BUSINESS sets the record straight.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Medved is the host of a daily, three-hour radio program that is syndicated coast to coast, reaching more than 5 million listeners in more than 200 markets every week, making it the #5 radio program in the country. He is also the bestselling author of eleven previous books, including The 10 Big Lies About America, Right Turns, Hollywood vs. America, and What Really Happened to the Class of '65? He is a member of USA Today's board of contributors and also writes a weekly column for, America's leading conservative news and opinion website. For more than a decade Medved served as cohost of Sneak Previews, PBS's weekly movie review show, and for five years he was chief film critic for the New York Post.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 News

Watch Wayne Allyn Root on Kudlow

Wayne Root appeared on "The Kudlow Report" on CNBC debating former Clinton Presidential Press Secretary Joe Lockhart. Go here to watch.

Bill Gertz's "Failure Factory" Tour

Bill Gertz's best-seller, The Failure Factory: How Unelected Bureaucrats, Liberal Democrats, and Big Government Republicans Are Undermining America's Security and Leading Us to War is making its rounds again with the release of the paperback edition on Mon. Nov. 16th. Call now to schedule interviews with Bill. Read "Inside the Ring" - The Hasan Connection here. is your ONE-STOP SOURCE for Expert Guests on Today's Hot Topics! Go here for more... Keep up to the minute with Authors & Pundits at the Blog. Visit for Guests.

SandyPundits New Sites

James Hirsen has a new Web site - go here now for all the latest reports on Hollywood and legal analysis by top cultural reporter, James Hirsen.

Joy Tiz, political pundit extraordinaire, also has a new site up and running - check out her latest blog: "Oprah to Be Named Army Chief of Staff."

SandyPR to Represent the Best Authors

Coming in December: The 5 Big Lies About American Business: Combating Smears Against the Free-Market Economy By Michael Medved

Coming in January: A New American Tea Party: The Counterrevolution against Bailouts, Handouts, Reckless Spending, and More Taxes By John M. O'Hara

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bill Gertz's Best-Selling Book, "The Failure Factory"


In THE FAILURE FACTORY: How Unelected Bureaucrats Are Undermining U.S. Security, longtime Pentagon insider and reporter BILL GERTZ lays out in no uncertain terms how an out-of-control U.S. government bureaucracy is threatening our national security.

Call Sandy NOW for interviews with Bill Gertz - 516-735-5468.

The Failure Factory gives a full account of some of the worst excesses of bloated government and bureaucratic infighting, including the Bush administration’s cozying up to Wahhabi-dominated Saudi Arabia and so-called “outreach” efforts by the Pentagon and Justice Department to radical Muslim pressure groups such as CAIR. Since the election of President Barack Obama, government bureaucracy has continued to promote the "blame America first" policies - viewing the United States as the main cause of the world's ills, as opposed to Islamist extremists or other adversaries.

Gertz reveals:
  • How Obama's disastrous national security policies - and his stable of advisers - have put America at risk

  • A politicized 2007 National Intelligence Estimate judged that Tehran had halted its nuclear weapons program. Yet Iran continues covert uranium enrichment that is universally viewed as geared toward building nuclear weapons, especially missile warheads. The shockingly false 2007 report was followed by an equally suspect NIE on Iran's nuclear program produced in May 2009 that was the basis for President Obama abandoning a controversial missile-defense system in Eastern Europe.

  • Flagrant cases of sabotage by top State Department officials that have emboldened states such as Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Communist China

  • Stunning new intelligence failures, including one that may have allowed a terrorist group to penetrate the FBI and CIA

  • How Democrats are exploiting the antiwar movement for political gain, with little regard for the potentially devastating circumstances

The book's predictions about the Obama administration are coming true, including:
  • An emphasis on diplomacy and arms control over concrete defenses

  • How China is continuing to build up its military forces in utmost secrecy while rebuffing U.S. efforts to set up talks and exchanges on military and strategic nuclear issues
"The current out-of-control federal bureaucracy is not just an inefficient nuisance to the effective functioning of government," Gertz argues, "it is a danger to our national security because entrenched bureaucrats are ignoring the threats to America at a time when those dangers are growing."

About the Author: Bill Gertz is a defense and national-security reporter for The Washington Times and the author of five books. He writes a weekly column called “Inside the Ring,” a chronicle about the ups and downs of the U.S. national-security policy. He is also the author of Enemies: How America's Foes Steal Our Vital Secrets - And How We Let It Happen, a critical look at recent spy cases and counterintelligence failures.