Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Dubs Goes to Washington" By Dick Morris

Dubs Goes to Washington
...and Discovers the Greatness of America
 & Clayton J. Liotta (Author, Illustrator)

Dubs Goes to Washington 

Dubs Goes to Washington and Discovers the Greatness of America is a book that teaches young children their first patriotic lessons. The star of the book is Dubs, their adorable golden retriever. Dubs has lost his beloved tennis ball in Washington, D.C. Kids from 4-8 will love helping Dubs find it - and, in the process, will discover what makes America such an exceptional nation.

Dick and his wife, Eileen decided to write this book because they couldn't find books for their young friends that teach them about our great country, our important institutions, and our heroes. Too often, our schools and publishers ignore these important subjects or relegate them to adults. But, as we all know, you're never too young to be a patriot!

Dubs Goes to Washington gives parents and grandparents the perfect vehicle for introducing our patriotic heritage to our children. This delightful history and civics lesson will be a favorite bedtime story for your family. Kids will learn a little about our founding fathers, our patriotic traditions, the message of our national monuments, and the importance of our war heroes who fought for our freedom.

These beautifully illustrated lessons show some of the things that make America an exceptional nation. And it's fun for kids, too. Dubs' yellow tennis ball is hidden in each of the drawings, and kids have to search to find it.

We know you're proud of what makes America great. Now you and Dubs can remind your little ones of our cultural and historical foundations. Take a trip through Washington with Dubs!

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Dick & Eileen have been married for thirty-four years. Together, they have written nine New York Times best sellers. One of the most prominent American political consultants, Dick Morris is well known for his probing, insightful, hard-hitting and clear commentary on Fox News Channel. Dick and Eileen write daily columns on U.S. politics for their Web site and have been columnists for the New York Post and contributors to National Review and many other publications.

"Islam without Extremes" By Mustafa Akyol

Islam without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty

By Mustafa Akyol

"A very powerful and important book which deals with how some Muslims improperly use archaic Shariah laws and others to justify violence." --Rita Cosby

"A delightfully original take on Turkey and on the prospects for liberal democracy in the broader Islamic Middle East." --Wall Street Journal

Since 9/11, much has been written about "moderate Islam." But few authors have really discussed the question that is at the heart of the debate: Can Islam be compatible with individual liberty and a free society? Turkish writer Mustafa Akyol, "a pious Muslim and a classical liberal," as the Wall Street Journal called him, argues that the answer can be "yes."

In Islam without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty, Akyol acknowledges that the Islamic world is rife with authoritarian regimes and illiberal attitudes. But he argues that not all of these problems come directly from Islam, and those who do so can be overcome by reforming Islamic law and culture in a way that will remain true to fundamentals of the faith.

In this 350-page tour de force, Akyol first shows how Islamic thought evolved in history, and how liberty, which had its place in Islam, gradually lost to tyranny. The years following Muhammad's passing in 632 AD, he explains, saw an intellectual "war of ideas" rage between rationalist, flexible schools of Islam and the more dogmatic, rigid ones. The traditionalist school won out, fostering perceptions of Islam as antithetical to modernity.

However, through his careful reexamination of the currents of Muslim thought, Akyol discovers a flourishing of liberalism in the nineteenth century Ottoman Empire and the unique "Islamo-liberal synthesis" of present-day Turkey. Only by accepting a secular state, he powerfully asserts, can Islamic societies thrive. Only by accepting "the freedom to sin," and "freedom from Islam," he says Muslims will prove to be confident in their faith.

Persuasive and inspiring, Islam without Extremes offers a desperately needed intellectual basis for the reconcilability of Islam and religious, political, economic, and social freedoms.

"Mr Akyol is an advocate of reconciliation between Muslims and the West [and] is much in demand at conferences on the future of Islam." --The Economist

About the Author: Mustafa Akyol is a columnist for two Turkish newspapers: Hurriyet Daily News and Star. His articles have also appeared in Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. He studied political science and history at the Bogazici University in Istanbul, where he still lives. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reagan Shooter Hinckley Hearings to Seek Release

Del Quentin Wilber, a Washington Post reporter and the author of the critically acclaimed New York Times best-seller Rawhide Down: The Near Assassination of Ronald Reagan, is available to discuss presidential assailant John W. Hinckley's efforts to gain more freedom from his psychiatric hospital. Hinckley shot and seriously wounded President Reagan on March 30, 1981. He has been held at St. Elizabeth's Hospital since being found not guilty by reason of insanity during his trial in 1982.

In a series of hearings starting Wednesday and expected to last through Dec. 9, Hinckley's lawyers and his doctors are expected to urge a federal judge to give the presidential assailant more liberty. They would like Hinckley to be allowed to visit his mother's home in Williamsburg, Va., for lengthy unsupervised trips, some lasting up to 24 days. His doctors at St. Elizabeth's Hospital would also like the authority to allow Hinckley to live in Williamsburg - without seeking approval from a federal judge. Over the years, that judge has granted Hinckley more freedom, allowing him to spend more time at the home of his parents in Virginia and even obtain a driver's license.

Federal prosecutors are seeking to block such moves, saying Hinckley remains a danger. "Hinckley is a man capable of great violence," prosecutors wrote in court papers, adding that the assailant "still is not sufficiently well to alleviate the concern that this violence may be repeated."

Hinckley, 56, nearly killed President Reagan in a shooting that wounded three other men, including White House Press Secretary James Brady, outside the Washington Hilton hotel on March 30, 1981. He said he wanted to kill Reagan to impress the movie actress Jodie Foster, then an 18-year-old freshman at Yale University.

Wilber, the Washington Post's federal courts reporter, will be covering the hearings for the newspaper and its Web site. He wrote extensively about the assassination attempt and Hinckley in his book, Rawhide Down, and has given scores of radio and television interviews that describe the drama of March 30, 1981, and how close Reagan actually came to dying that day.

The New York Times' critic Janet Maslin last week called Rawhide Down one of her top ten books of 2011. Other critics have called the book "gripping," "riveting," "a thriller," and "harrowing story."

Wilber's most recent Washington Post blog entry about Hinckley can be found here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

"Indoctrination" by Kyle Olson

New Book Exposes How Activist Public School Teachers
Force-Feed Left-Wing Political Propaganda to Students

 "For defenders of freedom, Kyle Olson's book is a vital necessity to read and absorb. It sets a challenge before us all: To change public education so that it is truly American in its values." --Best-selling Author and Fox News analyst Dick Morris

Throughout many of the nation's public schools, left-wing teachers are misusing their classrooms and their influence to train students how to think and behave like progressive political activists. That's the premise of a new book entitled, Indoctrination: How 'Useful Idiots' Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism by Kyle Olson, who exposes how leftist teachers misuse precious class time to sell students on their political agenda: union organizing, radical environmentalism, pledging allegiance to the Earth, creating "global citizens" and spreading 1960s-style cultural Marxism to new generations.

Olson wrote Indoctrination after discovering a series of widely used lesson plans written by and for activist teachers. In the book, he examines 35 of these lesson plans, and explains how each is used to train students in the ways of left-wing progressivism - beginning as early as preschool. "As the father of a kindergartener, this became very personal for me," says Olson. "I am very concerned about what he will be learning."

Indoctrination tells the story of: 
  • A preschool teacher who tells her students about the recent union protests in Madison, Wisconsin, and uses the words strike, collective bargaining and negotiate as part of a vocabulary lesson.
  • The Maryland Board of Education that requires every graduate to "make decisions" demonstrating they are "environmentally literate."
  • The thousands of schools that show students "The Story of Stuff" - a video created by a Green Peace activist that urges the end of America's "current" economic model, while making the case for socialism.
  • Lesson plans published by the United Nations that teach students to find "the means for constructing a more sensible and just world community," as well as introducing "the law of the sea" concept - whereby the U.N. regulates the oceans and national sovereignty goes out the window.
  • Social justice activists who use math lessons to push propaganda about war spending, incarceration rates and AIDS spending. 
Indoctrination not only exposes what is being taught, but who is writing and promoting this agenda. This book makes the case that student achievement is abysmal in many of the nation's public schools, and time should not be wasted on politics. In some school districts, students are literally graduating without the ability to read - but they leave school knowing all about the evils of free enterprise and U.S. corporations. The book also provides a series of action steps and ideas that parents, taxpayers and elected officials can use to stem this growing problem in our schools. Watch the trailer...

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kyle Olson founded the Education Action Group, a Michigan-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to addressing the problems in our public education system. Kyle is a regular contributor to, and a frequent guest on talk radio, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Fox Business Network, and NPR. His and EAG's work has also been cited by the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.  Watch Kyle on Fox & Friends.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RealClearPolitics eBook

The latest must-read inside analysis
on the 2012 presidential campaign

The RealClearPolitics


The Battle Begins
By Tom Bevan & Carl M. Cannon

RealClearPolitics is a leading Web site for political news and commentary, and one that routinely breaks news inside the Beltway and about presidential campaigns. In the first of a three-eBook series, ELECTION 2012: The Battle Begins, written by Tom Bevan and Carl M. Cannon, provides an in-depth look at the inner workings of the White House reelection team and many of the major GOP candidates running for president. In addition, this groundbreaking e-original provides fascinating insights from some of the key GOP figures who flirted with a presidential run and why they ultimately declined.

ELECTION 2012: The Battle Begins gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the early stages of the 2012 race, providing in-depth reporting, analysis, and the latest coverage of the campaigns of President Obama and the GOP candidates.

Newsmaking items in this eBook include:

·        Rick Perry - new details are revealed from key figures associated with his well-funded campaign about his plan to duke it out until the end a la Obama vs. Clinton; his enmity with the Bush camp; his staff shake-ups.
·        Mitt Romney - following his 2008 defeat, we go inside his first strategy meeting on the 2012 presidential run, and we get a deeper look at the elusive philosophical question: why he is running for president.
·        Herman Cain - a larger picture of his campaign's inept response to the sexual harassment allegations.
·        Newt Gingrich - new details emerge about Callista Gingrich's domineering influence on the campaign, including her spat with campaign staff over the couple's Mediterranean cruise in June and her husband's Tiffany account.
·        Michele Bachmann - in the chapter titled "Minnesota Waterloo," the congresswoman is described as a "mega-narcissist" by one of her former aides; new details are revealed about the tension that led to the mass exodus of her campaign team led by Ed Rollins.
·        The GOP figures who didn't run and why - new details about Haley Barbour, Mike Huckabee, and Mitch Daniels, and ultimately why they decided not to run in 2012, what went into their decision-making, and which former president suggested Daniels should run.
·        Jon Huntsman - new stories that confirm the campaign's dysfunction (or, as one former senior staff member called it, "McCain 2.0").
·        The implosion of Tim Pawlenty - authors reveal how he was a nonstarter on the fundraising circuit and discuss his inability to confront Romney and Bachmann in the debates.
·        President Obama - the latest plans by the president's reelection team.

This gripping e-original also contains a fascinating chapter on the formation of the Tea Party and how much of a force it will be in next year's presidential election.

Taking the Theodore White treatment into the twenty-first century, ELECTION 2012: The Battle Begins provides a fascinating glimpse into the men and women running for president in 2012 and the machinations propelling their journey.

Tom Bevan is the co-founder and executive editor of RealClearPolitics. Under Bevan's editorial leadership, RealClearPolitics has grown into one of the most widely read political Web sites, with an average of 5 million readers every month.

Carl M. Cannon is the Washington editor for RealClearPolitics. Cannon has covered every presidential campaign and convention since1984 and has interviewed every U.S. president since Gerald Ford. He covered the White House for fifteen years, during both the Clinton and Bush administrations, winning the two most prestigious journalism awards for presidential coverage.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen to Make Official U.S. Tour Nov 2-5

Member of European Union Parliament and French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen will be making an official visit to the United States in order to find a common path to global financial stability and social progress.  During this visit, Marine Le Pen will outline her economic and political vision for France.  Her bold plan for the country includes a balanced budget amendment, resisting central bank pressure to devalue currency, and a restructuring or total elimination of the euro system, which puts countries like France in direct harm through the financial irresponsibility of other E.U. nations such as Greece.

Le Pen will be speaking at the National Press Club as part of their “Newsmaker” series of speakers that highlight political, social, and business leaders of high stature.  The press conference will start at 6pm in the Bloomberg Room on the 13th Floor of the National Press Club (529 14th St. NW, Washington D.C.)  All U.S. and international media are invited to attend.

In addition, Le Pen will stress the shared similarities of the problems that plague both the United States and France.  Just as border security has come to the forefront of U.S. politics, the issue is just as prevalent in France, which has become the domicile of many illegal immigrants from North Africa.  She will also discuss unemployment, labor, sensible financial regulations, and solutions for the common good.   

While in Washington D.C., she will visit the National Holocaust Museum to pay her respects to the over six million Jews who unnecessarily lost their lives at the hands of Nazi Germany.  Marine Le Pen stands with the nation of Israel and strongly repudiates Neo-Nazism, radical jihadists, and other efforts that deny Israel’s right to exist and thrive.

She will also take a tour of Capitol Hill meeting with congressional leaders, including Reps. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), to discuss Franco-American relations and economic policies.

Madame Le Pen will then head to New York for a diplomatic reception at the United Nations on November 3rd where she will meet with dignitaries from various UN member nations.  Her U.S. tour will conclude with a stop in Palm Beach to meet with supporters and representatives of the Tea Party. 

About Marine Le Pen: Marine is a member of the European Union Parliament and is the chairwoman of the Front National Party of France (FN).  She is an attorney and the youngest daughter of French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, former president of the FN and its honorary chairman. After assuming control of the FN in 2010, Le Pen ushered in a new era for the FN making the party more mainstream appealing not only to the political right but to all French who feel reform is needed in Paris.  She has strongly repudiated Neo-Nazism and Radical Islam, and other extremist movements.  A believer in French sovereignty and exceptionalism, she has advocated for reforms to decrease French liability for the financial mismanagement of other nations and to protect its own borders.  Since declaring to run for President of France, she has seen a groundswell of grassroots support, which has catapulted her to the top tier of the race, including winning several major French polls against current President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Faith-Based Freedom 4/24 Rescuing Exploited Women From Sexual Slavery and Prostitution

When college freshman, Christine Pettit, traveled to Bangkok, Thailand and learned that the average age of entry into prostitution was thirteen and two are sold into slavery every minute of every day, she knew she had to do something. With the support of just a few college friends, she started Freedom 4/24, an organization that helps sexually exploited and enslaved women, including young girls, find freedom, hope and treatment. The organization's name comes from the price of this rescue: Only $24. That is the price of one evening with one of Thailand's 300,000 prostitutes. With a single $24 donation, a prostitute can be taken off the streets for the day and be offered a new life.

The women are offered help of all kinds in that day - physical, emotional and spiritual. That day is used to help them find opportunity, including education, employment, health care and most importantly, love and companionship. The program does not end that day. It only begins.

"It is my desire to see Freedom 4/24 become a movement that is embraced by our generation," said Mike Zeland, President of Freedom 4/24. "This is more than a cause. This is about life over death, freedom over oppression, hope over despair."

Freedom 4/24's latest program is, "Run For Their Lives." This fall, an estimated 4,000 people will lace up their running shoes to take part in 10-kilometer and 5-kilometer races around the country to raise money for the organization.

This summer's comedy blockbuster, "The Hangover 2," included scenes about the sexual exploitation of women in Thailand, notes Jason Campbell, Program Director of the Christian Action Network and supporter of Freedom 4/24. "'Hangover 2' grossed over $196 million. If every person who saw that movie and realized that the sexual exploitation is real, and donated the price of the ticket to Freedom 4/24, that would have taken all of Thailand's 300,000 prostitutes off the streets for a month."

Mike Zealand is the President of Freedom 4/24, an international non-profit organization providing relevant information, media and merchandise designed to raise awareness of the sexually exploited by providing a reliable income stream to Christ-Centered organizations who purpose to rescue enslaved women and children. Watch Mike on Fox News Channel.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Confidence Men" By Ron Suskind

The acclaimed Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author of The Way of the World, The One Percent Doctrine, and The Price of Loyalty goes behind the scenes to tell the riveting story of the financial crisis and the political and economic aftershocks still being felt today.


Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President

By Ron Suskind

Confidence Men By Ron Suskind

When the economy collapsed just months before his election, Barack Obama auditioned for the job of President by responding to a national crisis.  As he stood on stage in Grant Park and addressed the nation for the first time as Commander in Chief it became clear that he would now have to command Washington, tame New York, and rescue the economy - all in the first real management job of his life.  In CONFIDENCE MEN, a gripping, brilliantly reported, and sure to be news-making book, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind tells the complete story of the nation's financial meltdown and an untested new president charged with restoring the confidence of a shaken nation. 

Based on hundreds of hours of interviews - including one with Barack Obama - and filled with piercing insight and startling disclosures, CONFIDENCE MEN goes beyond the headlines and previous accounts, bringing into focus the struggle between Wall Street and Washington that began in 2008 and continues to roil the nation. 

CONFIDENCE MEN introduces readers to an ensemble cast, from the titans of high finance to a new generation of reformers, from petulant congressmen and acerbic lobbyists to a tight circle of White House advisors - and, ultimately, to the President himself, as you've never seen him before. Suskind writes about how Obama surrounded himself with a team of seasoned players, many of whom - like Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, and Peter Orszag - served a different president in a different time. As the nation's crises deepened, these deputies often ignored the President's decisions - "trying," they said, "to protect him from himself" - and seized control of the White House. The book describes the bitter disputes - between men and women, policy and politics - that ruled the day and the inner workings of an administration that found itself waiting for a President to grow into the world's toughest job.

Talking points from CONFIDENCE MEN include:

·         How Barack Obama, as a longshot candidate, first learned - before almost any other politician - that "a market driven disaster" was about to collapse the economy. And, how he responded by pulling together a team of bipartisan reformers.
·         How, when the financial crisis finally hit, Obama's success in fundraising and relationship building on Wall Street afforded him valuable understanding of the business of managing money and risk. This knowledge gave him a key advantage over McCain.
·         How, in the fall of 2008, Obama's reform-minded advisers were washed away in favor of the acolytes of Bob Rubin. And how Rubin, himself, was offered a future post in the Obama White House. 
·         How Obama ignored advice not to hire Rahm Emanuel and to avoid bringing "Chicago friends" to Washington,
·         How, in Grant Park and at his Inauguration, Obama tried to lower expectations because of doubts about his capability for the job that awaited him.
·         How, even before he gave his Inaugural speech, Obama started to lose confidence of some of his senior advisers.
·         How Obama's authority was swiftly undercut by top aides who acted unilaterally in making Presidential decisions and guiding internal debate.
·         Why one of Obama's most important decisions as President was "slow walked" and then buried by his senior advisers because they thought he acted imprudently.
·         What Obama felt and how he reacted when he found out his desires, in several instances, had been ignored.
·         Which senior adviser said that this president was not up to the job or nearly as capable and aware as Bill Clinton.
·         How Obama struggled to take action against Wall Street and was thwarted by top officials with close Wall Street contacts.
·         Which female senior adviser said, in summation of her two years in the White House, "Why is it that the women are only ones with any balls around here?"
·         How "Gender Wars" broke out inside a chaotic White House where forceful women felt they were ignored by the President and verbally abused by his senior male advisers.
·         Which top female advisers ran crying from meetings and which female senior adviser felt the White House met "the legal standard for a hostile workplace."
·         What Obama said when the women, as a group, confronted him.
·         What Rahm Emanuel, who so many female staffers considered a bully, later said about the White House's "women's issue" - before laughing uproariously.
·         How Obama began to "take ownership" of his own White House and which top officials he removed to regain control.
·         What lessons Obama learned from these harrowing experiences that, according to Obama himself, will shape the future of his presidency.
·         What Democratic "disease" Obama says he's suffered from and how he says he cured himself.
·         Which Wall Street titan Obama offered Larry Summers' job to in the fall of 2010, as he began to curry favor with the business community.
·         Which former President Obama is modeling himself after going forward.
·         How Barack Obama now reconciles his own battered confidence with his role as the nation's leader.

Ron Suskind is the author of The Way of the World, The One Percent Doctrine, The Price of Loyalty, and A Hope in the Unseen. From 1993 to 2000 he was the senior national affairs writer for The Wall Street Journal, where he won a Pulitzer Prize.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Insiders" By Marvin McIntyre

By Marvin McIntyre
Addressing Serious Issues on Wall Street

"A chilling tale about the power of greed and the dangers of power, you'll keep one eye glued to the book and the other on your portfolio!" - Bill Miller

Marvin McIntyre, known in the financial world as "The Wizard" because of his great success in making money for his clients, has written his first book, "Insiders," inspired by the events that rocked the world's financial markets in 2008-2009.

McIntyre describes his new book as a thriller written to help us understand what went on behind the scenes on Wall Street during this critical time in our history. With more than 40 years of experience in the financial industry and currently serving as the managing director of a major NYSE brokerage firm, McIntyre is a top player who truly understands Wall Street.

"People are scared, frustrated, and looking for solutions in an acrimonious political climate," McIntyre says. "Fiction allows for free expression of ideas and has the potential to be well received as long as the entertainment value is the primary focus."

The following is a review from the October 3rd issue of Barron's: "Insiders," by financial advisor Marvin McIntyre (he is ranked in the top 100 by Barron's) spins an exciting yarn while addressing a serious issue: The increased complexity of financial instruments calls for improved and increased oversight, but that very complexity places the industry beyond the understanding of the regulators who would rein it in.

The novel's main character is financial advisor Mac McGregor, who is called on by a regulator friend to help solve a mystery. A former colleague of McGregor's named Jeremy Lyons has disappeared, but there is compelling evidence that he is operating a secret hedge fund. The fund is rumored to deliver spectacular returns, but because hedge funds are largely unregulated, almost nothing is known of Lyons and his business. Who are his clients? What does his fund invest in? How large is his operation? And most importantly, does he pose a threat to the stability of the post-2008 financial markets?

But where is Jeremy Lyons? In the years since Mac worked with him, Lyons has apparently moved off the grid, leaving few clues of his whereabouts. In a parallel story line that gives the story most of its sizzle, we learn all about Lyons' operation. A pathological character in the mold of the antihero protagonists of "First Deadly Sin" and "American Psycho," Lyons has constructed a super-exclusive nightclub that he uses to attract businessmen and politicians from whom he can extract the inside information that produces his outsize returns.

Lyons' righthand thug, Max, injects the story with a healthy dose of sadism, and some of Lyons' other underlings are featured in scenes that could have been lifted from Stieg Larsson's best-selling thrillers.

The pursuit of Lyons is action-packed and entertaining, but the strength of "Insiders" lies in its specifics about the financial industry. McIntyre's knowledge of finance - the nuts and bolts of investment management and financial advisory - allow him to weave a story that is fantastical and realistic at the same time. [Complete Barron's Review...]

Marvin McIntyre is a graduate of The Citadel, a Vietnam veteran, and recognized in Barron's "Top 100 Financial Advisors in the U.S." publication.  In 2010 and 2011, Barron’s ranked Mr. McIntyre as the top financial advisor in the Washington, D.C. area. 100% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to charity.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

THE FRUITS OF GRAFT: Great Depressions Then and Now By Wayne Jett

THE FRUITS OF GRAFT: Great Depressions Then and Now
The Truth about the Great Depression
...and How it Relates to Today's Economic Crisis

Americans are badly misled about who and what caused the Great Depression, about fairness of U.S. financial markets and about actual intentions of economic policy. Now the truth is told in a stunning new book by classical economist, Wayne Jett - The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now. With rising unemployment and our own President urging Congress to pass a more than dubious Jobs Bill, it's more important than ever that Americans understand what the historic events of the Great Depression teach us about here and now.

With much of the productive class now failing to prosper, and with currency devaluation and federal spending each proceeding at a worrying pace, every American is searching for insight into the causes. How did the world's only super-power of 1990 morph into the economic basket case America is today - only 20 short years later?

The Fruits of Graft, in addition to much more:

  • Details specifically why America suffered the Great Depression.
  • Reveals how FDR secretly served his elitist class and betrayed impoverished voters who elected him president by intentionally deepening and extending the Great Depression.
  • Confronts and dismantles John Maynard Keynes' "general theory" of economics, and calls it what it is: an intellectual cover story for predatory mercantilism (now mistakenly called "crony capitalism").
  • Describes how federal law allows the Securities & Exchange Commission "discretion" to shield powerful financiers from prosecution for fraud.
  • Shows the Federal Reserve System is a private banking cartel which sets anti-competitive bank interest rates and manipulates financial markets to produce enormous insider gains.
  • Explains how the Federal Reserve purposely causes inflation through currency devaluation and then intentionally destroys middle class production and jobs in pretending to "fight inflation."
  • Details how crude oil was pushed to $147 per barrel in "dark" trading of derivatives, while supply and demand justified no more than $45 per barrel.
  • Tells how the 2006 nomination of Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson Jr. as Secretary of Treasury (and "economic czar") should have been stopped in its tracks by a simple vetting process.
  • Discloses the U.S. dominant elite's agenda pursued ruthlessly since 1900 to destroy the middle class, pull down the Constitution and take "full power" in a "new world order."

How does the Great Depression compare to the American dilemma today? Wayne Jett says President Obama is the new FDR. Obama pretends to champion the poor and middle class, but has installed the dominant elite's operatives in every economic post of his administration (as did Treasury secretary Henry Paulson in the previous administration). Soup lines are managed out of sight of camera lenses by use of food stamps or electronic cards. Obama's health care law achieves the elite's century-old goal of taking control of middle class access to health care as a lever to control and reverse population growth. Cap-and-trade environmental regulations seek control of middle class access to energy, so essential to prosperity.

As in the '20s and '30s, the U.S. financial markets are notable for aggressive manipulation and fraudulent trading practices. Middle class capital invested in financial markets is being looted by the dominant elite with SEC neglect and outright assistance. Living standards are not holding, and future generations face sharply declining prospects.

Despite all obstacles, the American productive class survived and prospered to a degree tenaciously grasping hard-won political rights protected by the Constitution. Can this be accomplished again, or will constitutional government be pulled down, leaving the people in conflict, poverty and war? The Fruits of Graft addresses this historic challenge. This book must be read by thoughtful Americans in order to weigh its evidence and analysis. Its implications for our national and individual well-being are enormous.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wayne Jett, managing principal and chief economist of Classical Capital LLC, a registered investment advisor engaged in economic analysis, distinguished himself as legal counsel in dozens of cases in federal and California appellate courts, including the U. S. Supreme Court. In 2005, he began speaking to chartered financial analysts across the U.S. and in Canada on topics of monetary policy reform and U.S. financial markets. He has led seminars in classical economics for CFA Society of Los Angeles and for Security Analysts of San Francisco, and speaks and writes on constitutional and economic topics.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Secrets of the FBI By Ronald Kessler

The FBI is involved in almost every aspect of American life. From Watergate to Waco, from congressional scandals to the takedown of Osama bin Laden from Vince Foster's death to the swap of Russian spies, The Secrets of the FBI presents headline-making disclosures about the most important figures and events of our time. In an exclusive interview, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III tells what his greatest fear is.

By Ronald Kessler

Based on his unparalleled access to hundreds of current and former FBI agents, award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author Ronald Kessler delivers a treasure trove of revelations in THE SECRETS OF THE FBI.

Kessler discloses J. Edgar Hoover's sexual orientation, what triggered Vince Foster's suicide, what preceded Marilyn Monroe's death, and the real story of how the FBI caught spy Robert Hanssen in its midst.

Kessler goes behind the scenes at the FBI Laboratory and training center. For the first time, he reveals how agents break into homes, offices, and embassies to plant bugging devices without getting caught and shot as burglars. The narrative culminates with the inside story of the FBI's involvement in the raid on bin Laden's compound.

THE SECRETS OF THE FBI discloses the FBI's most closely guarded secrets and the secrets of celebrities, politicians, and movie stars uncovered by agents during their investigations. The book reveals that:
  • Robert F. Kennedy secretly borrowed the personal car of the FBI agent in charge of the Los Angeles field office to visit Marilyn Monroe just before she took her own life.
  • FBI agents determined that an encounter with Hillary Clinton triggered Vince Foster's suicide a week later. 
  • Russia tried to include convicted spies Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames in the swap of Russian spies arrested by the FBI and tried to contact Ames in prison.
  • After he was killed, the FBI could not match Osama bin Laden's fingerprints.
  • Contrary to the portrayal in the movie Breach, it was FBI agent Mike Rochford who uncovered fellow agent Robert Hanssen as a spy.
  • FBI director J. Edgar Hoover had a spousal relationship with his deputy, Clyde Tolson.
  • What the FBI thinks about President Obama, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr.; and
  • When planting bugs in the homes and offices of Mafia figures, spies, and terrorists, FBI agents tranquilize dogs, stage fake traffic accidents, and instruct police to stop occupants who try to return.

When it comes to developing access to top players, uncovering secrets, and writing a vivid tale, Ronald Kessler is without peer. As he did in his New York Times bestseller In the President's Secret Service, Kessler penetrated a wall of secrecy to write a book that is powerful and compelling.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sandy to Appear on the Legendary Barry Farber Show

Listen Live tonight at 8:00pm ET -
Sara and Barry were watching admiringly as Americans who'd lost their jobs told the TV man how they started businesses of their own and were even able to hire others who were out of work. Suddenly they realized, "Hey; our friend, Sandy, has as good or better a push-back story than these folks on TV. So, coming up; the up, the down and the way-back-up of SANDRA FRAZIER

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Remembering George Putnam on his 97th birthday

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Next Wave By Catherine Herridge

Bin Laden is dead. But are we really any safer?

The first American on the CIA's kill or capture list, Anwar al-Awlaki slipped away from the FBI and is now enemy #1 - details on the worst intelligence failure since 9/11.

On the Hunt for Al Qaeda's American Recruits
By Catherine Herridge

 "An absolutely compelling case that we haven't seen the end of terrorism in this country. In a gripping narrative, Herridge tells how it was only by sheer luck that we sidestepped al Qaeda's 'second wave' - and we'll need all the more of it not to be hit by the next." --Bob Baer, New York Times best-selling author

"Even before Osama Bin Laden's death, al Qaeda had shown itself to be an organization as adaptable as it was deadly... This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand where this war is going and what we need to do to win it." --General Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and the NSA

Award-winning Fox News national correspondent Catherine Herridge's groundbreaking book, THE NEXT WAVE: ON THE HUNT FOR AL QAEDA'S AMERICAN RECRUITS, is the first of its kind since Bin Laden's death to show what the next chapter of terrorism could look like. Herridge's landmark investigation exposes the American born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, the first American on the CIA's kill or capture list, who is the public face of al Qaeda in the West. Herridge, who has covered intelligence, the Justice Department, and Homeland Security for a decade, reveals the insidious threat posed by al-Awlaki's new generation of American recruits - al Qaeda 2.0.
In THE NEXT WAVE, shocking details emerge about what could be the worst intelligence failure since 9/11. The FBI allowed the American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki to slip away after 9/11. Now he leads al Qaeda's most dangerous affiliate in Yemen that was behind at least two major plots targeting the U.S. New evidence shows that al-Awlaki's movements and his connections to a major FBI investigation were hidden from the 9/11 Commission and from Congress.
THE NEXT WAVE reveals:
  • Awlaki's post-9/11 lunch at the Pentagon including the guest list and proposed menu that included pork.  It was like a thief returning to the scene of the crime. Al-Awlaki had contact with three of the five hijackers on Flight 77 that slammed into the Pentagon.
  • The sexual frenzy and double life of al Qaeda 2.0.  As Navy Seals find porn in Bin Laden's hideout, senior counter terrorism officials reveal to Herridge how common it is to find operatives with pornography on their hard drives.  Terrorists demand as much as $30,000 for al Qaeda's messages that are delivered through porn sites.   Binging on alcohol and blowing money on strippers are standard practice before their suicide missions.
  • Al Qaeda's so-called holy man, al-Awlaki, was picked up three times for soliciting prostitutes and a fourth time for loitering around a school. Yet, Government officials refuse to use the cleric's criminal past against him.
  • The new threat and why the next twelve months are critical - Were plots already in the pipeline before Bin Laden's death? Where are the sleeper cells? Will al-Awlaki, and his al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen, or Somalia and North Africa, step up to fill the void?
  • New details from the U.S. intelligence community who already warn of retaliatory strikes by al-Awlaki and his cell. From his hideout in Yemen, al-Awlaki is the leader of al Qaeda 2.0, the new generation of recruits. Who are the new digital jihadists? How are they radicalized?
  • Was this American cleric recruited by the FBI as an intelligence asset?
  • New information proving it's all easy living for the detainees at Guantanamo Bay.
  • Details on how Pentagon media officers tried to intimidate the author for her groundbreaking reporting in Guantanamo Bay.
  • Exclusive and rare access to the new generation fighting the war on terror - the new generation of counter terrorism officers at the CIA whose "accounts" include the tribal areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and North Africa.
  • The New Frontier: al Qaeda's strongholds - Yemen, Somalia, and North Africa are the hubs for terror training. 
  • Former CIA leadership and other senior intelligence officials predict future attacks could look like the commando-style assaults in Mumbai, India, in 2008. A cyber attack will most likely be combined with a conventional attack in what amounts to a "one-two punch." The nuclear attack is predicted to be a device the size of a refrigerator, smuggled up a major waterway to cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.
  • A 9/11 story that was never told. Newly declassified documents and interviews suggest that al-Awlaki was an overlooked key player in the 9/11 plot, itself.

THE NEXT WAVE discusses this shocking likelihood: As the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, Bin Laden's death may provide justification for radicalized individuals in the United States to rapidly mobilize attacks here. 

Their leader is an American, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was firmly in the grasp of U.S. authorities until the FBI let him slip away. The story behind the next wave of American recruits and al-Awlaki has never been told before.  Why has so much of the American cleric's story been hidden from Congress, 9/11 investigators and the public? Was there a cover-up? Herridge's book is already being described as "a landmark in investigative journalism."