Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Secret Life By Jeffrey Katz

A Book of Wisdom from the Great Teacher Maimonides

By Jeffrey Katz

The world we live in is relentless. Every day is filled with instantaneous access to information and endless multimedia vying for our attention. Consequently, our inner lives are often as tumultuous and overloaded as our daily schedules, and we are compelled to broadcast our every move for all to see. The pressure that this kind of existence puts upon us can feel overwhelming and stressful. We live in an age when social media allows others to observe and critique everything we do, say or think, so that our lives become a sort of unintended public performance. Gone, it seems, are the days of privacy and quiet reflection. In this world of constant contact, we have never been more isolated and lonely, causing a plague of depression and anxiety to sweep over humankind.

In today's society, it's hard to be open-minded and receptive to people whose ideas are vastly different from our own. We are living in an age of extreme polarization and political turmoil, and it can be easy to dismiss whole groups of people whose views seem repugnant, rather than attempting to understand their perspectives and find avenues for productive debate and progress.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There is another life simmering just below the surface of this existence. This life, The Secret Life, has been available to us all along, but we have pushed it aside in our rush to check things off of our "to do" lists. It is a life in which we strive to discover and develop our most noble selves, to define our sense of justice and infuse our lives with a higher purpose.

This book of wisdom is from the great teacher who is considered one of the wisest men throughout the ages. Since the time of the Bible, he is the only person to be celebrated by the three major Western religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. His name is Maimonides. A philosopher, rabbi, physician, religious thinker and logician, he was truly a “Renaissance Man” centuries before the Renaissance. His thinking on philosophy and faith and medicine was so advanced for its day some considered him heretical. But today this sage is considered among the greatest thinkers.

The benefits of the lessons of Maimonides in The Secret Life are countless. Changing your approaches to giving charity, to seeking justice, to loving others, and to believing in yourself enough to find and act on your true calling will lead you to remarkable heights. You will find a new resilience against the difficulties and turmoil in life, a new inner power that will keep you focused on the things that really matter, and an inner peace few will ever find. The Secret Life is, quite literally, life-changing. Through this new book, you will:

·    Renew your dedication to a higher purpose;
·    Learn to prioritize your time;
·    Feel a great sense of accomplishment and self-worth;
·    Make life more meaningful;
·    Make a difference in the world; and
·    Be rewarded with the gifts of true self-confidence and resilience.

Whether you are 20 or 60, if you are willing to work on making better decisions, balancing your priorities, and dedicating yourself to a meaningful cause, you'll learn how to access a deep sense of fulfillment by doing good for yourself and the world around you. You'll learn about:

·    The secret of charity - the highest, most ideal level of giving is the one which enables someone to ultimately become self-supporting; the next level is anonymous giving without expectation of recognition. Giving leads to happiness and happiness leads to success; thus, the cycle of blessing and gratitude, pouring positive energy into the universe, will bring about tremendous healing and change.

·    The secret of justice - to avoid judging others by gossiping, blaming, looking out only for your own self-interest, acting out of anger, revenge or prejudice; to practice forgiveness, kindness, compassion and empathy.

·    The secret of unconditional love - learning to love fellow human beings without the need to receive anything in return - given without any attachment to the end result.

·    The secret of a higher calling - how to find balance in your life, develop your focus, eliminate the clutter and commit to stop wasting time, allowing you to reach your life goal.

The Secret Life illuminates ancient teachings that are as relevant today as they were over 800 years ago, which will help you discover that true wisdom and success in every aspect of life comes not from our public persona, as so many believe, but from our secret thoughts and actions. Maimonides shows how every person can find their true and best self, not only deriving happiness for themselves, but spreading that bliss to everyone they touch.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeffrey Katz is a lifelong student and teacher of rationalist religious philosophy. He has rabbinic ordination as well as a law degree and is a practicing attorney. He has appeared on national television on a broad range of issues and has lectured widely.

Monday, January 7, 2019

"Unbelievable" By Michael Newton Keas




Historian of science exposes the lies of Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and others

What do Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, and Carl Sagan have in common? ­These famous popularizers of science have all spread stories to suggest that science and religion have been at war with each other for centuries - that ­religion is anti-science. There’s just one problem: these stories are pure myth.

Now, Michael Newton Keas, a historian of science, explodes the 7 most popular and pernicious myths about science and religion. In the new book Unbelievable: 7 Myths About the History and Future of Science and Religion, Keas debunks the myths and shows how they have infiltrated science textbooks and popular culture. He reveals:

·    Why the “Dark Ages” never happened;

·    Why we didn’t need Christopher Columbus to prove the earth was round;

·    Why Copernicus would be shocked to learn that he supposedly demoted humans from the center of the universe;

·    What everyone gets wrong about Galileo’s clash with the Church, and why it matters today;

·    Why the vastness of the universe does not deal a blow to religious belief in human significance;

·    How the popular account of Giordano Bruno as a “martyr for science” ignores the fact that he was executed for theological reasons, not scientific ones; and

·    How a new myth is being positioned to replace religion - a futuristic myth that sounds scientific but isn’t.

The 7 myths Keas debunks in Unbelievable amount to little more than religion bashing - especially Christianity bashing. In exposing these myths, Keas shows that the real history is much more interesting than the common narrative of religion at war with science.

ABOUT Michael Newton Keas, PhD: Keas is a senior fellow at Discovery Institute and a former Fulbright scholar. He holds a PhD in the history of science from the University of Oklahoma and serves as lecturer in the history and philosophy of science at Biola University.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Jihadist Psychopath By Jamie Glazov

Jihadist Psychopath
How He is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us
By Jamie Glazov

There is a war being waged on America and the West. The aggressors? Islamic Supremacists. Their method? Duplicating the sinister methodology of psychopaths who routinely charm, seduce, capture, and devour their prey. Front Page Magazine editor, Jamie Glazov's new book, Jihadist Psychopath: How He is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us reveals every element of the formula by which the psychopath subjugates his victim, the Islamic Supremacist likewise uses to ensnare and subjugate non-Muslims. And in the same way that the victim of the psychopath is complicit in his own destruction, Western civilization is now embracing and enabling its own conquest and consumption.

Since 9/11, we have witnessed the Left’s transparent solidarity with our Jihadist enemy. Because the Left controls our culture, a clear surrender to Islamic Supremacism is now taking place in the West - a catastrophic turn of events that shifted into high gear under the Obama administration. Jihadist Psychopath focuses on our voluntary suicide in the face of the enemy’s onslaught, uncovering its root cause through a groundbreaking and original perspective and offering a brand new lens through which we can more accurately understand the terror war. Jihadist Psychopath unveils the harrowing world of psychopathy and demonstrates how Islamic Supremacism is charming and devouring Western civilization just as an individual psychopath would hunt their prey. 

Jihadist Psychopath reveals:

·    How Islamic Supremacists duplicate the sinister methodology of psychopaths who routinely charm, seduce, capture, and devour their prey;

·    Why Western civilization is now embracing and enabling its own conquest;

·    Why the Left is enabling our Jihadist enemy;

·    Why leftist feminists turn their backs on Muslim women and girls suffering under Islamic gender apartheid;

·    How President Trump is a providential “Godsend” for America - and is pushing back the Jihadist Psychopath;

·    The amazing story of how the U.S. government hired radical Muslims to work at the State Department, the CIA and DIA and more;

·    The Jihadist Psychopath’s totalitarian plantation in the West – and how you can escape it; and

·    How we can change the counter-Jihad paradigm and break the West out of its suicide death spiral.

Jihadist Psychopath tells us how Islamic Supremacism has influenced Western culture; how the Western media contributed to this Islamic influence; and why sympathy continues to grow in the West for these Islamic militants. Glazov reveals ways in which we can prevent the growing influence of Islamic Supremacism. Endorsed by Dennis Prager, John Bolton, Steven Emerson and Geert Wilders, Jamie Glazov's Jihadist Psychopath is a warning for Americans that radical Muslims are totally dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.

About the Author: Jamie Glazov holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the editor of Frontpage Magazine, the author of United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror, and the host of the web TV show The Glazov Gang.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Silent No More By Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr. Jerome Corsi is...
How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s “Witch Hunt”

In Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s “Witch Hunt,” due to be released early in 2019, New York Times bestselling author of Killing the Deep State Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. meticulously details the psychological torment he has been subjected to in what the media has simply called, “The Mueller Investigation.” This book documents the fight for his very freedom and is evidence that every American should beware of the government.

In Silent No More, you'll learn about:

·    The criminal and ethics complaint Dr. Corsi has filed against Robert Mueller;

·    The political criminals who are running the DOJ and Mueller's prosecution and how they're mistreating witnesses and violating rules;

·    The plea deal offered to Dr. Corsi;

·    The lies the prosecutor wanted Dr. Corsi to plea to in order to get his source at Wikileaks;

·    Dr. Corsi's interaction with Roger Stone and what it means to his case;

·    How the prosecutors ridiculed and grilled Dr. Corsi for the past year; and

·    The forgotten e-mails that could put Dr. Corsi in jail for the rest of his life.

Early in 2018, Dr. Corsi was subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller concerning information about Trump associate Roger Stone’s alleged dealings with WikiLeaks and hacker Guccifer 2.0 during the 2016 election. Mueller later offered Dr. Corsi a deal to plea on one count of perjury. Dr. Corsi refused the plea deal out of hand, telling CNN, “They can put me in prison the rest of my life. I am not going to sign a lie.”

In an FBI closed conference room with no windows, Dr. Corsi was grilled for hours upon hours with detailed questioning about events that occurred in 2016. Dr. Corsi’s inquisition was comparable to those of the Gestapo or KGB, designed to break even the most cooperating witness. Over a period of two months, three of Mueller’s top prosecutors and an army of FBI agents - up to nine government officials at a time - questioned Dr. Corsi with his attorney, David Gray.

Throughout this harrowing ordeal, Dr. Corsi handed over his personal computers, his cell phone, all of his e-mail accounts, his Twitter account, and his Google account. Finding no “smoking gun,” Mueller’s prosecutors blew up the meetings. Dr. Corsi refused to lie to the prosecutors to give them the ammunition they needed to prosecute Roger Stone; and, as a result, he was told he would be charged with a criminal offense for lying to the FBI and the Special Prosecutor. At seventy-two years of age, this caused Dr. Corsi extreme mental anguish, imagining that he may never see his family again as a free man.

Rather than conducting an honest investigation, Robert Mueller’s special prosecutors reinforced a prefabricated narrative aiming to charge President Trump with treason. Silent No More exposes the inner workings of this governmental escapade and clearly demonstrates why Mueller has no case against the President. Dr. Corsi creates a compelling case indicating that the entire matter is an investigation in search of a crime - to force lying testimony from witnesses if that’s what it takes to achieve Deep State political objectives. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jerome R. Corsi received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Political Science in 1972. He is an investigative journalist and senior staff writer for several conservative websites. Corsi is the author of six New York Times bestsellers including the #1 bestsellers Unfit for Command and The Obama Nation. He has been a frequent guest on major networks, including Fox News, Newsmax, and CNN.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The University We Need By Warren Treadgold

The University We Need: 
Reforming American Higher Education

By Warren Treadgold

Though many people know that American universities now offer an inadequate and incoherent education from a leftist viewpoint that excludes moderate and conservative ideas, few people understand how much this matters, how it happened, how bad it is, or what can be done about it. In The University We Need, Professor Warren Treadgold shows the crucial role of universities in American culture and politics, the causes of their decline in administrative bloat and inept academic hiring, the effects of the decline on teaching and research, and some possible ways of reversing the downward trend.

In The University We Need, you’ll learn:

·     How conservative think tanks and journals have developed a wider range of ideas on trade, immigration, taxation, foreign policy, and other issues than leftists will tolerate on campus;
·     How black, gay and feminist studies are sacrosanct, while Shakespeare and the American Revolution are mentioned, if at all, in courses on women and slavery as examples of sexism and racism;
·     That every year many more professors with conservative or moderate views retire than are hired;
·     That campus leftists, with strong support within the Democratic Party, still insist on the prevalence of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia in America;
·     That American college degrees have never cost more and never meant less;
·     That colleges keep expanding their use of badly paid adjunct professors hired after only a perfunctory look at their credentials;
·     That nearly half of college students seem to be studying very little and learning very little - surely not enough to be worth anyone’s spending $100,000 or more for it;
·     About the vague but powerful ideology that dominates American campuses today - how “socialism” fails to capture much of what this ideology is about;
·     How “inclusivity” and “diversity” are favorite terms on campus, but they call for a striking amount of exclusion and uniformity;
·     How the dominant doctrine has become that oppressive groups like whites, men, and heterosexuals cannot possibly understand the oppression endured by the oppressed groups;
·     That many professors give good grades for little or no work; the majority of students will do the least work for which they think they c an get an acceptable grade;
·     How online education has failed to take the academic world by storm so far, and will probably fail to dominate it in the future, except perhaps as a low-quality substitute for low-quality courses;
·     How abolishing tenure, often suggested as a solution to the problems of universities, would probably make those problems worse; and much more...

Prof. Treadgold explains that one suggested reform, the abolition of tenure, would further increase the power of administrators, further decrease the quality of professors, and make universities even more doctrinaire and intolerant. Instead, he proposes federal legislation to monitor the quality and honesty of professors and to limit spending on administration to no more than 20 percent of university budgets (Harvard now spends 40 percent).

Finally, Prof. Treadgold offers a specific proposal for the founding of a new leading university that could seriously challenge the dominance of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, and Berkeley and attract conservative and moderate faculty and students now isolated in universities and colleges that are either leftist or mediocre. While agreeing with conservative critics that universities are in severe crisis, Treadgold believes that the universities’ problems largely transcend ideology and have grown worse partly because disputants on both sides of the academic debate have misunderstood the methods and goals of higher education.

“The acclaimed scholar of Byzantine culture and history Warren Treadgold offers a concise dissection of the pathologies of the modern university, from administrative bloat and record student debt to political intolerance and a therapeutic curriculum. But he offers more than the usual condemnations of the politicized campus, by systematically explaining how pernicious ideas ripple throughout society, politics, culture, and the economy - and what can be done to restore the integrity of higher education. A learned diagnosis by a scholar who knows the contemporary campus agenda inside out, and how to counter it.”
--Victor Davis Hanson, the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, author of The Second World Wars

“Warren Treadgold has spent a lifetime in the academy and now gives us the book of a lifetime about how to rescue it.” --John Podhoretz, Editor, Commentary Magazine

About Warren Treadgold: National Endowment for the Humanities Professor of Byzantine Studies and Professor of History at Saint Louis University, he has taught at UCLA, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Hillsdale College, and Florida International University and has held research fellowships at the University of Munich, the Free University of Berlin, All Souls College at Oxford, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington. He has published ten books and many articles on Byzantine, medieval, and late ancient history and literature and published articles on higher education in Commentary, The Weekly Standard, The Wilson Quarterly, and Academic Questions.

Monday, October 1, 2018

'Dummycrats' With Diamond and Silk

‘Dummycrats’ Starring Social Media Stars Diamond and Silk Will Debut in Movie Theaters Nationwide for a Special One-Night Event This Month

The Documentary Screening Will Include a Q&A
and Introduction from the Social Media Sensations

This month, Fathom Events is bringing Diamond and Silk to the big screen for a one-night screening of their new documentary Dummycrats on October 15. The film chronicles the duo as they go on a journey for truth, confronting the political antics of the left to get answers the American people deserve – as only Diamond and Silk can.

Dummycrats documents Diamond and Silk’s journey across America to reveal the hypocrisy of big government-loving politicians on the left. With their boots on the ground, Diamond and Silk scour California in search of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. Unable to find the answers the American people need, the ladies travel to D.C. They send Kyle Olson of The American Mirror (often featured on Drudge) to El Paso to uncover the dangers that come with open borders to reveal how the Democrats put the interests of lawbreakers above those of American citizens.

“We are excited to bring two of social media’s most-talked-about voices to the big screen for the first time ever,” said Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt. “This one-night event will give Diamond and Silk fans a deeper look at the humor and fearlessness that propelled them into the spotlight.”

Fathom Events presents Dummycrats in more than 800 select movie theaters in the U.S. on October 15 at 8:00pm ET, through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network (DBN). For a complete list of theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change). Tickets for Dummycrats can be purchased at and participating theater box offices.

ABOUT Diamond and Silk: Diamond and Silk are biological sisters from North Carolina standing with the silent majority. They are voicing their opinions about media bias, political babble, and repetitive political tactics that they feel the average American is tired of being subjected to. Diamond and Silk are public figures and speakers, Internet sensations, radio and TV personalities... and President Trump's most outspoken and loyal supporters.

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Grave Above the Grave By Bernard Kerik

Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik Releases 9/11 Novel

As the police commissioner of New York City on September 11, 2001, Bernard Kerik was at Ground Zero before the second plane hit the World Trade Center. Amidst the rubble and horror, he stood firm as a leader for his department and as an example of courage and resilience for the nation. In his fiction debut, The Grave Above the Grave, art imitates life as Kerik unfolds a chilling scenario: the looming threat of another masterfully orchestrated attack on America from a network of radical Islamic terrorists.

The Grave Above the Grave is a gripping tale of how the NYPD and federal authorities may stop the next 9/11. The book has gotten some great reviews, including from Brad Thor and Sylvester Stallone. On the anniversary of 9/11, Bernie would make a great guest on your show to talk about the current terror situation, Pres. Trump’s policies and, of course, his new book.

In The Grave Above the Grave, our hero, NYPD Police Commissioner Rick Raymond, still remembers rushing toward the towers on 9/11, fueled by determination and his duty as commander of the 1st Precinct in Lower Manhattan. He still feels his heart stop at the realization that his wife was on the flight that went down in Shanksville, PA. Now, as police commissioner, he remains committed to protecting the world’s greatest city. But as he’s learned over the eighteen months since his appointment, the job demands balancing law enforcement with playing politics with the mayor... and managing the press. 

The plot heats up with a dreaded call: two cops shot, one dead, in Times Square. According to a half-dozen witnesses, the shooter screamed as he opened fire, “Allahu Akbar! God is great!” Leading the chase with his elite team along for the ride, Raymond takes out the suspect with a formidable weapon: his Suburban. Rather than hailed as a hero, the commissioner gets slapped with a Grand Jury investigation, aggravated by an ambitious reporter’s headline: Police Road Rage? While Raymond waits and fumes, investigators find evidence of the dead suspect’s link to something larger and darker than an isolated cop killing spree.

The Grave Above the Grave follows Commissioner Raymond from a search for a connection inside the NYPD into the jolting discovery of organized international terrorist cells. Planned attacks cover a span from Rockefeller Center to Las Vegas. Then, the terrorists target the Commissioner in a way that’s ruthless - and personal. True to his nickname, "the Eagle," Raymond swoops in - with a vengeance. Along with his team and an exceptionally devoted female FBI agent, his allies include a former adversary: a relentless investigative reporter.    

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bernard Kerik served as the 40th police commissioner of New York City from August 21 to December 31, 2001. Prior to his appointment, he was commissioner of the Department of Corrections, following eight years of service, both uniformed and plainclothes detective, with the New York Police Department. A recipient of the prestigious NYPD Medal of Valor, he is the author of New York Times bestselling memoir The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice. A law enforcement insider and frequent media commentator on breaking news, Bernard Kerik has created a suspense-packed thriller that’s timely and terrifyingly real.