Monday, October 21, 2019

The Troubling Rise of Global Antisemitism

The Troubling Rise of Global Antisemitism

The groundbreaking, timely documentary NEVER AGAIN IS NOW will be released on October 23, 2019 on Amazon Prime in the U.S., Canada and the UK. This film is about the troubling rise of global antisemitism, told through the eyes of Evelyn Markus, a Dutch Jewish woman, against the backdrop of Holocaust history.

Never Again is Now chronicles the inspiring personal journey of an unlikely hero in the fight against rising global antisemitism. Evelyn Markus was one of the first in the current Jewish exodus from Europe. In the United States, the same values that galvanized her family's brave liberators to defeat the Nazis have inspired Evelyn to confront the hatred that drove her from her homeland. But, sadly, she is discovering that those same antisemitic incidents are surging in America. In an inspiring and thorough inquiry, she interviews global thought leaders, including Ben Shapiro, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and devout Muslim physician Qanta Ahmed.

Evelyn grew up in the '70s in the liberal city, Amsterdam, virtually without any antisemitism and enjoyed life with her long-time partner, Rosa. But all that suddenly changed in 2000 when a pink Star of David was painted on her front door and calls like "Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas!" were shouted on the streets and Jews were beaten up on their way to synagogue. As a child of Holocaust survivors, she was alarmed and knew she had to do something. The producers of Never Again is Now enabled her to tell her story and warn everyone of rising antisemitism all around the world. Her mission is to raise awareness at the grassroots level about rising antisemitism and facilitate civilized discourse focused on finding solutions.

In Never Again is Now, you'll learn: 

·    Israel went from being a respected country to being portrayed by the European Left as the new age Nazis;

·    The new surge of antisemitism came also with the influx of Muslim immigrants, mostly from Turkey and Morocco;

·    The Left in America is starting to turn against Israel;

·    Classic anti-Jewish tropes are now being voiced by members of Congress;

·    In tens of American mosques, imams call for the annihilation of the Jews during prayer services; and

·    Uncontrolled immigration leads to a rise of the Far Right and antisemitism.

Never Again is Now reveals an alarmingly expansive portrait of current Left, Right and religious influences on rising antisemitism in the U.S. and in Europe. This is not about Right or Left; this is about right or wrong. Back in 1940, they could have stopped the evil threat but they didn't. Now we need to stop it while we still can. That's why Never Again is Now!

"Truly one of the most important documentaries of the decade."  --The Daily Wire

"'Never Again is Now' brings to light problems that are taking place in the world today that many people know nothing about."  --Gerry Orz in The Huffington Post

Amazon US, Canada / Amazon UK


"This documentary should shock you to the core. Lawmakers have a burden of responsibility to deal with the issues this documentary highlights."  --Michael McCann, Former Member of British Parliament and Director of the Israel Britain Alliance

ABOUT Evelyn Markus: Evelyn holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She was a member of an advisory task force to Dutch Parliament on policies against cultural violence. She co-founded the Dutch non-profit organization "Network on Antisemitism," a pressure group and think tank that urged and advised authorities to take measures against the rising antisemitism. She also worked as a consultant to the Anne Frank House on combating rising antisemitism of Dutch immigrant youth. Evelyn's articles on antisemitism are being published in leading Dutch newspapers and in the American online sites, Gatestone Institute and Frontpage Magazine, and she is also speaking throughout the United States.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Root for the Wall PAC

Conservative TV and Radio Personality Wayne Allyn Root Announces


Wayne Allyn Root, popular conservative national TV host, nationally syndicated radio host and columnist and bestselling author, announces his latest project - ROOT FOR THE WALL PAC.  

ROOT FOR THE WALL PAC national television and radio advertising campaigns will air all over America in the coming days. Wayne's TV and radio ads will be seen, heard and read on major conservative TV, radio, and online media from coast to coast.

The ads will promote ROOT FOR THE WALL PAC, Root's Political Action Committee formed to raise money from 63+ million Trump voters to help fund the building of the wall on our southern border. 

The advertisements will point millions of Trump supporters, conservatives, capitalists and patriots, who all support the wall, to the web site and national toll-free number (844) ROOT-WALL.

Wayne Root says of his effort to back President Trump, "I have a message for patriots across America: President Trump is making America Great Again - just as he promised. He is the only president in my lifetime who is keeping his promises. And his biggest promise is to build that wall. But President Trump can only do it with our help. If Congress won't fund Trump's wall... WE WILL!"

President Trump is one man against the world. And the deadliest weapon in the arsenal of the world's America haters is open borders.  It's time to take a stand... to draw a line in the sand… build the wall, or it'll be the end of the greatest nation in world history, ever blessed by God.

I've founded the "Root for the Wall PAC" to fund this wall once and for all. The buck stops here. 63+ million Trump voters together will help raise the money President Trump needs for the wall.

Anyone who donates $100 or more will get a unique and exclusive commemorative wall brick. Display it proudly to prove you are part of the team of American patriots who stands proudly behind President Trump in his efforts to protect our American homeland.

We will build this wall together. Trump started the revolution. We will help him finish it.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Reclaiming Common Sense By Robert Curry

Finding Truth in a Post-Truth World
By Robert Curry

Reclaiming Common Sense: Finding Truth in a Post-Truth World is the one book every American patriot should read - both Democrat and Republican. Robert Curry's new follow-up to the great "Common Sense Nation" is an urgent reminder that we all need to rethink our positions in the 21st Century and know our history. 

In Reclaiming Common Sense, you'll learn:

·    Why we may actually now be living in a "post-truth" reality;

·    How our belief in the truth is under relentless attack - how Leftists in academia and government have declared war on the truth, which means they must make war on common sense;

·    That it is by our common sense that we know what is true and what is morally right;

·    How the American founders put their faith in the American people's common sense when they designed America's system of rule by the people; and

·    That the war on common sense is part of a 2-pronged Leftist attack on the American idea: 1) Attack America’s system of self-rule, and 2) Attack the American people’s belief in their ability to rule themselves by attacking common sense.

Common sense is the foundation of thinking and of human action. It is the indispensable basis for making our way in the world as individuals and in community with others, and the starting point for finding truth and building scientific knowledge. The philosophy of common-sense realism deeply informed the American Founders' vision for a self-governing people, in a society where leaders and average citizens share essentially the same understanding of reality - of what simply makes sense.

But today our confidence in the value and reliability of common sense has been badly shaken. Deep thinkers have rejected it. Elites have learned to disdain it. We're told that we have moved into a more sophisticated world, where common sense is passe and the very concept of truth is outmoded. Indeed, the Oxford Dictionaries selected "post-truth" as the Word of the Year for 2016. Do we actually live in a post-truth reality? Have we moved beyond common sense? Can we?

In Reclaiming Common Sense, Robert Curry exposes the absurdity of the attacks on common sense and demonstrates that we still live and move in the realm of common sense in our every waking moment. Drawing from philosophy and literature, science and psychiatry, this book helps us regain our trust in the "superpower" we all have in common, while reminding us that we cannot get along without it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert Curry is the author of Common Sense Nation: Unlocking the Forgotten Power of the American Idea. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Claremont Institute. His articles and reviews have appeared in American Greatness, the American Thinker, the Claremont Review of Books, the Federalist, and the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Award-winning talk radio host, Rose Tennent is available for interviews to talk about MADE IN AMERICA 2019, which will come alive at the Indiana Convention Center on October 3rd-6th, 2019. We’ll be hosting over 30,000 people over the 4-day event intent on aligning with the goal of raising the economic importance of American manufacturing. 

CALL Sandy at 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with radio talk show host and Made in America 2019 representative, Rose Tennent.

There will also be a slate of cutting-edge educational sessions, high-level keynote addresses, and panel discussions featuring manufacturing specialists and professionals from key segments of the manufacturing community. MADE IN AMERICA 2019 will have an audience of consumers, media, industry professionals, government, advocates, all bringing together 800 manufacturers and brands.

Join us in becoming a part of history at this monumental event. We’ll see you at the 2019 Kick-Off Show located at the Indianapolis Convention Center. Enjoy a legendary concert featuring Multi-platinum super duo Big & Rich and a special guest to celebrate American Made! Free for exhibitors and guests! To showcase your American Made brand and party with Big & Rich, inquire here.

"When we choose American-made, something truly wonderful happens. Our communities thrive and flourish, our neighborhoods bustle with commerce, our children dream bigger and bolder, and the bonds of loyalty that unite us as citizens become closer, richer, and deeper than ever before." ~ President Trump

Products made in America are the world standard for quality and showcase the craftsmanship of the most innovative, diverse, highly skilled and dedicated workforce in the world. is inviting conscious consumers from across the nation to join the largest-ever exposition in Indianapolis. This celebratory event is solely focusing on U.S. manufacturing and products made in the U.S.A.

BIO: Rose Tennent has a long track record of being Pro-American, and is a great champion for American business, and Made in America 2019. Rose has been a prominent figure for twenty years as a syndicated conservative political talk show host. She is a frequent guest host for Sean Hannity’s radio show and has been a regular guest on FOX NEWS. Rose is the author of "Thanking Our Soldiers."

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mortality and Faith By David Horowitz

Mortality and Faith
Reflections on a Journey Through Time
A Political Warrior’s Moving Last Chapter
By David Horowitz

David Horowitz’s Mortality and Faith: Reflections on a Journey through Time brings to completion one of the most remarkable autobiographies of recent decades. The long-awaited sequel to Radical Son, which George Gilder called "The first great American autobiography of his generation," Morality and Faith has been hailed as "a masterpiece of autobiography... a poignantly beautiful testament. 

The story that began with Horowitz's bestselling memoir Radical Son, concludes here with three collected works - The End of Time, A Point in Time, and You’re Going to Be Dead One Day - and ends with a reflective coda, Staying Alive, as Horowitz looks beyond his lifetime of passionate political engagement to take stock of what it means to believe, to doubt, and to face the inevitability of death. His journey has taken him from the restless radicalism of his youth to the mature contentment of a happy warrior who has found a philosophical place of resignation, contemplation, and peace.

Horowitz explores the spiritual life as a skeptic and a seeker. Confronting his own intimations of mortality, he drafts a blueprint for hope. Meditating deeply on the works of Marcus Aurelius, Saul Bellow, Blaise Pascal, and Dostoevsky and mining the wisdom of the Bible, Horowitz writes beautifully about the end of his journey and its ultimate meaning. Even as his memories fade, his body weakens, and his loved ones pass away, he sees a light that obliterates despair and gives him courage. Horowitz takes on his lifetime quest to understand the well-springs of radicalism, including the inspiration for the attackers of 9/11 and the two types of faith that govern all of our historical destines.

"Eloquently written with even more passion and introspection" than Radical Son itself, Mortality and Faith has been called "a big, chewy chomp into life’s big, hard questions: Why are you here? What is 'here' anyway? What happens after we die? How does death affect life?" It is also an intensely personal book with a story of family and love at its center, and is the author’s ongoing encounters with the hazards of age. [more...]

"Beautifully written, unflinching in its contemplation of the abyss, and yet finally hopeful in its acceptance of human finitude." 
-- Literary critic and political liberal Stanley Fish

"A poignant and elegiac reflection on life from a man who bears the burden of unknowing with courage and grace."
-- Andrew Klavan

"I have admired David Horowitz for decades. He has taught me many important lessons. But never have I been so moved by his writing than I am by this profound book."
--Dennis Prager

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Horowitz is a bestselling author of political and autobiographical works on life, love, and mortality. His many books include the classic Radical Son, a memoir of his communist childhood, youthful radicalism, and intellectual journey in middle age to the other side of the political spectrum, and numerous works of political analysis, such as Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes and Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

COMING HOME By Bruce Frohnen

Coming Home: Reclaiming America's Conservative Soul
Co-Authored By Bruce P. Frohnen

In COMING HOME: Reclaiming America's Conservative Soul, Prof. Bruce Frohnen asks where conservatism went wrong. How did we go from the optimism of Ronald Reagan to today's identity politics and hatred of America? 

Americans have been forced from their homes. Their jobs have been outsourced, their neighborhoods torn down to make room for freeways, their churches shuttered or taken over by social justice warriors, and their very families eviscerated by government programs that assume their functions and a hostile elite that deems them oppressive. Conservatives have always defended these elements of a rooted life as crucial to maintaining cultural continuity in the face of changing circumstances. Unfortunately, official “conservatism” has become fixated on abstract claims about freedom and the profits of “creative destruction.”

In COMING HOME, you'll learn...

·    How we can rebuild conservatism and our country.

·    When things began to go wrong in America. Was it the New Deal? Progressivism? The '60s? What changed?

·    What exactly conservatism is. Is it even fair to say that conservatism belongs in an individualistic country like America?

·    What it means to say that Americans are homeless. If we really have lost our history, our traditions, and our sense of place - of hearth and home - how can we possibly rebuild all of that?

Conservatism has never been the only voice in America, but it is the most distinctively American voice, emerging from the customs, norms, and dispositions of its people and grounded in the conviction that the capacity for self-governance provides a distinctly human dignity. Emphasizing the ongoing strength and importance of the conservative tradition, the authors describe our Constitution’s emphasis on maintaining order and balance and protecting the primary institutions of local life. Also important here is an understanding of changes in American demographics, economics, and politics. These changes complicated attempts to address the fundamentally anti-traditional nature of slavery and Jim Crow, the destructive effects of globalism, and the increasing desire to look on the federal government as the guarantor of security and happiness.

To reclaim our home as a people, we must rebuild the natural associations and primary institutions within which we live. This means protecting the fundamental relationships that make up our way of life. From philosophy to home construction, from theology to commerce, from charity to the essentials of household management, our ongoing practices are the source of our knowledge of truth, of one another, and of how we may live well together.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Prof. Bruce P. Frohnen is Professor of Law at Ohio Northern Law. Prior to joining ONU Law in 2008, he served as a legislative aide for a United States senator, as a visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and as secretary and director of program at the Earhart Foundation. He has held visiting posts as Charles Evans Hughes professor of jurisprudence at Colgate University and as Thomas Bahnson and Anne Bassett Stanley professor of ethics and integrity at the Virginia Military Institute.

Friday, May 31, 2019

UNMASKED By Brent Bozell

Big Media’s War Against Trump
By L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham

"You'd better read Unmasked."
— Rush Limbaugh

"Bozell is an indispensable warrior in the cause of liberty and against the arrogant elites in the press."— Mark Levin

In the new book, UNMASKED: Big Media’s War Against Trump, the fake news Trump haters and their agenda are revealed. This is the first book to expose the media’s trail of deception and uncover the truth. Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, and veteran journalist Tim Graham, the MRC’s Director of Media Analysis, expose the networks, newspapers and journalists feeding the fake news frenzy in this shocking new exposé. The media began by mocking Trump, confident he’d never win. When he proved them wrong, despite their polls and predictions, the mainstream media became crazed, maniacal, unhinged vultures. 

UNMASKED exposes fake news frauds such as…

·    The New York Times’ phony narrative that “phone records and intercepted calls show members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian officials in the year before the election.” WRONG!

·    Bloomberg News revealing Special Counsel Robert Mueller “issued a subpoena” to Deutsche Bank personally zeroing in on Trump. FAKE!

·    ABC’s chief investigative reporter, Brian Ross, making a jaw-dropping fake claim that caused the stock market to plummet 300 points!

·    News media outlets insisting 17 intelligence agencies agreed Russia was behind the hack of Democrat e-mails which tried to influence the election. The real number isn’t 17 - not even close!

This blistering account rips the veil of deceit off the fake news media, exposing their fraud. And it proves the media will stop at nothing to tear the president to shreds, labelling him “Hitler,” “terminally insane,” a fascist,” “racist,” “ignoramus,” and a “threat to humankind.”

UNMASKED takes a hard look at how journalists have lost all credibility, spewing hate speech, advocating violence and twisting the truth. You won't believe the shocking revelations, half-baked truths, and egregious lies that should demand apologies when the real facts are laid out.

This is the only heralded account of how once-trusted news organizations have transformed into dangerous propaganda machines set out to destroy a president and his administration... but in the process ended up destroying themselves.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: L. Brent Bozell III is Founder and President of the Media Research Center, and runs the largest media watchdog organization in America, with over 800,000 members nationwide, and over 12 million fans on Facebook. Mr. Bozell is also the founder of ForAmerica, an organization committed to restoring America to its founding principles. Mr. Bozell's bi-weekly column (with Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis, MRC) is syndicated to over 50 media outlets nationwide. His writings have also appeared in numerous other outlets including the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and USA Today. He is the author of four books, including the national bestseller Collusion. He has been a guest on numerous TV shows, including the O'Reilly Factor, Nightline, The Today Show and Good Morning America, Hannity, Neil Cavuto and Varney & Co.