Saturday, September 17, 2011

THE FRUITS OF GRAFT: Great Depressions Then and Now By Wayne Jett

THE FRUITS OF GRAFT: Great Depressions Then and Now
The Truth about the Great Depression
...and How it Relates to Today's Economic Crisis

Americans are badly misled about who and what caused the Great Depression, about fairness of U.S. financial markets and about actual intentions of economic policy. Now the truth is told in a stunning new book by classical economist, Wayne Jett - The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now. With rising unemployment and our own President urging Congress to pass a more than dubious Jobs Bill, it's more important than ever that Americans understand what the historic events of the Great Depression teach us about here and now.

With much of the productive class now failing to prosper, and with currency devaluation and federal spending each proceeding at a worrying pace, every American is searching for insight into the causes. How did the world's only super-power of 1990 morph into the economic basket case America is today - only 20 short years later?

The Fruits of Graft, in addition to much more:

  • Details specifically why America suffered the Great Depression.
  • Reveals how FDR secretly served his elitist class and betrayed impoverished voters who elected him president by intentionally deepening and extending the Great Depression.
  • Confronts and dismantles John Maynard Keynes' "general theory" of economics, and calls it what it is: an intellectual cover story for predatory mercantilism (now mistakenly called "crony capitalism").
  • Describes how federal law allows the Securities & Exchange Commission "discretion" to shield powerful financiers from prosecution for fraud.
  • Shows the Federal Reserve System is a private banking cartel which sets anti-competitive bank interest rates and manipulates financial markets to produce enormous insider gains.
  • Explains how the Federal Reserve purposely causes inflation through currency devaluation and then intentionally destroys middle class production and jobs in pretending to "fight inflation."
  • Details how crude oil was pushed to $147 per barrel in "dark" trading of derivatives, while supply and demand justified no more than $45 per barrel.
  • Tells how the 2006 nomination of Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson Jr. as Secretary of Treasury (and "economic czar") should have been stopped in its tracks by a simple vetting process.
  • Discloses the U.S. dominant elite's agenda pursued ruthlessly since 1900 to destroy the middle class, pull down the Constitution and take "full power" in a "new world order."

How does the Great Depression compare to the American dilemma today? Wayne Jett says President Obama is the new FDR. Obama pretends to champion the poor and middle class, but has installed the dominant elite's operatives in every economic post of his administration (as did Treasury secretary Henry Paulson in the previous administration). Soup lines are managed out of sight of camera lenses by use of food stamps or electronic cards. Obama's health care law achieves the elite's century-old goal of taking control of middle class access to health care as a lever to control and reverse population growth. Cap-and-trade environmental regulations seek control of middle class access to energy, so essential to prosperity.

As in the '20s and '30s, the U.S. financial markets are notable for aggressive manipulation and fraudulent trading practices. Middle class capital invested in financial markets is being looted by the dominant elite with SEC neglect and outright assistance. Living standards are not holding, and future generations face sharply declining prospects.

Despite all obstacles, the American productive class survived and prospered to a degree tenaciously grasping hard-won political rights protected by the Constitution. Can this be accomplished again, or will constitutional government be pulled down, leaving the people in conflict, poverty and war? The Fruits of Graft addresses this historic challenge. This book must be read by thoughtful Americans in order to weigh its evidence and analysis. Its implications for our national and individual well-being are enormous.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wayne Jett, managing principal and chief economist of Classical Capital LLC, a registered investment advisor engaged in economic analysis, distinguished himself as legal counsel in dozens of cases in federal and California appellate courts, including the U. S. Supreme Court. In 2005, he began speaking to chartered financial analysts across the U.S. and in Canada on topics of monetary policy reform and U.S. financial markets. He has led seminars in classical economics for CFA Society of Los Angeles and for Security Analysts of San Francisco, and speaks and writes on constitutional and economic topics.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Secrets of the FBI By Ronald Kessler

The FBI is involved in almost every aspect of American life. From Watergate to Waco, from congressional scandals to the takedown of Osama bin Laden from Vince Foster's death to the swap of Russian spies, The Secrets of the FBI presents headline-making disclosures about the most important figures and events of our time. In an exclusive interview, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III tells what his greatest fear is.

By Ronald Kessler

Based on his unparalleled access to hundreds of current and former FBI agents, award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author Ronald Kessler delivers a treasure trove of revelations in THE SECRETS OF THE FBI.

Kessler discloses J. Edgar Hoover's sexual orientation, what triggered Vince Foster's suicide, what preceded Marilyn Monroe's death, and the real story of how the FBI caught spy Robert Hanssen in its midst.

Kessler goes behind the scenes at the FBI Laboratory and training center. For the first time, he reveals how agents break into homes, offices, and embassies to plant bugging devices without getting caught and shot as burglars. The narrative culminates with the inside story of the FBI's involvement in the raid on bin Laden's compound.

THE SECRETS OF THE FBI discloses the FBI's most closely guarded secrets and the secrets of celebrities, politicians, and movie stars uncovered by agents during their investigations. The book reveals that:
  • Robert F. Kennedy secretly borrowed the personal car of the FBI agent in charge of the Los Angeles field office to visit Marilyn Monroe just before she took her own life.
  • FBI agents determined that an encounter with Hillary Clinton triggered Vince Foster's suicide a week later. 
  • Russia tried to include convicted spies Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames in the swap of Russian spies arrested by the FBI and tried to contact Ames in prison.
  • After he was killed, the FBI could not match Osama bin Laden's fingerprints.
  • Contrary to the portrayal in the movie Breach, it was FBI agent Mike Rochford who uncovered fellow agent Robert Hanssen as a spy.
  • FBI director J. Edgar Hoover had a spousal relationship with his deputy, Clyde Tolson.
  • What the FBI thinks about President Obama, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr.; and
  • When planting bugs in the homes and offices of Mafia figures, spies, and terrorists, FBI agents tranquilize dogs, stage fake traffic accidents, and instruct police to stop occupants who try to return.

When it comes to developing access to top players, uncovering secrets, and writing a vivid tale, Ronald Kessler is without peer. As he did in his New York Times bestseller In the President's Secret Service, Kessler penetrated a wall of secrecy to write a book that is powerful and compelling.