Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Stones of Contention By Timothy H. Ives


Stones of Contention

By Timothy H. Ives

Archaeologist Dr. Timothy H. Ives stands alone against a juggernaut of wishful thinking masquerading as science. In his new book, Stones of Contention, he shows us that it is becoming impossible to deny that the pervasion of leftist ideology in New England is precipitating a retrogression of race relations among descendants of colonial-era populations. This is exemplified by the Ceremonial Stone Landscape Movement, the central claim of which is that many, if not most, of the stone heaps, walls, and other structures scattered about the region's secondary forests are not vestiges of abandoned historic farmsteads but ancient Indian ceremonial constructions that require protection from the ongoing ravages of settler colonial development.

Applauded for its voguishly defiant pose against Western histories and institutions, this claim has been uncritically embraced by tribal authorities, established scholars, residential property owners, and even federal and municipal agencies. For who, in this golden-age of identity politics, dares question indigenous sacred property claims? But there is an elephant in the room. Sourcing political power from old racial anxieties, this activist movement galvanizes a victimhood identity among Indians, weaponizes white settler colonial guilt, and tramples the boundary between history and propaganda before an understandably confused and racially paranoid public. As this movement's top persona non grata, Dr. Ives exposes its ironic origins in the settler colonial imagination, defends the fascinating histories that it undermines, and considers its costs to society at large.

Dr. Ives tells us:

·    Nobody is entitled to a history that makes them feel good about themselves or the groups to which they belong.

·    Contrary to popular belief, there is no shortage of [American] Indians today, only an apparent surplus of miseducated settler colonists.

·    The remarkable idea of a privileged socioracial group benevolently lifting a less privileged one should always be met with remarkable skepticism. If this were so when the Massachusetts Bay Colony put the words 'Come over and help us' in an Indian's mouth, perhaps things would be different today.

·    It reminded me of an idea the late American novelist James Baldwin posed in various ways over the course of his career: 'As long as you think that you are white, there is no hope for you.' Perhaps equally relevant is that he never said, 'As long as you think that you are an antiracist white, there is some hope for you.'

What started as an idea by fanciful antiquarians positing that the stone piles found in New England's forests, far from being the work of nineteenth-century farmers whose famously stony fields have since long been abandoned, were actually the work of ancient Indians in connection religious rites.

The ceremonial stone landscape movement, liberally mixed with racial grievance and guilt, has succeeded in derailing an airport runway expansion and has postponed or scuttled several other development plans because it is alleged that moving the stones would disturb the "peace, balance, and harmony" of the earth and, more importantly, cause offense to the ancient Indians' modern-day descendants. Stones of Contention is a microcosm of the how race and religion have become a volatile mix in America and how fear of offense is now driving scientific inquiry.


Stones of Contention is about a difficult subject that nonetheless serves as a microcosm of strained relations where religion and race are concerned – between Indians and whites in New England. It also shows how science is gradually becoming corrupted by political correctness. This book will greatly interest those studying archaeology, cultural resource management, decolonialism, race relations in post-Civil Rights era America, leftist bias in academia, and New England history.

The transformation of certain strains of American Indian activism into a shakedown culture complete with lawyers, fake science, and internal schisms makes Timothy Ives' book both a microcosm and a warning about the direction of our country. Read this carefully and ponder deeply its augury about a future that will make the providential plantations of early Rhode Island appear a preferable world to live in by comparison.

--Bruce Gilley Author of "The Last Imperialist: Sir Alan Burns' Epic Defense of the British Empire"

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Ives currently works as principal archaeologist at the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, though this book does not represent the views of his office. He is a leading contributor to the debate over the origins of the stone heaps commonly found in New England's forested hills. He has expressed concern regarding the broader social costs of ceremonial stone landscape preservation campaigns, citing their record of mobilizing white guilt, the psychosocial phenomenon described by race relations scholar Shelby Steele, to gain political support and subvert criticism.

Friday, October 8, 2021

"Am I Crazy?" By Chad Prather




By Chad Prather

Life is too short for taking yourself too seriously! 

Most of us are born into this world kicking and screaming, but Chad Prather most certainly came out laughing. From comedian, musician, and armchair philosopher Chad Prather's AM I CRAZY? An Unapologetic Patriot Takes on the Insanity of Today's Woke World is a politically incorrect look at the crazy patterns of life in America: love and marriage, parenting, the personalities who steal our attention, and the random hodgepodge of demented drama that's being paraded as normal behavior.

Chad Prather, "a modern-day Will Rogers," is just your friendly neighborhood cowboy philosopher, gazing into the sweet tea leaves at the bottom of his cowboy hat, pondering a most fundamental question: "Am I crazy? Or is the world crazy?" Chad finds life amusing, baffling, sometimes heartwarming, and downright interesting, and wants to share personal stories and witty observations on the hasty growth of insanity within the folds of society and inspire critical thinking about the state of our modern culture.

In this series of humorous essays - reminiscent of the rants he is famous for delivering from his truck in Texas - Chad takes on all the problems he has with the modern age, and also talks about some of the problems that we have with each other, such as:

·    What are some of the basic things you need to know if you're going to survive marriage and parenthood?

·    Whatever happened to decency, hard work and a sharing of the basic values that made America great in the first place?

·    When did it become unfashionable to believe in God, to go to church on Sunday or to send our "thoughts and prayers" to those having a difficult time?

·    When did it become child abuse to spank your kids?

·    When is social media going to finally stop messing around and just bring the full-on possession?

·    Why is it that as we march further and further along the road of progress - growing our collective knowledge and technological means of dealing with life along the way - we seem to be regressing socially at an equally break-neck pace?

AM I CRAZY? includes Chad's rants on politics ("We are ALL batsh-- crazy"); rants on culture ("Our demented drama"); and rants on marriage, relationships, and family ("It's all a mystery). Join the Chad Prather posse on his journey into the craziness of today's "woke" world. He will probably be coming to a town near you any day now with guitar in hand and his patriotic Texan sense of humor firing on all cylinders.



As Charlie Kirk notes, "It's been said that common sense isn't so common anymore, and that's exactly why the world needs Chad Prather more than ever. He's a throwback to a saner and more fun-loving America. His rants are OUR rants. So, if you're not sure whether to laugh or cry when you turn on the news, read this book and be consoled in knowing these woke radicals have provided Chad with a ton of fodder for some amazing jokes."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chad Prather is an unapologetically southern Christian American patriot cowboy, comedian, musician and armchair philosopher. He is the host of BlazeTV's top-rated The Chad Prather Show. He is a singer/songwriter with The Ragamuffins and a touring comedian. For Chad, taking yourself too seriously is the truest form of self-sabotage, and life is too short for that. Chad is running for Governor of Texas in 2022: https://prather2022.com/

Monday, October 4, 2021

"I Can't Breathe" By David Horowitz


The Truth about the Black Lives Matter Martyrs

National bestselling author David Horowitz exposes the Marxist strategy behind Black Lives Matter and how to save America from its "white supremacy" narrative before it's too late

"I Can't Breathe" - These three words rocked the nation in the spring of 2020. The historic eruption of lawlessness and violence that followed George Floyd's death opened new fault lines in the nation's cultural and political landscape, threatening a radical reshaping of American society.

Conservative firebrand author and chronicler of the Left David Horowitz exposes the biggest hoax of the twenty-first century in I Can't Breathe: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America. Despite its claim to be an "inclusive and spacious movement," Black Lives Matter (BLM) divides Americans by race, class, and party in pursuit of a radical agenda that would impoverish and degrade everyone.

Examining the twenty-six most notorious cases of police "racism" - from Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor - Horowitz demonstrates that Black Lives Matter has lied about every one of them in its quest to undermine law and order, fuel race hatred, and destroy America.

Relying on groundbreaking research and dozens of internal documents, Horowitz reveals:

·    Why black lives don't matter to the leaders of Black Lives Matter;

·    How, in just seven years, BLM became one of the most powerful cultural forces in America with virtually every major company in America becoming their corporate funders;

·    Why BLM is not a civil rights organization and goes against everything MLK, Jr. stood for;

·    Why BLM leaders won't be satisfied until the West has been dismantled and "re-imagined;" and

·    BLM's assault on the nuclear family and its indoctrination of American school children.

The goals of Black Lives Matter are a far cry from those of the civil rights movement of sixty years ago. Despite its anti-capitalist, anti-family, anti-wealth, anti-Semitic, anti-white and anti-American agenda, BLM has received hundreds of millions of dollars from Democrat donors. I Can't Breathe uncovers the truth about BLM and provides solutions that will actually strengthen black communities and guarantee the freedom of all citizens.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Horowitz is a noted conservative commentator and a national bestselling author. He is the founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles and the author of The Enemy Within, Blitz, Big Agenda, and The Black Book of the American Left.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Left's Strategy to Radically Transform America Through the Border Crisis Revealed in New Booklet

The Left's Strategy to Radically Transform America Through the Border Crisis Revealed in New Booklet

By John Perazzo

The truth behind the Democrats' deliberate strategy of "Crashing the Border"

A pivotal booklet published this week by the David Horowitz Freedom Center reveals the true stakes in the ongoing crisis engulfing America's southern border. In "Crashing the Border: The Left's Manufactured Crisis," DiscovertheNetworks.org editor John Perazzo examines the deliberate strategy employed by Democratic politicians and leftist activists to stress and overwhelm our border security apparatus to its breaking point.

The resulting crisis will then be used as a pretext to enact policies, such as amnesty, that will radically transform America's political landscape and illegally import millions of future Democratic voters. “Over the years, Americans had become so accustomed to this problem and so desensitized by all the banal explanations of its causes... that they tended to accept the tsunami of illegal migration as part of the inevitable and inexorable movement of populations away from pain and toward promise. But this was a fiction,” writes author Perazzo.

“In fact, the problem was the product of a concerted effort by which Democratic legislators and their ideological allies in the 'immigrant rights' movement sought to overwhelm and undermine America's border security and immigration system by importing millions of people who could be expected to eventually become reliable Democrat voters for decades to come.”

As Perazzo's careful research reveals, this strategy has a name and a long pedigree among leftist protest movements. “The Cloward-Piven Strategy” - named for former Columbia University sociologists and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) leaders Richard Cloward and his wife, Frances Fox Piven - posits that activists can effect radical change by “crashing the system.” [more...]

John Perazzo is the editor of discoverthenetworks.org and author of The New Shame of the Cities.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Great Patriot and Protest Boycott Book By Wayne Allyn Root


root book.jpg



The Priceless List for Conservatives, Christians, Patriots & 80+ Million Trump Warriors to Cancel "Cancel Culture" and Save America

By Wayne Allyn Root

Nationally syndicated talk show host and bestselling author Wayne Allyn Root's new book, The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book is the game-changer the "silent majority" has been waiting for. This book is how we become the LOUD MAJORITY. Christians, patriots and Trump supporters make up more than half of the purchasing power in America. Yet the companies we support have turned against us - they have slandered us, offended us, bullied us, ignored us and turned us into the enemy- all the while depending on us to keep buying their products. No more. It's time to fight back!

No matter how much we protest to government officials, they don't care. Wayne believes they're all bought and paid for by China, The Chinese Communist Party and George Soros. But the corporations and their CEOs still answer to shareholders; and we can hit them where it hurts the most - their bottom line. We are the economic engine of America - the spending majority - and we have the most purchasing power. We spend the most money.

Wayne's new book contains a comprehensive list of company names, CEO names, board names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts of the top 100+ large companies in the USA who hate us, ignore us, offend us, and treat us like we don't matter. If millions of us use this handbook to contact these bullies, we can bring these "woke" companies to their knees, change corporate behavior, and cut off the flow of corporate donations to Democrats.


·    Are you a conservative patriot?

·    Do you love America?

·    Do you support capitalism?

·    Are you frustrated at the direction of this country?

·    Do you fear for the future of your children and / or grandchildren?

·    Do you believe in Judeo-Christian values?

·    Do you see that America is under attack?

·    Does this seem like a Socialist / Marxist / Communist takeover?

·    Do you see and feel evil all around us?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, THIS HANDBOOK IS FOR YOU. We're giving you the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM so you can let these clueless "woke" CEOs and their board of directors know they're going to lose your business, your dollars, and they're going to lose their jobs.

We've made it simple and EASY for conservatives, Christians, patriots, and 80+ million Trump voters to protest and boycott the companies that offend us, denigrate us, ignore us and spit in our faces. We must become the LOUD MAJORITY. Money talks and these companies need to get the message loud and clear that we're fed up with their radical, extreme leftist, anti-American politics supported by the mainstream media and the Democrats.

With this powerful book, and the valuable contact information inside, if companies go WOKE; we will make them go BROKE!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Known as "the conservative warrior," Wayne Allyn Root (aka WAR) is the host of the nationally syndicated show, "Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered" on USA Radio Network, as well as the "WAR RAW" podcast. For three years in a row Wayne has been named to the prestigious "Talkers Heavy 100" list of the top talk show hosts in America. He is also a bestselling author and a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist. A former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, Wayne is a fiery, passionate, enthusiastic and relentless defender of the greatest presidents of our lifetime, Donald J. Trump and Ronald Reagan. Wayne is the author of many national best-selling books and a high-profile CEO, entrepreneur and international business speaker. His web site is www.RootforAmerica.com

Monday, August 9, 2021

DISLOYAL: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country By Daniel Greenfield and David Horowitz

New Freedom Center Booklet Exposes the Military Brass's Betrayal of Our Country

In this new Freedom Center booklet, DISLOYAL: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country, author Daniel Greenfield, an investigative reporter at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, reveals how the U.S. Military’s promotion of Critical Race Theory and efforts to purge "extremists" is endangering America’s future.

Greenfield documents the shocking penetration of Critical Race Theory and woke leftist ideology into numerous branches of the American military. He describes how these recent attempts to divide the military by race and condemn the nation it exists to defend, have undermined unit cohesion and military readiness while having a devastating impact on troop morale.

DISLOYAL lays bare the disturbing actions and statements of some of America’s leading military leaders who have capitulated to America's ideological enemies before even entering the field of battle. Among these are Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who has required both Critical Race Theory and the ahistorical and un-American 1619 Project as core elements of the Pentagon's military training programs. Also unmasked is Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who vocally rejected the use of the military to put down violent BLM/Antifa riots and later defended the military's adoption of CRT to Congress, stating, "I want to understand white rage and I'm white, and I want to understand it." [more...]

This new Freedom Center booklet is an urgent and vital read. [Read in PDF form: HERE.]

Daniel Greenfield, a reporter at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is an expert on Islamic terrorism and Israel and an investigative journalist at FrontPageMag.com. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Trump and Reagan By Nick Adams




Defenders of America

By Nick Adams

In his new book, TRUMP AND REAGAN: Defenders of America, internationally renowned speaker, Nick Adams, analyzes the two greatest modern-day presidents - and their records in defending America. If you love America, the comparison of Trump and Reagan is a no-brainer. Both were underestimated, received tough media coverage and appealed to the patriotic instincts of Americans. But they were different, too: one "genial" and "polished;" the other more "crude" and "unvarnished."

With this unique analysis, Nick Adams reveals how the billionaire-businessman-turned-president and the "Gipper" changed the paradigm and the way Washington worked. Is President Trump, ridiculed by critics as Reagan was, set up to enjoy the same fate and legacy in the twenty-first century? Will he also be remembered as a guardian of American prestige?

Since Trump is a one-term president (so far) and Reagan is still so influential to Republicans, how will Trump (in a Reagan-like manner influencing those who remember Reagan's powerful persona and strength) overcome the stigma of all the fake investigations and impeachments, not to mention January 6th, and prevail? Is there any hope that his presidency will be restored? Next to Reagan, Trump should go down in history as the greatest president ever. While Republicans, not just RINOs, have turned their backs on him, his base and influence seem to be stronger than ever.

In TRUMP AND REAGAN, you will learn that:

·    On the surface, Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan were obviously very different men; Reagan was genteel and almost never offensive - Trump, not so much. Reagan was a rancher and often carried a firearm; Trump, a big city billionaire.

·    Reagan was more versatile with his avuncular presentation; Donald Trump almost always in a suit and one-color tie and brings his distinctive Queens accent with him everywhere. Reagan was unfailingly careful with his words; Trump often impulsive.

·    Both presidents were around the same age when inaugurated and the only two Presidents to have been divorced. Both were political outsiders. Both were very much 1980s men from "Hollywood" and both patriots and optimists.

·    Both presidents were loathed by the establishment. They were both fascinated by outer space; and both relied heavily on private sector partnerships during their presidencies.

Transformative; cathartic; country-changing; metamorphic; reframing: These words have been aptly applied to President Donald Trump during his time in the Oval Office, and decades ago, Ronald Reagan transformed the USA in a similar way. Both of these presidents set out and achieved a modernized, reinvigorated country. They repaired, restored, revived, and made America great again.

In this full-fledged comparison, complete with new information and ground-breaking interpretation, bestselling author Nick Adams explores how both leaders changed the trajectory of America. Trump's and Reagan's patriotism and unapologetic advocacy of traditional values and the American people make them conservative heroes. No one knows what the future holds for Donald Trump, or if he will run for office again, but he is not going away - just like Reagan didn't. They are transformative figures. What better way to understand Trump's presidency than by comparing him to his transformational conservative predecessor - Ronald Reagan - who also permanently altered the political landscape.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nick Adams is an internationally renowned speaker, lecturer, and commentator. The bestselling author runs the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), an organization that teaches civics and history, and helps inspire students on the power of the American Dream in schools. He is a Presidential appointee, best-selling author, social media influencer, motivational speaker, and television commentator. He has received multiple state awards, including honorary citizenship. Adams has spoken throughout America, Australia, Germany, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

America Transformed By Ronald J. Pestritto



America Transformed: The Rise and Legacy of American Progressivism

By Ronald J. Pestritto

America's premier scholar of the Progressive movement, Ronald J. Pestritto has a new book out this week: America Transformed: The Rise and Legacy of American Progressivism: Pestritto, that is "a definitive - and accessible - account of how the rejection of America's founding principles in the name of 'progress' is responsible for the decline of American governance over the last century."

The America of the modern administrative state is not the America of the original Constitution. This transformation comes not only from the ordinary course of historical change and development, but also from a radical, new philosophy of government that was imported into the American political tradition by the Progressives of the late nineteenth century.

The new thinking about the principles of government - and open hostility to the American Constitution - led to a host of concrete changes in American political institutions. Our government today reflects these original Progressive innovations, even if they are often unrecognized as such because they have become ingrained in American political culture.

In America Transformed, you'll learn:

·    How rule by experts today (the pandemic, in particular) is connected to Progressive thought;

·    What the connection of today's Left is to the original Progressives;

·    How Progressives built the administrative state that governs us today;

·    How modern jurisprudence reflects Progressive philosophy; and

·    How Progressives introduced the idea of limitless government into the American political tradition.

America Transformed shows the nature of the changes made by the Progressives, both in principles and in the nuts and bolts of governing. It also shows how progressivism was often at the root of critical developments subsequent to the Progressive Era in more recent American political history - how it was different from the New Deal, the liberalism of the 1960s, and today's liberalism, and also how these subsequent developments could not have transpired without the ground laid by the original Progressives.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ronald J. Pestritto ("RJ") is Graduate Dean and Professor of Politics at Hillsdale College, where he teaches political philosophy, American political thought, and American politics, and holds the Charles and Lucia Shipley Chair in the American Constitution.