Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Breaking Point By James Dale Davidson

Economy Close to 'Breaking Point' 
with Major Crash Coming

The handwriting is on the wall. America has reached its breaking point. A global economic catastrophe is now virtually locked in ... and America will soon fall. Everyone - regardless of your age, your job, where you live, how much money you make, or how much you pay in taxes - is at risk. In fact, those with any measure of wealth, savings, or assets may be hit the hardest. The challenge now for hard-working Americans is: How do we save ourselves? To help you answer that question, you need to read outspoken economist James Dale Davidson's brand new book, The Breaking Point: Profit from the Coming Money Cataclysm.

James Dale Davidson's ability to predict market and global trends is uncanny... and no one can ignore his latest: while the mainstream media were forecasting a 90% chance of Hillary Clinton winning the White House as late as 6:00 pm on Election Day, he steadfastly forecast that Donald Trump would win the White House. And he says President-Elect Trump will face a global economic tsunami that will make the Great Depression and tech bust of the '90s look like mere child's play. In The Breaking Point, he has a new and most urgent warning to investors: the U.S. and global economies are "careening toward a financial 'breaking point' - which will unravel the global financial system and wreak chaos. Most investors will be very big losers and see their life's investment go up in dust," he argues.

Here's What You Must Know to Survive the Breaking Point

Davidson began forecasting the collapse of the Soviet Union in the mid-1980s. 
In January, 1989, he told a group (including Bill and Hillary Clinton) that the big event of that year would be the fall of the Berlin Wall. He issued a timely warning of the financial meltdown long before the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008. In 2016, he correctly assessed the shocking Brexit vote as the leading indicator of the coming world order breakdown. And TODAY in The Breaking Point, he offers undeniable historical proof of the looming economic crisis facing America... and breaks it all down for you in simple, everyday English!

Here are some of the extraordinary truths you'll discover in his blockbuster new book:
  • Why our nation is going broke faster than economists admit. The shockingly high growth rate needed just to cover the interest on the debt. What this means for your savings;
  • Shocking truths about our corrupt government revealed at last;
  • How to thrive after America falls; and
  • How to find economic freedom like we've never known.
Davidson provides in-depth analysis of just how the U.S. government has carelessly and recklessly trapped itself and the entire world economy into a corner - a corner so tight that average investors could see their life's work and savings disappear.  And he explains how the recovery that the establishment elites and their media lapdogs are so keen to have you embrace is actually one giant fraud. Davidson shines a spotlight on the stunning events unfolding on a daily basis that signal the end of economic growth - but these events are completely ignored by today's media.

The business model of Western civilization based on central banks emitting trillions in fiduciary credit - what Marx called "fictitious capital" - is collapsing. And therefore, so is the social contract that supported that business model. That is the reason for Brexit. It is why Donald Trump was voted the next President of the United States. It is why Prime Minister Renzi's referendum in Italy went down to crushing defeat. These are all leading indicators of The Breaking Point, which offers undeniable historical proof of the looming economic crisis facing America, and breaks it all down for you in simple, everyday English. You will learn the best way to prepare and protect your family and your financial security against this rapidly unfolding crisis and will discover your best chance to survive and thrive in a collapsed economy.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Dale Davidson is an economist and the author of the bestselling financial book The Great Reckoning. His other books include The Sovereign Individual and Blood in the Streets. A member of the Newsmax Financial Brain Trust, he is a frequent contributor to Financial Intelligence Report. He has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, Bloomberg and major media around the globe.