Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Sean Spicer to Host Newsmax TV Show 'Spicer & Co.'

He's addressed the nation as White House Press Secretary and made it to the quarterfinals on "Dancing with the Stars.'' Now Sean Spicer will be hosting his own show – "Spicer & Co." – a new cable news program on Newsmax TV, which debuts Tuesday, March 3rd, at 6 pm ET and will air daily Monday through Friday on Newsmax TV, America's fastest-growing cable news network.

The Washington-based "Spicer & Co.'' will broadcast from studios near the White House, where Spicer will lead an ensemble of Washington insiders, experts, journalists and power brokers to analyze the day's top headlines from the Beltway and the key news from the U.S. and the world.

"We are going to offer viewers a unique perspective and insights into what's really happening, who is up, who's down and most importantly how it's going to affect their lives,'' Spicer said. "I've had a front row seat to how Washington works at the highest levels – in the White House, Congress, the Pentagon and K Street. We are going to invite our viewers into a conversation that is totally unique. We will ask the questions and cover the topics that everyone in America is thinking about, but no one is asking or talking about."

Spicer has a long and distinguished career working in Washington, having spent years on Capitol Hill helping craft policy and working with the media. Outside of D.C., he has been a key player on numerous Congressional and national political campaigns. 

"Sean has been on the inside of how decisions are made in a way so few have," Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy said. "He was a success as White House press secretary because he connected to ordinary Americans." Ruddy noted that at the White House, Spicer's TV ratings for press conferences was "off the charts - a phenomenon that hasn't happened before or since."

Spicer worked as an aide and press secretary for several members of Congress and House Committees. In 2011, Spicer was named communications director of the Republican National Committee and from 2014-2016 also served as its chief strategist. In December 2016, President-Elect Donald Trump appointed him to be the nation's 28th White House Press Secretary. After his tour in the White House, Spicer wrote a New York Times bestselling memoir about his years in Washington, "The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President.'' He also launched RigWil LLC, a strategic consulting firm and is a partner in Point1, a mail and digital firm.

A graduate of the Connecticut College, he earned a Master's degree from the United States Naval War College and currently serves as a Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves as a public affairs officer. Last year, Spicer won the hearts of Americans on ABC's hit show "Dancing with the Stars." With interpretations of the dancefloor favorites, Spicer lasted an impressive nine weeks on the popular show.

Spicer is expected to blend the same buzz and excitement with the news of the day to his daily show on Newsmax TV, which is carried on all major cable systems in 100 million cable and paid OTT homes, surpassing Bloomberg Television in total household reach, household coverage area rating, and average audience, as overall reach rose close to 200 percent since August of 2019, according to ComScore data.

"Our content is resonating with Americans across the nation who are hungry for a fresh alternative to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and other news channels,'' said Ruddy, who adds that the network will continue announcing new programs in the coming weeks and months.

Newsmax TV is carried on all major cable and MVPD systems, including DirecTV, Xfinity, Dish, Spectrum, Optimum, Fios, Cox, U-verse, Suddenlink, Wow, Armstrong and several dozens more systems and OTT platforms. The channel has become America's fastest-growing cable news channel targeting Baby Boomers with a heartland perspective. The channel provides 12 hours of original news content daily with programming focused on breaking news and analysis. The Newsmax lineup includes shows and experts, including talk radio hosts Chris Salcedo and Howie Carr, Alan Dershowitz, Michelle Malkin, Mike Huckabee, John Bachman, and Nancy Brinker, famed founder of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, among others.