Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion' By Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez, author of Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion, is an internationally known editorial cartoonist for Investor's Business Daily who has been making headlines and stirring up controversy since 1983. In his new book, he offers a comprehensive collection of his award-winning cartoons, accompanied by an introduction to the images highlighted throughout the book. Each cartoon shows that a picture is worth a thousand words and transforms the news of the day into eye-catching, provocative, and hilarious images that draw people into the democratic process. Ramirez combines knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding and highly incisive satirical cartoons. His commentary on everything from the economy and markets to politics and international affairs offers a unique perspective on today's issues, particularly during presidential election years. They take a humorously insightful look at the world around us, making readers laugh while informing them on the issues of our times. Call Sandy to schedule an interview with Michael today! [more...]
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Presidential Lessons Learned: Follow the Leader By Bill Porter

Bill Porter is an international speaker, author and leadership consultant. For the past 35 years, Bill has been an active financial planning practitioner and is a former instructor of estate planning and taxation. His new book, Presidential Lessons Learned: Follow the Leader assesses the leadership strengths and weaknesses of four former presidents. He has spent the last four years researching presidential leadership, in order to identify successful strategies that can solve America’s pressing issues. The results were profound and extremely relevant to the 2008 election. We now have a tool that we can use not only to assess each of the candidates, but also one that can alter the dynamics of the election process itself. Call Sandy for interviews with Bill now ... and to order a review copy of this important book. More on Bill...

Bill Glynn Releases Must Read Document: 'I.O.U.S.A. NOT! USA Owes US!'

Bill Glynn, controversial author of "Left on Red," ranked one of the top 15 innovators in the world, takes on economic and social issues looming over America and the world economy and offers simple to understand explanations and solutions for our woes. He has appeared on TV with Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto, is a regular guest on over 80 radio stations and broadcast networks nationwide and has joined broadcasters and leaders including Hugh Hewitt, Rita Cosby, Ross Perot and many others in presenting his solutions on the failing economy.

A movie and short book - "I.O.U.S.A." - recently examined the spiraling national debt and economic decay presenting the facts and interviews from America's most successful and brightest executives including Alan Greenspan. The U.S., burdened now with $10 trillion in debt, is on the verge of bankruptcy and "I.O.U.S.A." painted a grave picture of these facts. Bill Glynn believes we are owed answers and solutions to protect our way of life. In fact, he is often quoted saying: "If America were a company, and we should be viewed as such as a capitalist nation, our board of directors and management would be fired and in Jail."

As a shareholder of this nation demanding solutions to America's problems, Bill Glynn's response is "I.O.U.S.A. NOT! - USA Owes US." The document is a quick read and available to download at http://www.billyg.net/. In this hand guide, he addresses eleven sore subjects (only a few of many) that America must overcome in order to keep our society and way of life going. In the first chapter, "The Silver Bullet," he outlines a variety of ways we can move forward to solve some the present economic woes and the many issues facing our country.

If we allow the government to do more of the same, we will lose international confidence and will be cut off from those nations buying our debt that are keeping the USA from bankruptcy right now. As bleak as all this sounds, Glynn's solutions are simple and attack the very cancer that is crippling our nation, economically and socially. Glynn's pioneering "10% Solution" to eradicate the U.S. deficit is among the most noted across the country. If you plan to vote for McCain and Palin or Obama and Biden, this guide will wake you up and provide education and insight on issues everyone should understand going into one of the most important elections in our lifetime.

"I.O.U.S.A. NOT! - USA Owes US" addresses the most controversial issues facing America and offers simple solutions - to eliminate the national deficit, avoid economic war, and eliminate special interests. Every politician and citizen should read this eye-opening guide before going to the polls in November. Get educated on the issues. Download this hand guide at no charge at http://www.billyg.net/. Forward it to all your friends, family and colleagues.