Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Great Withdrawal by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte

The Great Withdrawal
How the Progressives' 100-Year Debasement of America
and the Dollar Ends

In 1913 America fell under the spell of an addictive European collectivist ideology called Progressivism that took our nation on a 100-year detour away from the sound money and values of America's framers. In 2013, millions of Americans have begun to snap out of this hypnotic spell.

"Today's political and social turmoil are caused by the withdrawal symptoms of ending the Progressive addiction to government dependency," write renowned monetary expert, Craig R. Smith and former think tank futurist, Lowell Ponte in their fourth book, THE GREAT WITHDRAWAL: How the Progressives' 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends.  The authors predict that the next election cycle will bring a huge turning point in history and the possible end of Progressive rule.

Millions of Americans are now realizing that they've been living in a dream world - an illusion of prosperity conjured with unreal paper money, a stock market addicted to the drug of a trillion stimulus dollars per year, zombie economics and mind-control politics. But Smith and Ponte are happy to report, in this explosive new expose, that Progressives now feel their power slipping away as Americans are withdrawing from a century of hypnotic control.

In THE GREAT WITHDRAWAL, you will learn:
  • how the "great withdrawal" could end the 100-year reshaping of America's government, money and values by Progressives;
  • what the coming "withdrawal symptoms" of this change will be like for individuals and American society;
  • who and what Progressives are (just another name for "liberal?");
  • why Detroit - formerly a proud symbol of Progressive achievement and a worker's paradise dominated by labor unions - is now a bankrupt, crime-ravaged city and the symbol of the failure of Progressive ideas;
  • why much of America will soon be like Detroit if Progressives like Obama expand their power in the 2014 election;
  • whether Americans can break their addiction to easy money and big government goodies and if we can ever go back to the small government days of America's framers; and
  • how American citizens can decentralize and diversify their lives to survive and prosper, whether Progressives keep power in the short run or lose it.
In THE GREAT WITHDRAWAL, Smith and Ponte define prudent steps people can take to restore our nation's founding values and protect their families and savings through decentralized technologies and diversification.

Craig R. Smith is the founder and Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation and is an expert commentator on some of the top cable network and radio news programs. Lowell Ponte is a former think tank futurist, former Reader's Digest editor, a public speaker, talk radio host and NewsMax columnist.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Radio Sells Books!

I really believe in the power of talk radio!  Here are some recent statistics to think about when deciding to go on a radio tour with YOUR book:

After a 2-week radio tour, Michael Baron'e "Shaping Our Nation" went to:

After a 2-week radio tour, Michael Novak's "Writing from Left to Right" went to:

After a 2-week radio tour, Phil Valentine's "An Inconsistent Truth" DVD went to:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Global War on Christians By John L. Allen, Jr.

The Most Dramatic Religion Story of the Early 21st Century
...Yet One that Most Americans Know Little About

The bestselling author of The Future Church provides a compelling account of religious persecution from around the globe and a worldview-altering challenge to American Christians to wake up and take notice. As the recipients of a rising tide of legal oppression, social harassment, and direct physical violence, twenty-first century Christians have become the world's most persecuted religious group.

In The Global War on Christians, John L. Allen, Jr. uses his unparalleled knowledge and insight to bring to light this growing epidemic. Inspired by his own personal experiences, Allen sets out to tell the stories of a new generation of Christian martyrs.

Part one begins with snapshots of anti-Christian persecution with a focus on events from the past twenty years. In this section, Allen provides representative examples of the kinds of suffering Christians around the world endure, covering everything from legal harassment and social discrimination, to torture, physical assault, and all too often, death.

In part two, he goes on to clear up five common myths about the global war on Christians, including the idea that Christians are vulnerable only when they are a minority, and that the war on Christians is a left-wing or right-wing issue.  

Finally, in part three, Allen examines the observable fallout of the global war on Christians and considers practical steps that both individuals and communities can take to try to express solidarity for its victims.

The inspiration behind this book: "I can date with precision the first time I considered global anti-Christian persecution as a possible topic. It was during a 2009 conversation with Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, who mused that perhaps Christians haven't roused themselves to confront the problem because we don't have our own Holocaust literature. He meant that Christians haven't told the stories of their new martyrs in a compelling way, in the same fashion that Jewish authors have described the horrors of the Shoah. This book is my own small contribution to a budding Christian genre dedicated to telling these stories, and I want to thank Dolan for that nudge." --John L. Allen, Jr.

Staggering statistics:
  • According to the International Society for Human Rights, a secular observatory based in Frankfurt, Germany, 80 percent of all acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed at Christians. Statistically speaking, that makes Christians by far the most persecuted religious body on the planet.
  • According to the Pew Forum, between 2006 and 2010 Christians faced some form of discrimination, either de jure or de facto, in a staggering total of 139 nations, which is almost three-quarters of all the countries on earth.
  • According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts, an average of 100,000 Christians have been killed in what the center calls a 'situation of witness' each year for the past decade. That works out to 11 Christians killed somewhere in the world every hour, seven days a week and 365 days a year, for reasons related to their faith.

See The War on Christians at The Spectator.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John L. Allen, Jr. is the senior Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and a Vatican analyst for CNN and National Public Radio. He is the author of The Rise of Benedict XVI, All the Pope's Men: The Inside Story of How the Vatican Really Thinks, and A People of Hope: The Challenges Facing the Catholic Church and the Faith That Can Save It. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Miami Herald, The Nation, and many other publications. His Internet column, "All Things Catholic," is considered to be the best single source of insights on Vatican affairs in the English language.