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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blood for Our Future: Operation Sucker Punch

By Dr. Kevin Collins and Paul E. Vallely, MG (U.S. Army Ret.)

With newly elected American President Obama taking office this month and already literally rewriting the rules in the War on Terror... and Secretary of State Clinton taking charge of the State Department, proclaiming the start of "a new era of robust U.S. diplomacy to tackle the world's crises and improve America's standing abroad," Americans are wondering how safe we'll really be. Will diplomacy do the trick when it comes to radical Islam?

Operation Sucker Punch (Blood for Our Future) by Dr. Kevin Collins and Paul E. Vallely MG (U.S. Army Ret.) is a thriller that tells the story of what might happen if diplomacy and all else fails when dealing with the terrorist dictators and is told by no less than a Vietnam Era Marine/NYPD street cop and a Major General (U.S. Army ret.)... and in this critical time in our American history, they are making themselves available for your show to educate your audience on the very real threats America is facing today.

In this exciting novel, Dr. Collins and Gen. Vallely tell the story of a time in history when the President of the U.S. is forced to launch a joint preemptive first strike with Israel against the world's radical Islamic terror states. The strike must be preemptive and carried out with overwhelming lethal force. A top secret intelligence report proves that there are just months remaining before the insane dictator of Iran is preparing to launch simultaneous nuclear attacks to destroy the free world. The tension builds as time runs out. The plan is to trick and set a ruse for the radical Islamist to attack Israel. Then, they will fight a war based on America and Israel's timetable. Only this preemptive offensive can save the free world from the global caliphate.

With the fate of the world resting on their shoulders, they must act in top secrecy. Both men know failure is not an option. This war will be "win and survive - or lose and be destroyed" by waves of fanatical terrorist acts trying to destroy Western civilization and democracy in a nuclear holocaust. The two countries develop a joint operation to deceive, strike and crush the terrorist state and her allies and finally wipe out the worldwide terrorist threat in one mighty crushing strike to the heart of the enemy.

For those who long for peace through military victory, Operation Sucker Punch is an uplifting review of America's situation. It takes a sober look at our strengths and our weaknesses and explains why America will win any war with any enemy on earth as long as she acts like the great America history has known and not an emasculated shell of a country. It is also a cautionary tale of how victory against such a patient enemy can only be temporary at best. It is a reminder that America has never avoided a war by projecting weakness. It is a warning that America must be prepared to take the war to our enemies because Barack Obama's policy that America "will fight this war on our terms" Is foolish and suicidal.

Oliver North, LTC USMC (Ret.) says, "Only American courage and will stand between the blood lust of the Islamists' desire to destroy the world's freedom and democracy."

LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF (Ret.) says, "Vallely and Collins have crafted a novel that clearly explains the global threat of the radical Islamists... only unifying all of America's will and awesome military power can save the world from seventh century jihadists bent on world destruction."

CALL SANDY NOW at 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with Dr. Kevin "Coach" Collins and/or Gen. Paul Vallely.

INSIDE GITMO: The True Story Behind the Myths of Guantanamo Bay

By Col. Gordon Cucullu (ret.)

The U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay has been described as "the Gulag of our times." Col. Gordon Cucullu (ret.) goes behind the hostile media myths to reveal a well-run and high disciplined military installation.

Obama has publicly stated that one of his first acts as President will be to close the controversial U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, known to the public as Gitmo. If this does happen, then several of these detainees may be transferred to U.S. soil. Is this what is right for our country? And what really happens at Gitmo? In the new book, INSIDE GITMO, former Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Cucullu gives Americans a true and accurate account of the history of Gitmo, dispelling many of the myths started by those in the media, human rights advocates, and even our own elected officials.

Colonel Cucullu visited Gitmo on five separate occasions. As a result of his visits he uncovered many facts about Gitmo. While it is undoubtedly the case that some prisoners were treated harshly in the early days, when the hastily built camp was flooded with battlefield captures and fears ran high of another 9/11-style attack, Cucullu believes that these excesses were quickly corrected and treatment and oversight routines instituted that exceed the standards of any maximum-security prison in the world. Far from the bucket of blood we have been led to expect, Gitmo is an installation of which Americans deserve to be proud. Watch Col. Cucullu on FNC's Glenn Beck. More...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Honest to Body: New Talk Radio Combining the Physical and Spiritual client, Dr. Evelyn Higgins, host of "Your Body is a Wonderland" heard on non-commercial WBCX-FM, Atlanta, partners up with Chicago-based Father Tom Loya for a new program called "Honest to Body."

Father Loya, Pastor of the Annunciation of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Parish hosts a radio show, "Light of the East," and is also a gifted artist who is painting the icon murals on his church - a site to behold!

Dr. Higgins told Talkers magazine the new show centers on a mind-body approach to wellness both physical and spiritual.

Last June at the Talkers New Media Seminar, Sandy Frazier, along with their mutual friend, Art Clifton (R.I.P.), introduced Dr. Higgins to Father Loya, and now they've merged forces - body, mind and spirit - to create this wonderful new radio show! We wish them great success in '09!

The Passing of a Pioneer Talk Show Host: June Cain Miller

This past Sunday June Cain Miller Henry passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She had recently lost her husband who had been in a tragic SUV accident years prior. She was so devoted to him and was at his bedside every day for the longest time. Before he passed, June was excited about reviving her career and we were all working with her to make that happen. Now she's with her beloved. The following is the story of a true pioneer of talk radio and TV.

Before talk radio there was talk TV and June Cain Miller was the queen. Her aggressive, yet fun-loving style made the June Cain Miller & Friends show must-see TV! June captured the attention of the 34+ demographic for more than 15 years, sparking a phenomenal response from a 12.1 million household reach and was as popular as Donahue and Oprah. Likewise, June's radio presence attracted female as well as a good percentage of male listeners. Rather than the usual talk radio format where the host rants about current events and all the problems of the world, June's radio show was known as solution-oriented talk radio. She offered real-life solutions to many of her listeners' questions and problems.

She called herself a "Realistic Conservative with a Liberal Up-Beat Personality." Her fast-paced, entertaining shows were a positive affirmation of values. On TV and radio, and in her books and blog, she addressed the important and always relevant issues of concern to Americans. She was controversial without being combative and knew the importance of covering relevant issues of the day and was doing it in a meaningful and captivating way.

In the '80s, June set out to fill a void in talk radio. Always a politically astute woman, she recognized the monopoly that liberal personalities held on television and talk radio. She said, "Audiences were not getting both sides of issues, either because hosts lacked journalistic integrity or guts." June had both. With the Reagan landslide victory, and upon meeting him, she was convinced that by delivering realistic messages, dynamically and with compassion, he would earn the votes of that much sought after - and necessary - demographic: women voters of all ethnicities. She knew it was time for a woman equipped with the facts to hold her own, grab hold of the microphone and tell it like it really is, and that she did!

June's programs were broadcast on WFIL in Philadelphia, WNAR in Norristown, PA, KIEV and KRLA in California. She and her guests, many of whom were celebrities, sports figures, and politically correct politicians, helped drive home the message of individual responsibility. June offered a reality check on education, lower taxes, less government, states' rights, a strong military, and all the conservative values that built America in the first place. Having been raised in a family of 12 children when times were really tough, she learned, "It's not good to have too much month left at the end of your money.'"

Her book, The Chipping Away of America, addressed politics, relationships, family, the prescription drug culture, current events and much more - a must read of why, when, where, how and who is responsible for the chipping away of America and its values that make it the greatest country in the world. She covered the problems of illegal immigration, unions, education, racism and the presidential election and stated emphatically, "You must vote logically not emotionally; it's the only way we can stop 'The Chipping Away of America.'" A frequent guest of talk radio since the '70s, June was quite a sparkling jewel in the radio world! more...

Funeral services are to be held Saturday Jan. 17th at the Church of Latter Day Saints at 1190 Gary Dr. in Oxnard, California at 2pm. For more information feel free to call grandchildren Jessica and Tamara Miller at 760-705-0073. If you are able to attend the services June and her children, grandchildren and many friends would be comforted greatly by your presence.

June's MySpace Page

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 THE Source for Talk Radio Expert Commentators has assembled one great roster for Talk Radio today! We've got all the HOT TOPICS - the big issues in today's news - represented. From her Money Team, to an excellent National Security Team (and blog) to the best in Political Analysis, Entertainment and Legal issues - has you covered! Keep us on file and call or e-mail us anytime you need an expert to cover the latest breaking stories! Keep an eye on the blog for all the latest from these Radio Super Stars!

Raj Bhakta, Politician, Financial Expert
Reb Bradley, Family Counselor & Parenting Expert
Brigitte Gabriel, Leading Expert on Global Islamic Terrorism
Steve Gill, Radio Talk Show Host, Political Analyst
Bill Glynn, Entrepreneur, Advisor to Fortune 1000 Companies; Financial Expert
Roger Hedgecock, Radio Talk Show Host, Political Analyst
Dr. Evelyn Higgins, Radio Talk Show Host, Health Care & Fitness Expert
Dr. James Hirsen, Media/Hollywood and Political Analyst, Professor & Legal Analyst
Fmr. Congressman John LeBoutillier, Political Analyst
Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Congresswoman, Political and Financial Analyst
Dick Morris, Political Analyst
National Security Team, Experts on National Security and Terrorism
Bill Porter, Leadership & Financial Consultant
Wayne Allyn Root, Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee, Financial Expert
Doug Wead, Presidential Historian, Political AnalystRobert Weiss, Legal Analyst, Reformer of Wall Street's Abuse, Financial Expert

Monday, January 12, 2009

James Hirsen's Back!

James Hirsen is a New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor. His Left Coast Report is a popular weekly commentary on Hollywood's antics. A popular guest on radio and television, Hirsen was admitted to practice in the California and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations as well as the U.S. Court of International Trade. He is also admitted to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court. Before setting his sights on the legal, communications and publishing worlds, Hirsen was the keyboardist for one of the most legendary groups of all times, the Temptations. You're going to enjoy having James on your show to talk about all the latest from Hollywood! Call now for interviews with James. Listen to James on the Savage Nation. More…

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Savage Nation Calls on Experts

1-5-08: The Savage Nation aired a report on the Gaza Strip from Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT! For Also a political analysis of the Israeli incursion of the Gaza Strip by Dr. Harvey Kushner. Listen here now.

1-6-08: The Savage Nation aired a report by Former Reagan Defense Official KT McFarland who talks about how the reverberations could ripple from the Middle East conflict. Listen here now.

1-7-08: Wayne Allyn Root was on The Savage Nation reporting on the bailouts, Madoff and more... Listen here now.