Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dark Winter By John L. Casey

Dark Winter
How the Sun is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell

"The air is filled with lectures and rumors that our earth is getting warm. Casey has found evidence to the contrary." --Dr. Fumio Tsunoda, Professor Emeritus of Geology, Japan

Climate change has been a volatile issue for years, even amongst leading scientists and researchers from other disciplines. In his new book, Dark Winter: How the Sun is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell, scientist John L. Casey, a former White House national space policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant and space shuttle engineer, tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate and the sun. 

Casey's research into the sun's activity, which began almost a decade ago, resulted in the discovery of a solar cycle that is now re­versing from its global warming phase to that of dangerous global cooling for the next thirty years or more. This new cold climate will dramatically impact the world's citizens. In Dark Winter, he provides evidence of the following: 
  • The end of global warming
  • The beginning of a "solar hibernation," a historic reduction in the energy output of the sun
  • A long-term drop in the earth's temperature
  • The start of the next climate change to decades of dangerously cold weather
  • The high probability of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
A sobering look at the Earth's future, Dark Winter predicts world­wide, crop-destroying cold, food shortages, and riots in the United States and abroad, significant global loss of life, and social, political, and economic upheaval.

About the Author: John L. Casey is the President of the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), a leading independent research organization in Orlando, Florida. The SSRC specializes in the science and plan­ning for the next climate change to decades of cold weather, including its predicted concurrent ill-effects of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The SSRC is the pri­mary U.S. advocate for national and global preparedness for this next cold-climate era. Mr. Casey is a former national space policy advisor to the White House and Con­gress, a space shuttle engineer, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and consultant to or president of several leading-edge technology start-ups.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Great Betrayal By David Horowitz

The Great Betrayal
The Democrats' Great Betrayal of U.S. Foreign Policy
By David Horowitz

New York Times best seller David Horowitz's monumental work, The Black Book of the American Left - Volume III: The Great Betrayal, is an inquiry into the dark heart of the left - an exploration of how conservatives must respond to its permanent assault on America, and a unique trip log showing the evolving intellectual journey of one of our bravest and most original thinkers.

In The Great Betrayal, his third volume of The Black Book series, Horowitz provides a narrative of the controversies and confrontations over the Iraq War from its origins up to the death of Osama bin Laden. The "great betrayal" refers to the sabotage of this war by the Democratic Party and the political left. This volume focuses on events beginning with 9/11 and culminating in the Iraq War and discusses in depth:

  • How the effort to remove the Saddam regime was first supported and then cynically abandoned by the Democratic Party in a effort to paralyze the Bush administration;
  • How the Democrat leaders conducted a five year campaign against removing Saddam while American troops were still on the battlefield; and
  • How Democrat politicians acted in collaboration with "progressives" playing the left's historic role as frontier guards for the enemies of the U.S.
The effort to remove the Saddam regime was initially supported by both major parties. But by the third month of fighting in Iraq, the Democrats had turned against the war they authorized in an effort to gain political advantage at home. They not only turned their backs on American troops in the field but also crippled efforts to curtail the terrorist activities of Iran, Syria and other Middle East regimes. Working in lockstep with radical leftist groups, the Democrats' sabotage of a war they had just authorized was unprecedented in U.S. history.  Horowitz shows how this great betrayal put our national security at risk and how the drift and appeasement it created continues to paralyze U.S. foreign policy today.

The basic facts of David Horowitz's political odyssey, one of the most significant of the last forty years, are well known A "red diaper baby" who grew up in the political ghetto of communism, he became a leading Marxist "theorist" in the early 1960s and one of the godfathers of the New Left. But following America's defeat in Vietnam, Horowitz began to reevaluate the damage those commitments had done to the country.  He realized that America was a good as well as a great nation, worth defending. This conviction led him toward the conservative movement of which he became a leading spokesman.

About the Author: David Horowitz is the bestselling author of numerous books including Unholy Alliance (2004), The Party of Defeat (2008) and Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left (2014). His Art of Political War (2000) was described by White House political strategist Karl Rove as "the perfect guide to winning on the political battlefield."  David is the founder and chairman of the David Horowitz Freedom Center which is dedicated to the defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Barry Farber in the National Radio Hall of Fame

Barry Farber has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.  Congratulations, my friend!

The Color of Courage By Julian Kulski

Boy Soldier's WWII Diary Debuts on Veterans Day
"The Color of Courage" Brings WWII to Life with Digital Extras:
11 Short Videos Created from Original Historical Film and Audio

World War II veteran, international architect and author Julian Kulski's book, The Color of Courage - A Boy At War: The World War II Diary of Julian Kulski, will be published by Aquila Polonica on Veterans Day.

The Color of Courage is a rare and vivid day-by-day eyewitness account by a young boy who becomes a man far too soon under the brutal Nazi German occupation of Poland. Julian is a 10-year-old Boy Scout when the Germans invade his native Poland to start World War II. At an age when most boys are still playing with toys, Julian begins his own private war against the Germans with small acts of sabotage. At 12, he is recruited into the clandestine Underground Army by his Scoutmaster, and begins training on weapons and military tactics.

By 14, he is holding up German soldiers at gunpoint, has gone on a secret mission into the Warsaw Ghetto to liaise with Jewish resistance leaders, is captured by the Gestapo, beaten and interrogated, sentenced to Auschwitz, rescued, and joins a Commando unit of the Underground Army. At 15, he fights in the Warsaw Uprising, ending the war as a German POW.

The war's end brings physical freedom but very little peace for the 16-year-old veteran suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). A wise army doctor advises Julian to write down his experiences to help lessen the psychological and emotional burdens of the war. The Color of Courage is the result. In this book, you will learn:
  • What the reality of PTSD was like during WWII (read Julian's article on PTSD)
  • What it was like for a child growing up surrounded by war.
  • How fighting for freedom is worth dying for.
Originally written in Julian's native Polish, it has been translated into English and enhanced with more than 150 photos, maps and illustrations, and 11 short videos created from original historical video and audio material. These unique "digital extras," accessed via QR codes and URLs throughout the book, pack a powerful visual punch that brings the author's world brilliantly to life.

The foreword is by Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; the introduction is by Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland. There are more than 150 photos, maps and illustrations, plus groundbreaking digital extras. Go here to watch the book trailer:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Julian Kulski was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1929. After the war, he came to the U.S., worked his way through Yale University, and built a new life here as a successful architect. Now semi-retired from a distinguished architectural career, Kulski has taught at Notre Dame University, George Washington University and Howard University. For twenty years he served as a consultant to the World Bank, designing buildings in twenty-nine developing countries. Author of several books and more than a hundred articles in professional journals, he is a frequent speaker to audiences of all ages.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Take Command By Jake Wood

Take Command
Lessons in Leadership: How to Be a First
Responder in Business
By Jake Wood

In TAKE COMMAND: Lessons in Leadership: How to Be a First Responder in Business, cofounder and CEO of Team Rubicon and former Marine sniper Jake Wood provides an entrepreneurial approach to leading and succeeding in a world where speed, agility, and a bias toward action are crucial for professional survival. He shows how to apply hard-learned lessons in leadership and teamwork from the battlefield and disaster zone to your professional life.

In today's fast-paced, high-octane business world, success requires a new style of leadership. It requires operating at peak performance under stress - maintaining clarity of mind and purpose when surrounded by chaos, recognizing the need to take risks, but never foolhardy ones... realizing that inner strength is not about bravado, but preparation and analysis. And who is better equipped to give these lessons in leadership than those who live or die by them?

While most of our jobs don't involve leading a tour of Marines through an ambush, or rushing into a relief zone just decimated by a hurricane, members of the military and first responders in disaster zones have a lot in common with leaders in fast-paced, high-pressure, modern-day organizations. Because in a fast-changing world where technology is constantly reinventing how we work, global competition is fierce, and industries are being disrupted overnight, we all need the ability to adapt swiftly and decisively to the unexpected. To be able to see clearly when others are blinded by fear, and act when others are paralyzed. To craft plans even with incomplete information, then execute those plans decisively - while still being adaptable enough to iterate as the terrain changes.

In TAKE COMMAND, Wood draws his experiences as first responder, a Marine, and CEO of a rapidly growing organization to provide a strategic plan for achieving this leadership style. Lessons include:
  • Prepare: Be the leader who strides calmly and confidently toward uncertainty with the knowledge that no one is better prepared to face whatever challenges might come his or her way. Then learn how to build a high-impact team that will follow you into battle.
  • Analyze: Don't be the leader blinded by information overload. Instead, learn how to turn your observations into an intelligence picture and truly understand the opportunities, problems, and threats you face.
  • Decide: The higher the stakes, the less a leader can afford to wait until there is 100% of the information needed before making a decision to act. Learn how to use the 80% rule to make tactical decisions quickly when information is incomplete, critical needs remain unmet, and the pressure is mounting all around.
  •  Act: In today's fast-paced and unpredictable business world, when it comes time to execute, success is part tactics and part attitude. The best leaders and best companies have more than just great ideas. They have great tactics - built to be flexible while adhering resolutely to guiding principles. Good organizations have a relentless attitude, but great businesses have relentless execution.
A leadership guide for the entrepreneurial era, this book is how to become the kind of leader who gets results when the stakes are at their highest: how to take command.

"An extraordinary book by an extraordinary leader. Wood weaves together splendid lessons from his experiences doing just that - taking charge in tough situations... The result is an exceptional book that is equal parts inspirational, informative, and instructive." --General David H. Petraeus, U.S. Army (ret.)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jake Wood is cofounder and CEO of Team Rubicon and a former Marine sniper with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been profiled by Forbes, People, and on CNN and has been named a 2012 CNN Hero and awarded the 2011 GQ Better Men Better World Award. Team Rubicon (TR) is disaster relief organization that unites military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams to areas hit by natural disasters. TR is widely recognized for its organizational efficiency and ability to be one of the first to reach the most devastated, remote, and needy areas. Since 2010, Team Rubicon has been instrumental in over 50 missions, ranging from South Sudan and Haiti, to Joplin, Missouri, and Hurricane Sandy.