Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Etiquette for Idiots and Other Stupid Stories By Elizabeth Imus-Zero

Etiquette for Idiots and Other Stupid Stories

By Elizabeth Imus-Zero

"Elizabeth is a natural comic and a second generation storyteller... her hysterical stories are ridiculously familiar." --Geraldo Rivera

Elizabeth Imus-Zero - producer, comedian, radio host, and daughter of legendary nationally syndicated radio and TV host, Don Imus - announces the release of her new book, Etiquette for Idiots and Other Stupid Stories, a hilarious and irreverent look at the most annoying etiquette transgressions of modern life, coupled with entertaining and poignant reflections on growing up as the daughter of one of America's best-

Elizabeth will tell you: 

* about etiquette blunders people make when appearing on radio and TV shows, including dropping more than just the *F*bomb;

* what her father really thinks of her book;

* about her dad's wilder days;

* her thoughts on being a Libertarian, loss of freedom in America, and some of the most notorious government scandals in the news today;

* about her dreams of being Amish; and

* about her years performing improv and sketch comedies with luminaries such as Maya Rudolf and Melissa McCarthy at The Groundlings and The Second City schools in LA.

Imus-Zero (who goes simply by Elizabeth Zero in 3D) offers a smorgasbord of entertaining-but-blunt advice on what she considers to be a wide range of offenders, including "overly huggy dinner party guests, public toenail clippers, constant e-mail forwarders, AWOL restaurant hostesses and overly-flirty waitresses."

The "other stupid stories" section of the book showcases hilarious anecdotes from her past - her madcap and tumultuous childhood spent with her famous father, including crazed drives through the California desert, "unplanned parenthood," being called "Ralph" for the first twelve years of her life, and navigating the idiosyncrasies of growing up as the daughter of a celebrity.

Honest, funny and direct, Etiquette for Idiots and Other Stupid Stories will be appreciated by anyone who knows not to take themselves too seriously. Interviewing its author is the most fun you'll ever have with a guest! [ more...]
About the Author: Elizabeth is a graduate of The Second City school of improvisation and sketch comedy writing in LA. She has written and produced special features for Universal and Warner Bros. She has hosted her own radio talk show (ZEROtalk) and is quickly becoming known for her hilarious videos - comic takes on anything and everything going on in the world today. She dedicates much of her time to various Libertarian causes.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

American Betrayal By Diana West

American Betrayal
The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character

By Diana West

WARNING: Reading Diana West's new book, AMERICAN BETRAYAL: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character, will shift, change and upend your preconceived notions of American history - including the long-taught lessons about World War II, which Americans traditionally draw comfort from as the "good war," and the Cold War that followed, which Americans believe they ultimately won.

The question is: what if the massive 1930s infiltration of the federal government and other institutions by a strategically placed, secret army of Americans loyal to Stalin - an infiltration now documented by revelations of Soviet archives and FBI files - set up a de facto "occupation" in the halls of power? What if the policy-making chain - even during World War II - was subverted? And what if, today, in our post-9/11 era, a new infiltration by vectors of Islamic jihad is happening again? Meanwhile, how can we claim Cold War victory over Communism when our college campuses are outposts of Marx, and a Republican House majority can't muster the votes to de-fund socialized medicine, a/k/a Obamacare?

Americans need the truth about the past to understand the dangers of the present. They need to learn the secrets and successes of Communist infiltration that our own government kept under lock and key as tightly as the Soviets. Now that many of them are out - via those findings of the post-Soviet archives - AMERICAN BETRAYAL becomes the first book to integrate this shocking intelligence history of American traitors into the grand sweep of our political history.

Part real-life thriller, part national tragedy, AMERICAN BETRAYAL lights up the massive, Moscow-directed penetration of America's most hallowed halls of power that reached a crisis point under FDR in the 1930s and 1940s. Just as shockingly, West lays out the aftermath: not just the familiar struggle between Communism and the Free World we learn about, but a hidden war at home between forces wishing to conceal the truth - including both the Truman and Eisenhower administrations - and those trying to expose the increasingly official web of lies - the witnesses and investigators of what we have been conditioned to believe was a phony "Red Scare." The record now shows the "Red Scare" wasn't just real, it was also staggeringly successful. AMERICAN BETRAYAL weaves the reality of Soviet infiltration back into the record where it belongs.

Questions AMERICAN BETRAYAL takes on include:
  • Was FDR's senior and closest wartime advisor, the mysterious Harry Hopkins, working on Stalin's behalf?
  • Did Communist penetration of Washington prevent the U.S. from aiding the anti-Nazi, but also anti-Communist Underground inside Germany in its multiple efforts to overthrow Hitler long before the European war's end in May 1945?
  • Why did the U.S. and British governments order their armies to assist Stalin by forcibly "repatriating" some two million Soviet-claimed nationals in Europe at the end of World War II to certain death and/or the Gulag in "Operation Keelhaul"? Why don't Americans know about this terrible crime?
  • Did the Soviet-penetrated U.S. government, which through the mechanism of Lend Lease sent $300 billion in munitions and supplies to Stalin (including uranium), paradoxically create the "evil empire" the U.S. would fight in the "Cold War" to come?
  • Why, when Whittaker Chambers brought forth concrete proof of Alger Hiss's treason as an agent of Soviet military intelligence (now redundantly documented) was it the Truman administration's impulse not to reward Chambers with a medal of freedom but to see whether he might be brought up on perjury charges?
  • Why does no one seem to notice that the institutions that shape the postwar world, including the United Nations and the World Bank, were set up by Soviet agents (Hiss and Harry Dexter White, respectively)?
  • Why is Sen. Joseph McCarthy the devil image in American history, while, meanwhile, elites see fit to hang Warhol's famous portrait of Chairman Mao in their living rooms?
  • Why, when Ronald Reagan used the phrase "evil empire" in 1983 to describe a totalitarian dictatorship that had killed and enslaved tens of millions of people, was the reflex reaction to condemn the use of the word "evil" rather than the evil of the empire itself?
Find the answers to these questions and more in AMERICAN BETRAYAL: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character.


"If you haven't read Diana West's American Betrayal yet, you're missing out on a terrific, real-life thriller." -- Brad Thor, author of the New York Times bestsellers Black List, Full Black, and The Last Patriot

"American Betrayal is a monumental achievement. Brilliant and important." -- Monica Crowley, Fox News analyst, author and radio host

About the Author: Diana West is a syndicated newspaper columnist, the author of The Death of the Grown-Up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization, and a co-author of Shariah: The Threat to American (Center for Security Policy). She is also Washington correspondent for Dispatch International, an online European weekly newspaper. She blogs at dianawest.net.