Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blood for Our Future: Operation Sucker Punch

By Dr. Kevin Collins and Paul E. Vallely, MG (U.S. Army Ret.)

With newly elected American President Obama taking office this month and already literally rewriting the rules in the War on Terror... and Secretary of State Clinton taking charge of the State Department, proclaiming the start of "a new era of robust U.S. diplomacy to tackle the world's crises and improve America's standing abroad," Americans are wondering how safe we'll really be. Will diplomacy do the trick when it comes to radical Islam?

Operation Sucker Punch (Blood for Our Future) by Dr. Kevin Collins and Paul E. Vallely MG (U.S. Army Ret.) is a thriller that tells the story of what might happen if diplomacy and all else fails when dealing with the terrorist dictators and is told by no less than a Vietnam Era Marine/NYPD street cop and a Major General (U.S. Army ret.)... and in this critical time in our American history, they are making themselves available for your show to educate your audience on the very real threats America is facing today.

In this exciting novel, Dr. Collins and Gen. Vallely tell the story of a time in history when the President of the U.S. is forced to launch a joint preemptive first strike with Israel against the world's radical Islamic terror states. The strike must be preemptive and carried out with overwhelming lethal force. A top secret intelligence report proves that there are just months remaining before the insane dictator of Iran is preparing to launch simultaneous nuclear attacks to destroy the free world. The tension builds as time runs out. The plan is to trick and set a ruse for the radical Islamist to attack Israel. Then, they will fight a war based on America and Israel's timetable. Only this preemptive offensive can save the free world from the global caliphate.

With the fate of the world resting on their shoulders, they must act in top secrecy. Both men know failure is not an option. This war will be "win and survive - or lose and be destroyed" by waves of fanatical terrorist acts trying to destroy Western civilization and democracy in a nuclear holocaust. The two countries develop a joint operation to deceive, strike and crush the terrorist state and her allies and finally wipe out the worldwide terrorist threat in one mighty crushing strike to the heart of the enemy.

For those who long for peace through military victory, Operation Sucker Punch is an uplifting review of America's situation. It takes a sober look at our strengths and our weaknesses and explains why America will win any war with any enemy on earth as long as she acts like the great America history has known and not an emasculated shell of a country. It is also a cautionary tale of how victory against such a patient enemy can only be temporary at best. It is a reminder that America has never avoided a war by projecting weakness. It is a warning that America must be prepared to take the war to our enemies because Barack Obama's policy that America "will fight this war on our terms" Is foolish and suicidal.

Oliver North, LTC USMC (Ret.) says, "Only American courage and will stand between the blood lust of the Islamists' desire to destroy the world's freedom and democracy."

LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF (Ret.) says, "Vallely and Collins have crafted a novel that clearly explains the global threat of the radical Islamists... only unifying all of America's will and awesome military power can save the world from seventh century jihadists bent on world destruction."

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