Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dick Morris Attracts Record Crowd in Huntington, NY

Dick Morris' "Catastrophe" is quickly moving around the world and people are getting his message. A huge crowd attended the C-SPAN "Book TV" filming of his speech tonight in Huntington, NY at the Book Revue. His message was clear and the crowd listened attentively to every word. The vast amount of information Dick imparted was phenomenal! What an education! And all for free! Now THAT's something you can't say about ANYTHING anymore!

After less than one week on his book tour, "Catastrophe" is climbing the charts in record time! Sales Rank: #3 in Books
#2 in Books > Nonfiction > Social Sciences > Political Science
#5 in Books > Nonfiction > Politics

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roger Hedgecock at the Talkers Convention's own Roger Hedgecock gave a wonderful speech at the Talkers convention in Manhattan on June 6th on American Radio Freedom of Speech. It was a real education! Check out his site and get involved:

Here is his latest:

ABC to Broadcast for Obama Government

ABC News has reportedly agreed to broadcast its news June 24 from the Blue Room of the White House, virtually turning over news programming that night to the Obama government. ABC is also planning a prime time special, "Prescription for America," - again, broadcast from the White House. This "special" will feature Obama government officials promoting the President's proposal for government health care. No opposing views are allowed on the program.

As Chair of the Free Speech Coalition (, I call on ABC to include all points of view on this most important issue. As more Americans become familiar with the complexities of the health care system and the various proposals to "reform" it, it is the responsibility of the "mews" to let all voices be heard! ABC News is in danger of becoming a propaganda organ for the Obama government.

Our coalition was formed to fight restrictions on free speech in the media, particularly the "Fairness Doctrine" and its evil offshoots "localism" and "media ownership diversity" - policies now being considered for the purpose of censoring conservative talk radio by the Obama FCC. For ABC News to present only the Obama government's side of this important issue would betray the public interest in a free press. [more...]

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scarborough Attracting Great Crowds at Signings

Joe Scarborough's book tour is one of the most amazing whirlwinds I've had the privilege to work on. Not only are his numbers at Amazon reflecting the success that Talk Radio, TV and book signings have helped to build: Sales Rank: #77 in Books

...But he's all over the place getting out and meeting the people. I saw him tonight in Huntington at the infamous Book Revue and finally got to meet the man in person. In a little over a week, he's signed books in Princeton, Paramus and Bridgewater, NJ; Westbrook and New Canaan, CT ... and in the coming week will be at the B&N in Union Square, NY, Borders at Baileys Crossroads, VA, Union League Club in Chicago, National Press Club in D.C... and more to come! His talk radio appearances have been great and you can hear him in almost every market! Not to mention his Morning Joe show on MSNBC and his ABC radio show which airs daily. He's the REAL energizer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

"Catastrophe" is Here!

Just as the new president's honeymoon comes to an end, the authors of the New York Times bestseller FLEECED return with their no-holds-barred take on America's ills in 2009 - from economic collapse to foreign infiltration to the missteps of the new administration. It's time to take back our country. Now. It's that simple. It's that urgent. So begins Dick Morris and Eileen McGann's latest book CATASTROPHE. They say that we must act before President Obama fully implements his radical political agenda, because after Obama has won his war on prosperity and canceled the war on terror, it will be too late to regain our liberty or our security. Call Sandy now for interviews with Dick Morris.