Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanking Our Soldiers

Thanking Our Soldiers
Random Acts of Gratitude and Generosity
Toward Members of the Military

Just in time for Veterans Day comes a tribute to our troops compiled from the letters of listeners to the popular nationally syndicated radio talk show, America's Morning Show with Quinn and Rose. THANKING OUR SOLDIERS: Random Acts of Gratitude and Generosity Toward Members of the Military is a collection of inspirational stories demonstrating the generosity, kindness, and basic goodwill of ordinary Americans towards those who proudly serve their nation in uniform.

Whether they describe picking up the tab for a soldier's dinner, or a military person's own appreciation for the respect and love shown at airport homecomings, these heartwarming and patriotic tales may bring tears to your eyes and certainly will make you proud to be an American. Included in the collection are a foreword by radio and television host Sean Hannity, an interview with country artist Charlie Daniels, and a listing of organizations that readers may contact to perform their own good deeds in thanking our troops and veterans.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rose Tennent is co-host of America's Morning Show with Quinn & Rose, a syndicated, talk radio show, heard on Pittsburgh's FM Newstalk 104.7, and various affiliates across the U.S., including Sirius XM Radio. Rose is sassy and witty, bringing insight on issues regarding politics, faith, and family values. She is a frequent guest host for "The Sean Hannity Show" and a frequent guest on his radio show. Rose is a national speaker for the Washington D.C. National Tea Party, The Mandeville Tea Party with Herman Cain, and guest speaker at The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference as well as other national and local events.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Gas Can Man Giving to the Red Cross

While people in New York and New Jersey can't get gasoline thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Gas Can Man is giving out $1.84-a-gallon "pre-Obama price" gas all over the state of Ohio this week... and donating $25 gas cards for those who have suffered the devastation of the storm through the Red Cross.

"As we watch the chaos in the aftermath of Sandy, particularly the struggle to get fuel, it should remind us again that we need an energy policy agenda in this country where we are not dependent upon a few refineries ANYWHERE in our country in order to generate the gasoline we need to meet our needs," Steve Gill, nationally syndicated talk host and Chairman of Morning in America, noted in response to the near riots breaking out as victims of Sandy show increasing frustration and desperation over gas stations that have no fuel. [more...]