Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Words for Warriors By Sam Sorbo



Fight Back Against Crazy Socialists and the Toxic Liberal Left

By Sam Sorbo

"They've hijacked words and use them against us. But we're gonna take 'em back. Because our words are our thoughts, and our thoughts are our prosperity." --Sam Sorbo

In the new #1 Amazon bestseller, WORDS FOR WARRIORS: Fight Back Against Crazy Socialists and the Toxic Liberal Left, with her trademark wit and intelligence, Sam Sorbo shows exactly how radical left-wingers have manipulated language to fit their own socialistic and anti-freedom agenda. Sam Sorbo is on a mission to reclaim today's hot button/culture war words for all freedom-loving Americans.

After hearing all the hatred spewing from ideologues, mainstream media, social justice warriors, and political hacks, Sam Sorbo was fed up: "I'm tired of their games, so I'm calling BS on them. It's time to set the record straight, especially for the folks who are just trying to enjoy the lives the Lord gave them and want a few things explained in easy-to-understand prose."

Arranged in an accessible "A-Z" glossary style, readers can dip in to discover the real meanings behind the acronyms, words, and phrases that the toxic liberal left loves to force on the rest of us.:

From Ad hominem, Antifa, and Anarchy...

To Woke, Wonk, and Zeitgeist...

With new and trending words like Covidiot, Pizzagate, and TERF...

Words for Warriors is a treasure trove of linguistic gymnastics the toxic lefties and Democrats employ to further their anti-American agenda. Arm yourself with Words for Warriors, and fight back against political correctness that squashes real debate, free speech, and prosperity.

"For too long the Left has tried to silence the Right through a war on words. Understanding their tactics and what we can do about it is crucial. Sam Sorbo lays it all out." --Sean Spicer, Host of Spicer & Company

"Grab a copy and fight back!" --Eric Metaxas, New York Times Bestselling Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sam Sorbo is a filmmaker, radio host, actress, international activist and author. She hosts the weekday, nationally-syndicated radio program and podcast, "The Sam Sorbo Show." Sorbo guest-starred in the television series Hercules and Chicago Hope, and also performed in Just Let Go, winning Best Supporting Actress from the Utah Film Awards. Sam produced and starred in the features Let There Be Light and Miracle in East Texas. A homeschooling advocate, she is author of numerous books including They're YOUR Kids, Teach from Love and True Faith, which she co-authored with her husband, actor Kevin Sorbo