Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Godonomics" By Chad Hovind

God's Solution to America's Economic Crisis
Capitalism Isn't Just a Good Idea - It's God's Idea

"A truly brilliant breakdown of what the Bible says about the economy.
Godonomics touches on everything from profit and charity to capitalism  
and taxes." --Gov. Mike Huckabee
Saving America's economy is not a conservative-versus-liberal issue; it is a biblical issue. National leaders have failed to pull the country out of its financial tailspin because both major parties are working from the wrong text. In his new book, Godonomics: How to Save Our Country - and Protect Your Wallet - Through Biblical Principles of Finance, Chad Hovind traces capitalism back to its source: the inspired Word of God.
Hovind believes that for a nation to achieve stability and enjoy lasting economic health, it needs to adopt the economic principles set forth in the Bible. In Godonomics, he uncovers the core teachings from God's Word that offer the only workable solution to our nation's economic backslide. You will learn: 

  • that free-market capitalism, which has produced history's highest standard of living, is upheld in Scripture;
  • what God would say to America's founders;
  • what Adam Smith, the father of modern capitalism, has to teach us about profit and its ability to change an entire national economy;
  • who John Maynard Keynes is and what we can learn from him about debt and money management;
  • why an excessive tax system punishes liberty;  
  • how the IRS scandal clearly violates both the rule of law and tyranny;  
  • what the unintended consequences of FDR's New Deal were and what we can learn that applies to today's economy; and  
  • the value of work and how capitalism elevates its importance for personal and national prosperity.
The principles of Godonomics uphold the superiority of free-market capitalism, which produced history's highest standard of living and established the United States as an unrivaled superpower. But forces are at work today that seek to enslave our nation in a socialistic system. Godonomics will show readers God's requirements for financial success - in their personal lives as well as in the affairs of our nation.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chad Hovind is lead pastor of the rapidly growing Horizon Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Horizon attracts business leaders, entrepreneurs, professions, and unconvinced explorers who are interested in applying God's truth to everyday life. For more info, go to