Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Love & Life By Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Tough-Love Advice on: Dating • Marriage • Child-Rearing • Values • Faith • Resilience
By Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Millions of people follow radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger as she offers no-nonsense, values-based advice that she says can solve our most serious interpersonal problems. In her newest sure to be a bestselling book, Love & Life, Dr. Laura dives into the controversial topics and thorny problems that face today's men and women, parents and grandparents, husbands and wives, and everyone seeking love, fulfillment, and success in all their relationships. 

Dr. Laura says, "Don't believe what pop psychologists are telling you. If it feels good, that doesn't mean it is good. Love is not always smiling faces or intimacy." Dr. Laura says all positive relationships need tough love PLUS time, freedom, honesty, and yes, a moral basis.

With her trademark provocative, firm, but always thought-provoking and values-centered advice, Dr. Laura provides guidance that will inspire readers to be the very best they can be. Based on the tough-love advice from the calls and letters Dr. Laura receives, Love & Life will provide solutions to every situation that modern life can present.

Here are some of the "gems" Dr. Laura shares:

• True love IS conditional. Understand that and many problems disappear! Page 8

• Why "we grew apart" is a pathetic excuse for a failing marriage. Page 30

• The New Narcissism: Growing self-centeredness is wrecking relationships. Page 11

• Women can own the relationship if they remain "girlfriends" even when married. Page 19

• Morality is a killer - if you don't keep a strong moral code! Page 26

• It's not the wife's job! 11 ways men can help build a strong marriage. Page 32

• Get past "too tired for sex." Warning: If you don't get on board, your husband will be looking for love in all the wrong places. Page 36

• How the important advice on marriage she learned was from a gay man. Page 1

• Divorce has consequences, including hidden ones. Read this before you file! Page 44

• 10 things every parent must do for their kids (and your parents should have known). Page 54

• Why is everyone afraid to say, "This is WRONG!"? Page 69

• Grandparents have a really big role. Don't ignore them! Page 71

• Stay-at-home moms are not old-fashioned. Big benefits for the family. Page 77

• The Bully Nightmare: How to help kids weather the storm. Page 96

• Tragedy strikes: You and your family can learn and grow. Page 102

• Decent, honest people are rare treasures. Find them, become one. Page 112

• Happiness is like a disease. It spreads. You can become contagious. Page 117

• Don't forgive and forget. But you can "let go" by doing this. Page 125

• Don't have a lot of friends? You may have an acceptance problem. Fix it. Page 130

• Ignore what they told you: Addictions can be beaten. Page 139

• Made a mistake? Own it! Page 168

• Shacking up is damaging. Here's a better thing to do with new friends. Page 170

• Make a New Year's resolution today: Bring your beauty everywhere. Page 17

• Maybe it's time to reinvent yourself. Dr. Laura shows how. Page 180

• Faith and country: Old values help you in new times. Page 189

• Attention texting spouses: STOP. It's bad for your marriage. Page 21

• Fix a rift: Here's the one thing you should never say or you'll just dig a deeper hole. Page 112

• No more dreading holidays or get-togethers! Save your sanity at the next family gathering. Page 125

Dr. Laura is very aware that her brash, no-nonsense views annoy many people. But for her, it's tough love! In Love & Life, she ends her book with the "96 Kinds of People Who Hate Dr. Laura" (and Dr. Laura loves it!).  Isn't it time you shape up and stand up as a person? Dr. Laura shows you how in her most important book yet! 

ABOUT Dr. Laura Schlessinger: Dr. Laura is the famed advice host of "Dr. Laura," broadcast on Sirius XM (Channel 111). She holds a Ph.D. in physiology from Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons and received her postdoctoral certification in marriage, family, and child counseling from the University of Southern California. She was in private practice for 12 years. She's also been on the faculty of the Department of Biology at the University of Southern California and is a member of faculty of the Graduate Psychology Department at Pepperdine University.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Why Meadow Died By Andrew Pollack

Why Meadow Died
The People and Policies that Created Parkland's Shooter and Endanger America's Students
By Andrew Pollack

After the school shooting in Santa Clarita last week, the media blamed the NRA for a day and then moved on. As usual, it ignored the questions that matter to parents: why does this keep happening, and how can we stop it? Moving on without answers wasn't an option for Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter Meadow in the Parkland school shooting. Even as the media propped up student activists to leverage the tragedy for political gain, Andrew went on a mission to find every answer and tell parents what they need to know to keep their kids safe. 

In Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created Parkland's Shooter and Endanger America's Students, Andrew teamed up with a renowned education expert, Max Eden, to investigate and expose everything that enabled the tragedy. They quickly realized that it was the most avoidable mass murder in American history. And scarier still: the policies that made it inevitable have spread to your child's school. 

In Why Meadow Died, you'll learn:

·    Why the Parkland school shooting - and others - had nothing do to with gun control;

·    Why universal background checks would not have stopped a single mass shooting in this century;

·    What the PROMISE program is and how it was Broward's effort to fight the so-called "school to prison pipeline" by lowering suspensions, expulsions, and arrests created rampant and under-reported disorder and violence;

·    How the policies that caused Parkland have been forced into YOUR kids' schools, making your kids less safe; and

·    What you need to ask and do to make schools safe again - to understand what's happening in your kids' school, you have to learn what happened in Parkland.

If one single individual in the Broward County school district had made one single responsible decision about the shooter, then the tragedy could have been averted. But you can't even call what happened a "failure" because every reckless irresponsible decision made perfect sense given the politically correct policies that governed the schools.

Broward County was ground zero for a dangerous new approach to school discipline, known as "restorative justice." School principals are pressured to decrease suspensions, expulsions and arrests to fight the so-called "school to prison pipeline," and respond by simply sweeping problems under the rug. This pressure is strongest when it comes to students with "disabilities" – especially problematic given that our schools label deeply emotionally disturbed students as having a "disability."

That's why it made perfect sense that, while in middle school, the shooter could talk about guns every single day and terrorize teachers and students for years before getting transferred to a specialized school. That's why a couple months of calm behavior earned him a ticket into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where they let him practice shooting in JROTC. And that's why principals there decided that he was so dangerous he couldn't bring a backpack to school and had to be frisked every day for fear he'd bring and use a deadly weapon – but never let him be arrested.

This story matters far beyond Parkland because the Obama administration coerced and threatened school districts across America to adopt these policies. And now the policies that caused Parkland have spread to your school. The only way for you to know what's happening in your kids' school is to learn what happened in Meadow's.

"Max Eden and Andy Pollack, the father of one of the murdered students, have written one of the most important books on American life published in the last few years. 'Why Meadow Died' is shocking, illuminating, and ultimately angering. If the media ignore this book, it will prove they put ideology above truth."
-- Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated radio talk show host

About the Author: Andrew Pollack was an entrepreneur and businessman with experience in scrap metal, real estate, and property management. He now dedicates his life to making school safe again, founding a non-profit Americans for Children's Lives and School Safety (CLASS) and making sure that the families of victims get answers and justice.

The Palestinian Delusion By Robert Spencer

The Palestinian Delusion
The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process
By Robert Spencer

70 Years of Negotiations... Why No Peace?

Why is it that every American President has had a plan to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians, yet every single one has failed? In renowned Islamic scholar and historian Robert Spencer's new book, The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process, he reveals the reason, traces the history of the "peace process," and maps out a path for stability in the Middle East that rejects the prevailing naivete, wishful thinking, and political grandstanding, and deals realistically with the facts on the ground. 

Every "peace process," every peace plan, every negotiated settlement between the State of Israel and its Palestinian adversaries has failed in its primary objective: to establish a stable and lasting accord between the two parties, such that they can live together side-by-side in friendship rather than enmity. While this has been a consistent pattern stretching back decades, there is virtually no public discussion or even basic understanding of the primary reason for this failure.

In The Palestinian Delusion, you'll learn:

·    Why negotiated agreements have always and will always fail;

·    Why Israel has a right to its land as well as to the West Bank and Gaza;

·    The surprising reasons why the Israeli/Palestinian peace process started;

·    How President Trump changed the peace process at its foundations; and

·    What Israel can and must do instead of the peace process.

The Palestinian Delusion is unique in situating the Israeli/Palestinian conflict within the context of the global jihad that has found renewed impetus in the latter portion of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first. As he briskly recounts the tumultuous history of the "peace process," Spencer demonstrates that the determination of diplomats, policymakers and negotiators to ignore this aspect of the conflict has led the Israelis, the Palestinians - and the world - down numerous blind alleys and has often only exacerbated, rather than healed, this conflict.

The Palestinian Delusion offers a general overview of the Zionist settlement of Palestine and the establishment of the State of Israel, and the Arab Muslim reaction to these events. It also provides a brief history of the various peace efforts, showing how and why they invariably broke down or failed to be implemented fully. The book also provides shocking evidence from the Palestinian media, as well as statements from the Palestinian leadership, showing that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, no matter what happens, will never work.

But there is still hope. In The Palestinian Delusion, Spencer delineates a realistic, viable alternative to the endless and futile "peace process," showing how the Jewish State and the Palestinian Arabs can truly coexist in peace, without illusions or unrealistic expectations.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is the bestselling author of nineteen books.