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Woke Jesus By Lucas Miles

"In this bold, analytical book, Miles names names and dismantles the fallacy of progressive Christianity."

--Eric Metaxas, Host of Eric Metaxas Radio Show


The False Messiah Destroying Christianity

 By Lucas Miles

Pastor Lucas Miles, a trusted voice in the American church who has consistently addressed some of the most challenging topics in religion, has released a provocative new book, WOKE JESUS: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity. He not only outlines how the radical left wing is co-opting Jesus for their own anti-religious views, but also provides a call to action for Christians to resist the siren song of social justice and "Wokeism." Rather than ignoring the problems within the church, Miles shows Christians how to grow in the truth of God's word by expanding their understanding of solid orthodox theology. 

Why is Christianity fading in cultural and spiritual significance, especially among the younger generation? Miles says it's like a perfect storm that set up where we are today. Many movements are recruiting converts, but not disciples - with virtually no foundation in the Word. These new undeveloped converts became perfect soil for the radical left to plant the seeds of Marxism, which eventually gave rise to the progressive church.

Why are Christians so demonized in popular culture? Hollywood, the music industry and others have encouraged this watered-down version of Christianity to be thought of as the norm. This is about the "Woke" Jesus rather than the biblical Christ. According to Miles, in the eyes of today's Christian Left, Jesus is only useful to the degree that His behavior aligns with liberal "morals" that support a progressive view of race, gender, and sexuality. In other words, their version of Jesus will need to be "Woke."

Miles says, "Woke Christianity is a massively woven deeply confusing tapestry of lies that few have dismantled well enough for the rest of us to comprehend the full extent of their error." He tells us the fascinating historical background, starting with the first century, of what led to the Woke transformation of the church. In more modern centuries, post enlightenment (the 1700s), Marxism led us to where we are today. They didn't believe in the trinity; they didn't believe in Jesus as God. The progressive church grabbed onto CRT and social justice, which has twisted the meaning of the original Jesus Christ and his message.

They elevated Jesus's humanity over his divinity, reducing Christ from the Son of God, the Redeemer, to just a wise social justice activist. Miles says, "After the enlightenment, there was a major change in the world when folklore beliefs died off. Mankind began to focus more on a critical understanding of the workings of history, the economy and science. Theology was caught up in the middle of that. Understanding reasoning and logic, with the release of many historical biographies of Jesus (that are still impacting Bible colleges today) they began a quest to cut away the miracles of Christ and his divinity - an elevation of Jesus's humanity over his divinity where Jesus becomes more of a great social justice warrior rather than the savior of the world.

Miles says, "Jesus came in grace and truth. If you elevate a concept of grace over truth, you will become a progressive; you will affirm and accept every behavior. If you elevate truth over grace or mercy, you'll eventually become a bigot/a Pharisee. What Jesus did, is he came with both. He called out sin while still granting value and dignity to people as being created in the image of God, while still showing and leading them to who God is truly calling them to be through a life of repentance.

Like all heresy, 'Woke Christianity' is rooted in an element of truth, (as in God's opposition to injustice), but encapsulates this truth with a convincing web of antibiblical ideology and extremism. As such, scripture is either downgraded, stripped of its authority, or frequently ignored, as personal experience, like suffering or oppression and personal enlightenment take center stage in crafting Woke theology.

Miles, in WOKE JESUS, argues that few institutions are responsible for unifying the nation more than the church. As such, it is imperative, both spiritually for the sake of the lost, and geo-politically for the sake of global freedom, that orthodox Christianity prove true. For these reasons, every Christian should take seriously their role in pushing back the darkness of Wokeism and Critical Theory in all of its forms. Miles has spent years touring the country and warning of the dangers of "The Christian Left" and in WOKE JESUS, he provides guidance and a message of action and hope:

·    Don't ignore the problems within the church;

·    Grow in the truth of God's word and expand your understanding of solid orthodox theology;

·    Refuse to allow your anger at the enemy to dilute your love for people;

·    Be bold in sharing your faith with others;

·    Remember, truth and love are the keys to avoiding every error; and

·    Most importantly, don't give up the fight - the church's best days are still ahead.

Today's social justice movements call for equality, civil rights, love... solid Christian values, right? What if there is more to social justice than Christians understand? WOKE JESUS uncovers the real dangers to Christianity and America from the Christian Left, Progressive or Woke Christianity. These radical alternatives abandon traditional biblical interpretations regarding marriage, gender, racial equality, justice, original sin, heaven and hell, and salvation, replacing them within a new fabricated morality. This fabrication is built around political correctness, cancel culture, hedonistic values, obsession with public health, allegiance to the leftist state, universalism, and virtue signaling. WOKE JESUS shows us how to discern these untruths so we may be guided toward the real path shown by God for each and every one of our lives.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pastor Lucas Miles is the host of The Lucas Miles Show and EpochTV’s Church & State. Miles has been a pastor for over 20 years based out of South Bend, IN / University of Notre Dame. He has fearlessly taken on some of the most challenging topics in theology, politics, and culture and has been featured in books, on TV and radio programs, as well as syndicated in articles across both political and religious news outlets, such as Newsmax, The Blaze, FlashPoint, Fox News, The Washington Times, CBN, and The Christian Post. Miles is the author of the best-selling book, The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought Has Hijacked the Church.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Barack Obama's True Legacy By Jamie Glazov

"A ferocious and chilling read" -- Gov. Mike Huckabee

"Profoundly disturbing" --Dennis Prager

Barack Obama's True Legacy

How He Transformed America

Edited by Jamie Glazov, Editor of the Horowitz Freedom Center's Flagship website,

...with major contributions from Freedom Center Shillman Fellows, Daniel Greenfield and Robert Spencer as well as FrontPage contributor, Joseph Klein

Barack Obama's disastrous presidency ended on January 20, 2017. But Americans are still suffering from its devastating effects. In fact, Obama's legacy is more powerful – and more damaging – than ever. A new book brought to you by the editors of, Barack Obama's True Legacy, details what the Durham Report has now confirmed: that Former President Obama was the real "big guy" behind the Democrats' "Russia collusion" hoax and the FBI's fraudulent and destructive war against President Trump.

What's more, Barack Obama's True Legacy proves the Durham Report is just the latest indication that the damage Obama inflicted as president lives on long after his tenure ended. 

In Barack Obama's True Legacy, you'll learn about:

·    The fact that the violence and destruction of the BLM riots in 2020 actually had their roots under Obama and were part of his reelection program in 2012;

·    Biden carrying on Obama's policy of financing terrorism in Israel;

·    How Obama poisoned America's relationship with Israel, destabilized the Middle East, led to the rise of ISIS and a possible WW3 in the region; and

·    How Obama destroyed race relations in America for his political gain leading to the broken nation we live in today.

We are currently suffering through an administration that is most likely to be remembered as the worst presidency in U.S. history. It did not, however, spring up out of nothing. Virtually all of the Biden era's 'America Last' economically and socially destructive policies originated during the Obama years. The Biden team, of course, is made up of numerous Obama holdovers, and there is widespread suspicion that the Biden administration is actually Obama's third term: the man who is really pulling the strings for Biden is none other than Barack Obama himself.

Barack Obama's True Legacy details just how bad the Obama years really were for America and Americans and shows how the country is now suffering from a resurgence of these sinister policies after the four-year respite provided by the Trump administration.

This hard-hitting new book is a collection of original, never previously published essays by an insightful and uncompromising group of prominent conservative intellectuals. They reveal the full shocking extent of how Obama transformed America, documenting numerous suppressed details of how the ex-president was - and still is - a major national security threat to America.

Barack Obama's True Legacy is an indispensable guide that shows how the Democrat Party went so drastically wrong, and why it is such a dangerous and catastrophic force in the White House and the country at large today. And the trails of catastrophic policies all lead back to one man: Barack Hussein Obama. 

*ABOUT DANIEL GREENFIELD: Daniel is an investigative reporter/journalist at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and has contributed several hard-hitting essays to this book on Obama's role in the BLM riots, the crime wave we are suffering through now and terrorism in Israel. He is available for interviews on these topics and many others covered by the other experts in this book.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hold the Line By Tamara Lich


My Story from the Heart of the Freedom Convoy

By Tamara Lich

Rebel News is proud to announce the publication of HOLD THE LINE: My Story from the Heart of the Freedom Convoy, a new book by Tamara Lich, the organizer of the 2022 truckers' Freedom Convoy protest. You've heard from the media and the convoy's critics. Now read the truth about what really happened.

From its humble beginnings, in the winter of 2022 when Canadian truckers organized a peaceful protest against vaccine mandates that gained international attention, to its place in the eye of the political hurricane, this is the trucker rebellion as you've never heard it before: passionate, hopeful, at times engaging and heartbreaking, but always full of love for Canada. HOLD THE LINE provides an important history of the convoy as seen through the eyes of the woman who became the symbol of the peaceful protest - the woman who inspired the world and made Justin Trudeau blink.

The media reported that the Canadian truckers were Russian agents controlled by Vladimir Putin. Justin Trudeau called them extremists. And the government put the country under martial law to stop them. But what's the real story? For the first time, the woman at the heart of the trucker convoy speaks out. HOLD THE LINE is the inside scoop of what really happened - the story of Canada's freedom convoy as told by the woman who ran the show - Tamara Lich. The CBC, Trudeau, and the rest of the corporate media were all wrong, and now there's proof.

In HOLD THE LINE, you'll learn about:

·    The exposure of the legacy media;

·    Collusion between the federal government and media to create a false narrative;

·    Lies told by Trudeau, MPs, Ontario provincial government, City of Ottawa and Ottawa City Police;

·    The Rouleau Commission Findings;

·    The criminal charges Tamara is facing at her coming trial in September.

In HOLD THE LINE, Tamara Lich tells her side of the story. Lich is a proud Metis and Albertan, as well as a loving mother and grandmother. She is a passionate advocate for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. HOLD THE LINE tells the inside story of what really happened during the Freedom Convoy, including Tamara's treatment in jail and her experiences with an abusive prosecutor.

"I don't expect the mainstream media to offer me any fair interviews," says Tamara Lich. "These are the people who called me and my fellow protesters racists and bigots. So, I'm launching a book tour across Canada to meet Canadians in person and sign and sell copies of my book... as well as doing radio interviews all over North America."

To learn more about Tamara Lich's book, visit

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tamara Lich is the passionate organizer; loving mother and grandmother; proud Metis, proud Albertan; and defiant political prisoner, jailed for daring to criticize the government. She could face ten years in prison after the trial in September.

ABOUT REBEL NEWS: Founded in 2015 by Ezra Levant, Rebel News is Canada's largest independent news network. Rebel News tells the other side of the story, free from corporate or government influence. HOLD THE LINE is the ninth book published by Rebel News.

Monday, April 10, 2023

The Christ Cure By Tim Murphy, PhD


"When Christ cures, we all must take our own steps toward healing. You can. You will. You must. And this book will tell you how."


10 Biblical Ways to Heal from Trauma, Tragedy and PTSD

By Tim Murphy, PhD

Seventy percent of American adults have suffered trauma at some time in their lives. People all over the world are still suffering from the effects of the so-called pandemic and all the ways their lives have been forever changed. Of the seventy percent, about a quarter of those - 46 million - will develop temporary post-traumatic stress or suffer long-term post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with all its crippling anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, avoidance, and disability. The Christ Cure: 10 Biblical Ways to Heal from Trauma, Tragedy and PTSD, by psychologist and mental health advocate Tim Murphy, PhD, offers hope and real solutions.


This comprehensive handbook, on healing for victims of trauma and their families, guides readers through a path of true restoration. The concepts in this book are inspired by the life and works of the Apostle Paul, who suffered several dozen severe traumas including physical violence, shipwrecks, trials, imprisonment, abandonment, and a looming death sentence. Modern psychological research suggests any one of these traumas should have been emotionally crippling. Instead, Paul grew stronger and more courageous.


This unique biblical foundation for healthy treatment of trauma is supported by scientific re-search and scripture covering fitness, sleep, healthy eating, healthy relaxation, through the stages of resilience, resistance, recovery, and renewal. Within each stage, the reader is challenged to choose between sets of dichotomies, one leading to healing, the other to deeper problems.


In The Christ Cure, you'll learn:


  • The unique value that issues of faith play in the healing process;
  • Whether or not counselors and clergy are equipped/trained to deal with trauma from a faith perspective;
  • How prevalent PTSD really is - we hear about it with our military service members, but what about the rest of the population;
  • Why the life of the Apostle Paul is a great example of healing from trauma;
  • Why physical fitness, nutrition, and sleep are vital to the healing from trauma; and
  • How we can recover from very troubling issues - especially for those who experienced trauma, such as feelings of hopelessness, shame and guilt.


Throughout The Christ Cure, the reader is empowered through their own suffering to become stronger in their relationships and faith building courage over fear, vigilance over vulnerability, hope over despair, guilt over shame, forgiveness over condemnation and acceptance of faith, trust and grace.


The Christ Cure provides much needed help and guidance to "the broken" from secular to scriptural, illustrated with inspirational stories of those who are winning their own battles. This is a valuable guide for anyone dealing with PTSD, trauma and tragedy, family members of trauma victims, clergy who seek a better understanding of psychology, and for counselors who seek a better understanding of the role of faith in healing from trauma.


"Both a refreshing perspective on the power of faith to heal and a logical, straightforward approach for incorporating faith into healing from the devastating impacts of PTSD."

--Forrest Faison, M.D., 38th Surgeon General, U.S. Navy


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Tim Murphy is a licensed psychologist specializing in resilience and recovery from psychological trauma. He is currently the clinical director of Fortis Future, a center focusing on the care of veterans, military, and first responders with PTSD, and serves on the boards of national organizations advocating for improved treatment of mental illness. Dr. Murphy consults on mental health and public policy and speaks extensively throughout the United States. He served as a psychologist in the U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps treating TBI/concussion and PTSD. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives eight times, where he championed landmark mental health reforms.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

War on the American Republic By Kevin Slack



How Liberalism Became Despotism

By Kevin Slack

With the unprecedented ways in which the radical Left is changing America and attempting to cancel long standing American traditions, we must ask ourselves - what more do they have in store for us? Americans often use the words progressiveliberal, and radical more or less interchangeably without understanding their place in American history. Kevin Slack, PhD, in his new book, WAR ON THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC: How Liberalism Became Despotism, describes the distinct aims of the movements they represent and weighs their consequences for the American republic.

Each of the three movements rejected older republican principles of governance in favor of an administrative state, but there were substantial differences between Teddy Roosevelt's Anglo-Protestant progressive social gospelers, who battled trusts and curbed immigration; Franklin Roosevelt's and Lyndon Johnson's secular liberals, who forged a government-business partnership and promoted a civil rights agenda; and the 1960s radicals, who protested corporate influence in the Great Society, liberal hypocrisy on race and gender, and the war in Vietnam. Each sought to overturn what came before.


  • How the original Progressives of 1880-1920 broke with the older constitutional order;
  • How we can understand the break between the midcentury American liberalism of the 1950s and the 1960s radicals;
  • What marks the new politics of the neoliberal period (late 1970s-2008), and why young conservatives have abandoned the "movement conservatism" that hearkens back to the Reagan era;
  • What happened in the "Great Awokening" from 2011-2015 and why America's corporate oligarchy sided with the identity politics priesthood; and
  • What the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns and George Floyd riots tell us about what the Left has in store for traditional Americans, and what we can do about it.

Following the revolution of the 1960s, elites on both left and right turned against the industrial middle class to erect an oligarchy at home and advance globalization abroad. Each side claimed to serve the interests of disadvantaged or underrepresented groups. Radicals ensconced themselves in bureaucracy and academia to advance their vision of social justice for women and minorities, while neoliberal elites promoted monopoly finance, open borders, and the outsourcing of jobs to benefit consumers.

The administrative state became a global American empire, but the neoliberals' economic and military failures precipitated a crisis of legitimacy. In the "Great Awokening" that began under Barack Obama, neoliberal elites, including establishment conservatives, openly broke with the populist base of the Republican Party, embraced identity politics, and used COVID-19 and a myth of insurrection to strip away the rights of American citizens. Today, an incompetent kleptocracy is draining the wealthiest and most powerful people in history, thus eroding the foundations of its own empire.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: KEVIN SLACK is a professor of politics at Hillsdale College, where he teaches political philosophy and American political thought, including American progressivism, liberalism, and radicalism.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book By Wayne Allyn Root & Nicky Billou

The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book

The Great Conservative Companies to BUY From & Invest In

By Wayne Allyn Root and Nicky Billou


With President Trump's arrest looming, unrest on the horizon, and America divided like never before, conservative author and nationally syndicated radio and TV host Wayne Allyn Root and his co-author Nicky Billou (a successful entrepreneur and podcaster) have developed the perfect solution to a bitterly divided nation in their excellent new book, The Great Patriot BUY-cott BookTheir gameplan is to FUND conservative, patriotic and Christian companies, thereby automatically DEFUNDING leftist "woke" companies.

You've probably heard the phrase "Go woke, go broke" by now. In their last bestselling book, "The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book" Root and Billou listed countless examples of woke, leftist companies for patriots to boycott. It worked! Many of the companies listed in their book are now struggling, failing, have lost billions in market capital, and have been forced to fire their CEOs.

Root and Billou's new, updated book, The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book, lays out the winning gameplan for conservatives, patriots and Americans with faith in God. This is how we reward and fund conservative, patriotic companies and how we punish and defund woke companies that are destroying this great country.

If your answer is YES to any of the questions below, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU.

  • Are you a conservative patriot?
  • Do you love America?
  • Do you support capitalism?
  • Are you frustrated with the direction of this country?
  • Do you fear for the future of your children and/or grandchildren?
  • Do you believe in the Judeo-Christian values that American was built upon?
  • Do you realize America is under attack?
  • Does this seem like a Socialist/Marxist/Communist takeover?
  • Do you see and feel evil all around us as the radical Left takes over every aspect of our lives?

Wayne Allyn Root says, "Our nation is headed for a 'National Divorce' - what I've spoken about for over two years on my national radio and TV shows. Whether there will ever be an official 'national divorce' or not, there are simple ways to carry out this red-blue separation. One of those ways is for conservatives, patriots and faithful Americans to leave blue states and relocate to red state havens like Texas and Florida. I recommended and predicted this great national upheaval in my book 'Millionaire Republican' in 2005. It's happening now. Millions of American citizens are, in fact, relocating."

But not everyone can relocate their lives. Our book offers an easy, simple way to carry out this "National Divorce" from your living room. Our team of researchers spent over a year identifying the 123 most patriotic companies in America to buy from, and to invest your savings and retirement accounts in (some are publicly traded). Armed with this great new resource, The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book will make it easy for patriots, and 80+ million Trump voters to fund conservative, patriotic and Christian companies while DEFUNDING leftist woke companies.

Money talks, so let's stop giving our hard-earned income to companies that hate us and are funding the destruction of America and instead start supporting patriotic companies that respect us, celebrate us, uplift and inspire us. We must become the LOUD MAJORITY. It's time to make a defining noise.

Watch Wayne Allyn Root interview Nicky Billou about their new book on Wayne's TV show, "America's Top Ten Countdown with Wayne Allyn Root" on Real America's Voice TV Network.

Friday, January 13, 2023

CRUSHED by Congressman Ken Buck


Big Tech's War on Free Speech

By Congressman Ken Buck

Foreword by Senator Ted Cruz

"No one - conservative or liberal - should be comfortable with a few Silicon Valley oligarchs having a monopoly over the marketplace of ideas, and with it, democracy itself.”

—From the Introduction to CRUSHED

When the Founding Fathers drafted our Constitution, they had no idea there would be a "Big Tech" – nor any concept of the immense power these companies would wield over our people – including the ability to crush and censor dissent, free speech and a free press. But the Fathers did provide mechanisms – a system of checks and balances – for the people to stop dangerous monopolies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and Amazon from suffocating our business and political lives. Few know more about these mechanisms than Rep. Ken Buck, who has been a leader in Congress fighting against the unchecked power of Big Tech.

In Congressman Buck's new book, CRUSHED: Big Tech's War on Free Speech, he exposes the bullying and predatory behavior from the Big Tech giants who have used their technologies and their unbelievable market shares to stifle commerce and censor free speech. He spells out the inside details of how these companies restrict free markets, stop competition, increase prices, and ultimately hurt consumers. Even worse, Big Tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook are actively censoring conservative news and views, as they openly manipulate information provided to voters.

In CRUSHED, you'll learn about the following:

·       In Congress, Buck has advocated for free market principles. There may have been an event that convinced him that the monopoly laws should be applied to Big Tech.

·       Buck discusses the evolution of monopoly law in the U.S. and how it applied to the robber barons of the 20th century and how the Big Tech monopolies differ from the Rockefellers and Carnegies.

·       How Americans can protect themselves from Big Tech's infringement on their personal lives.

·       Examples of how these Big Tech monopolies have engaged in viewpoint discrimination.

·       What our founding fathers thought of monopolies in this country.

·       Buck makes a strong case that these Big Tech monopolies have corrupted the legislative process in Congress by their political contributions and hiring the children of legislative leaders. What is the solution?

·       How Google came to be a monopoly at every level.

·       What legal right Google, Facebook and Twitter had to take real steps to close down President Trump.

·       Whether Elon Musk is a savior for conservatives and if it's too early to tell yet.

·       Whether it was legal and/or constitutional for the FBI and Twitter to shut down and censor Americans.

·       Regarding the Big Tech cover-up and censorship of Hunter Biden's laptop before the 2020 election - did Big Tech help Joe Biden defeat Trump by doing so?

·       Why the nation's anti-trust laws never seem to be enforced.

·       Knowing that Google and Big Tech gave overwhelming to Joe Biden and Democratic candidates, why are they so pro-Left?

·       Regarding Mark Zuckerberg, the controlling shareholder of Facebook, who gave over $400 million to Democrat non-profits during the 2020 election to collect ballots in only Democrat-run big cities. Were those campaign contribution?

·       Google has control of g-mail and several studies found that 90% of Donald Trump campaign e-mails and those of the RNC went into spam boxes of g-mail users, but 90% of Biden's went into the regular inbox. Isn't this a clear legal violation and bias of Google to help Democrat candidates?

·       Section 230 allows social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google to be immune from lawsuits claiming they are neutral platforms. But these same platforms aren't neutral and have been censoring conservatives who questions the 2020 election, COVID matters and climate change, among other issues. Should the new GOP Congress repeal 230?

·       Amazon is the largest online retailer, but they are now competing against the very online vendors who sell things on their platforms. Isn't this bad for consumers?

·       Apple seems to be less controversial than other Big Tech companies, but there are still many concerns.

Ken Buck shows how these tech giants are true monopolies and their concentrated power coupled with their leftwing bias pose a serious danger for our democracy. In contrast to the robber barons of the Gilded Age who posed simply a threat to commerce, Big Tech threatens the very core of our political system. They control the flow of information shared with the public for their own financial and political gain.

In CRUSHED, Ken Buck argues that while Americans are under siege by Big Tech, we are not destroyed by them. We can still take on Big Tech, fight back and even win. He says the future of our nation depends on it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Congressman Ken Buck is a Republican representing Colorado's 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Buck is a member of the Freedom Caucus and Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law, and he also serves on the Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship, and the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, The Pacific, and Nonproliferation. He was first elected to Congress in 2014 and is currently serving his fourth term.