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Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country By Charles A. Marino


 "Throughout this important book, Charles A. Marino methodically details the impact of the Biden administration's decisions to dismantle effective policies and abandon their federal responsibility of providing national security for the American people. Marino lends his decades of experience to the readers in not only identifying the causes of the current border crisis but also in charting a practical path forward." --Mark Morgan, Visiting Fellow, Border Security and Immigration Center, Heritage Foundation



By Charles A. Marino

Former Senior Law Enforcement Advisor

to the Secretary of Homeland Security

While Americans are busy debating everything from environmental initiatives, to abortion, healthcare, welfare, trans rights, and student loan forgiveness, millions more noncitizens, including terrorists, continue to invade our republic.


Stringent and enforceable immigration policies are necessary for America's continued prosperity.

The terrorists are not just on the border, they are among us!


National security expert, Charles A. Marino, a former senior law enforcement adviser to the secretary of Homeland Security and supervisory special agent for the U.S. Secret Service, warns us in his new book, TERRORISTS ON THE BORDER and in Our Country that destructive ideologies and poor leadership have left America wide open and vulnerable. But he has a plan to save America.

More than two decades after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the United States finds itself plagued by a border crisis caused by a President who has placed politics over national security. The Biden administration has left border states scrambling to protect citizens the best they are able, often in defiance of the federal government. Terrorists, murderers, and drug and human traffickers are exploiting the United States' "compassionate" policies for their own nefarious gain at this very moment. The dire consequences of permitting more than ten million illegal immigrants into the country in such a short amount of time will only truly be realized in the years to come. The need to act before these consequences become inevitable is urgent.

In TERRORISTS ON THE BORDER, Charles Marino identifies what created the problem in the first place - radical, left-wing politicians and woke, progressive, nation-wrecking policies. And he offers solutions - the steps the country must take to combat crime, protect the homeland and its citizens, and stop the growing existential challenge to American freedoms. Readers will learn the role politics - the unquenchable thirst for power - play in national security decisions. Mr. Marino makes it clear that when it comes to the security of the country, the final decisions made by elected leaders are not always in the best interest of Americans.

America's resources and infrastructure, such as its welfare systems, housing, hospitals, schools, and police departments, are all stretched to the breaking point while once-great American cities from coast to coast are morphing into virtual border towns. Still, elite leftists maintain that America is incorrigibly racist and should be ashamed of itself for not letting everyone in - vetted or not. Some of the catastrophic problems created, enabled or increased by weak borders include:

·    More than ten million illegal migrants have crossed the border since the start of the Biden administration.

·    Illegal migrants from over 150 countries have been encountered.

·    Over 200 migrants encountered are on the terrorist watchlist.

·     Illegal aliens entering the U.S. include at least two million "gotaways" (unknown migrants who are not apprehended).

·    Cartels are being more empowered and funded than at any time in history.

·    Record-breaking amounts of deadly fentanyl have inundated our cities and are killing countless Americans.

·    There has been a drastic increase in violent crime nationwide, including rape and murder.

·    The strain on infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, criminal justice systems, and law enforcement is unprecedented.

·    Human, sex, and drug trafficking is at an all-time high.

·    The erosion of American sovereignty and culture is palpable in every aspect of daily life in America.

·    The decriminalization of border and immigration laws is making matters even worse.

TERRORISTS ON THE BORDER is a step-by-step corrective and desperately needed policy road map on how America can be saved. Mr. Marino says, "A country is not sovereign or safe without securing its borders and enforcing immigration laws. This is an indisputable fact. These two essential pillars are necessary to protect the homeland of any country. If we are to save this great experiment known as the United States of America, we must vote for candidates who prioritize the security of our country NOW, before it's too late."

"The plan is simple: If you don't like the America for which it stands, let millions of non-Americans in who will certainly change it. Trouble is, a large portion of that change will mean less freedom for its citizens, less opportunity, more death by drugs, more enemy infiltration, and more terrorist attacks on American soil. If you don't believe it, read Charles Marino's book from cover to cover... NOW." --Greg Kelly, host of Greg Kelly Reports on Newsmax TV 

"Charles has been a year ahead of everyone else trying to warn America about this crisis. You will be SHOCKED at how hard Democrats have fought to keep the border open. A must read!"

--Carl Higbie, host of Carl Higbie FRONTLINE on Newsmax TV 

"From the moment Joe Biden undid many of Trump's border policies, Charles Marino predicted with incredible accuracy the border crisis now ravaging our nation. This book is a MUST READ for everyone to learn about this national security crisis being aided and abetted by our own administration."

--Lidia Curanaj, host of Sunday Agenda on Newsmax TV

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: CHARLES A. MARINO currently serves as the CEO of a leading global security and intelligence advisory firm. He is a recognized expert on national security policy, programs, operations, and emerging threats. Mr. Marino regularly appears on major cable news networks to provide expert analysis on national security issues impacting the United States and is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Carolina Honor College. As a former Supervisory Special Agent in the U.S. Secret Service and career Senior Law Enforcement Advisor to former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Charles oversaw the creation and implementation of complex homeland security and law enforcement programs like the Southwest Border Law Enforcement Engagement Strategy, the 'See Something, Say Something' national campaign, and the National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS). Mr. Marino is a graduate of the National Defense University, National War College, where he earned a Master of Science degree in National Security Strategy. [more...]

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Domestic Enemies By Daniel Greenfield


The Founding Fathers' Fight Against the Left

by Daniel Greenfield

In his new, highly-anticipated and timely book, DOMESTIC ENEMIES: The Founding Fathers' Fight Against the Left, investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield reveals that the Left is America's oldest enemy. Leftists obsessed with imposing socialist policies and beliefs, (the antithesis of the American way of life), were active long before the 1960s; in fact, they were around in George Washington's day, calling for his execution, plotting to stop the ratification of the Constitution, and collaborating with foreign enemies. Mr. Greenfield tells us unequivocally that stolen elections, fake news, race riots, globalism, and socialism aren't new enemies of the great American experiment; we've been fighting the menace for over 200 years.

In 2020, history repeated itself. The Left exploited a pandemic and set off race riots to steal a presidential election. The resulting race riots, fake news, globalism, terrorism, class warfare, inflationary spending, school indoctrination, and socialism - as in the past - have since taken their toll on the American way of life. Mr. Greenfield's research tells us that the unfortunate influence of the Left has been documented throughout history. You might not know that:

·    America's first community organizer used a pandemic to steal the 1800 presidential election.

·    Socialists seized power in Rhode Island and almost stopped the Constitution.

·    Globalists used fake news to bring down George Washington.

·    Socialists were in Congress 150 years before "The Squad" began wreaking havoc in the 21st century.

·    The Communist "communes" of the 1820s abolished marriage and private property.

·    Democrats set off massive race riots during the Civil War to bring down President Lincoln and steal an election.

In DOMESTIC ENEMIES, you'll learn the secret history of the American Left and:

·    How these liberal socialists first came to America 200 years ago, fought to stop the Constitution and tried to bring down George Washington;

·    The true origins of the Democrat Party as enemy agents founded to support the French Revolution resulting in the next 70 years of treason and terror;

·    The events we're experiencing now - rigged elections, race riots, pandemic exploitation - had already been tried by the Left throughout American history; and

·    How the Founding Fathers and Lincoln dealt with the Left.

The good news is we can learn from the Founding Fathers and beat the Left at their own game! Mr. Greenfield's DOMESTIC ENEMIES reveals the true origins of the Democrat Party and its radicals, who - even two centuries ago - were calling for the redistribution of wealth, the end of marriage, and the use of schools for political indoctrination. From political battles to street fights, DOMESTIC ENEMIES takes you into the heart of a century of forgotten struggles between America's greatest heroes, such as Washington, Hamilton, Davy Crockett, and Abraham Lincoln - and radical villains like Aaron Burr.

Mr. Greenfield describes DOMESTIC ENEMIES as a '1619 project for the American Left,' exposing its true subversive origins - a history of the Democrats as you've never heard it before, told through political debates, naval battles, race riots, scandals, secret societies, and domestic terrorism that made the Left what it is today. DOMESTIC ENEMIES reveals the secret history of the Left's long war against Americans through the battles that conquered our enemies and shaped America. Armed with the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who defeated the Left throughout history, we can surely beat them again.

"In a superb analysis of the early American Left, Daniel Greenfield offers overwhelming evidence how the Left from the founding of the American republic opposed its emphasis on personal liberty and constitutional government. Our present struggle against wokeism, globalism, utopianism, socialism, media bias, election rigging, racial essentialism, and the weaponization of government is hardly new. Greenfield shows how and why they were essential to the America Left and the Democrat Party from the very beginning. A concise and lucid account of the little-known, but extremely important history of today's American Left - and why it was and is so dangerous."

--Victor Davis Hanson, The Hoover institution

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel Greenfield is an investigative journalist and columnist with a strong interest in the historical origins of the crises tearing apart our nation. A Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, he has covered national and international events, high profile breaking news stories, and - with his consistent probing journalism - has shown how the lessons of history can be applied to the present.

Monday, April 8, 2024

Sacred Trust By Jody Hice

"This is essential reading for any American who believes in defending our sacred intuitions." --Congressman Andy Biggs




Founding Member of the House Freedom Caucus

With a FOREWORD by Hon. Ken Blackwell 



"When it comes to election integrity, there is perhaps no greater endeavor that is more fundamental for the preservation of our republic. If the voice of the people is heard, and their resolve enacted, both in policy and representation, there is hope for a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." --Jody Hice

Fmr. Congressman Jody Hice announces the release of SACRED TRUST: Election Integrity and the Will of the People. Hice, a former pastor who served Georgia's 10th congressional district for eight years, was a leading player on Capitol Hill in the fight to protect our constitutionally awarded freedoms. In 2020, he was one of the first members of Congress to call for a full investigation into the systemic issues plaguing our country's electoral process and quickly became a nationally recognized voice of the election integrity movement.

Congressman Hice tells us elections are not ultimately about who wins or loses; elections are about the voice of the people being heard... period. The overwhelming majority of people can accept the outcome of an election (though they might be deeply disappointed if their candidate loses), but no one should be willing to accept an unfair voting system. Losing a hard-fought election is one thing; but losing by deceit and duplicity is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. If the security and sacredness of elections are ever taken away, no action by the people can change the course and consequences that will result. So, the calling is clear, and the responsibility is undeniable.

In SACRED TRUST, Congressman Hice takes the reader on his spiritual journey and political awakening and shares his belief in the fundamental importance of election integrity for American freedom, including:

·    Why election integrity matters;

·    When election integrity fails;

·    Interference by other means;

·    Principles of secure elections; and

·    Why integrity matters most - in all areas of life - including: integrity with elected officials, judicial integrity, executive integrity and national integrity.

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, and worth fighting for, and unless people take a stand right now, there is so much that will be lost... and once gone, it will never be restored. America, and the principles that make her great, are ultimately what this book is about. Patriotic citizens cannot sit idly by while the foundations of the country are being tampered with and gradually destroyed. It is every person's duty to pass liberty on to the next generation. To do so, Hice insists that citizens must get into the arena and be present. Now is the time. "We the people" must be heard before it's too late.

"We cannot simply talk about election security; we must get involved to ensure that it is protected at all costs. I plead with you, jump into the arena!" --Jody Hice

"Congressman Jody Hice is a courageous conservative warrior and a true patriot who loves his country." --Congressman Bob Good

"I have worked with Jody in Congress to ensure the federal government does not exceed its authority in tampering with elections and appreciate his efforts to share this message with the American people." --Congressman Matt Rosendale

"Essential reading. This book provides essential insight as to how we, as Patriots and as Christians, can stand together and turn back the scourge of the Left." --Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

"What I admire so much about the thesis of this book is that Congressman Hice looks beyond partisanship. Instead of focusing on the miasma of our current electoral system, it looks at the greater principles that underline it." --Ken Blackwell

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Congressman Jody Hice is currently a Senior Vice President at the Family Research Council and President of FRC Action, a prominent American evangelical activist group and think tank in Washington, D.C. Hice, a Republican congressman from the state of Georgia (2015–2023), was one of the most senior and aggressive Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, and a vocal defender of election integrity. As a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, Hice served in multiple leadership roles, including on the board, communications chair, host of the podcast, and as a mentor for the newer members. As an evangelical pastor, Hice was host of radio's "The Jody Hice Show" and is now a frequent media commentator, including NEWSMAX.

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Rules to Live By - By Jeffrey Katz

"As useful as Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. For any problem you may have in life, be it personal or professional, physical or spiritual, there is in this book, category-by-category and page-by-page, game-changing advice that can be put to good use right away." --Martin Oliner


Maimonides' Guide to a Wonderful Life


Author of

The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom from the Great Teacher

"We each decide whether to make ourselves learned or ignorant, compassionate or cruel, generous or miserly. No one forces us. No one decides for us, no one drags us along one path or the other. We are responsible for what we are." --MAIMONIDES

We are living in tumultuous times overwhelmed by many challenges bombarding us from every direction. Everything seems to be upside down and we're confronted daily with the challenge of overcoming good vs. evil. Now comes the guide for living and coping with life's obstacles - RULES TO LIVE BY: Maimonides' Guide to a Wonderful Life by the great religious philosopher, Jeffrey Katz. His new book is inspired by Maimonides, one of the greatest intellectual and spiritual minds of the Middle Ages, who wrote practical truths that are as applicable and relevant to our lives today as they were over 800 years ago and will be for eternity. His proverbs continue to resonate and to be remembered almost a thousand years after his passing.

In RULES TO LIVE BY, he teaches you the basics of these important maxims:

·    In finances, be strict with yourself, generous with others.

·    Silence is the maturation of wisdom.

·    Let nothing which can be treated by diet be treated by other means.

·    The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

·    Lose with truth and right rather than gain with falsehood and wrong.

·    Teach thy tongue to say, 'I do not know,' and thou shalt progress.

·    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Maimonides had much to say about the vital facets of life that all people care about - and must pay attention to - if they are to live a happy, fulfilling life. And his teachings are studied by people of all religions throughout the world. In RULES TO LIVE BY, Jeffrey Katz reveals the insights and lessons from the "Great Teacher" and how to apply them to each area of your life. You'll learn:

·    Why character counts;

·    How to achieve success at work;

·    The importance of family;

·    Why your legacy matters;

·    How to create spiritual connections;

·    Why your attitude matters; and

·    How a healthy body equals a good life.

The words, impact, and insights of Maimonides live on and are still studied and taught today. The strategies and advice of this medieval philosopher have stood the test of time and still may serve as a roadmap to health, wealth, and satisfaction despite the turmoil and uncertainties of modern life. 

"An invaluable guide to how to live a successful, fulfilled and meaningful life in regard to one's work, family, health, and spiritual life. I look forward to providing each of my young adult

grandchildren with a copy." --E. Robert Goodkind 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JEFFREY KATZ is a lifelong student and teacher of rationalist religious philosophy. He became fascinated in his youth by his discovery of the ancient wisdom of Maimonides and received rabbinic ordination while focusing on disseminating the ancient, life-changing wisdom he had uncovered. He is a practicing attorney, has appeared on national television, lectured widely on a broad range of issues, and is the author of The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom from the Great Teacher. Jeffrey Katz is a graduate of Columbia College, Columbia Law School, and Manhattan Talmudic Academy, has rabbinic ordination from Yeshivat Pirchei Shoshanim and has taught about Maimonides for over 25 years in numerous public and private settings.

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The Political and Strategic History of the World By Lord Conrad Black

The Political and Strategic History of the World, Volume I

By Lord Conrad Black

The great biographer and historian, Lord Conrad Black, is out with his most ambitious project yet: The Political and Strategic History of the World, Vol I. Internationally-known Lord Black is available for beguiling interviews at this time to talk about not only the history of the world, but recent global milestones, which affect us all.

The late Henry Kissinger says of Black's new masterwork:

"Lord Black's ambitious work begins with prehistory and gains momentum with the death of Caesar. It is presented with elegance and erudition."

Lord Black is known for his insightful and profound commentary on the political issues of the day and has certainly made history himself as the former owner of The Telegraph in England, The Jerusalem Post in Israel, The National Post in Canada, and The Chicago Sun Times, along with over 150 other daily newspapers across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. He is, and has been, friends with Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Trump, Prime Ministers (Mrs. Thatcher in particular), and many of the heads of Europe. He has been persecuted and prosecuted by the U.S. "justice" system and yet, quickly recovered to become one of the most trusted and seasoned voices on the American, British, and Canadian political scene, known for his high intelligence, deep historic knowledge, and good common sense.

At a time when history has become a battleground and politically driven historical "docu-dramas" abound, Lord Black comes to the rescue with a thoroughly no-nonsense account of world history. The first volume begins with the early history of the Jews, Sumeria, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, ancient China and India, then progresses through the great historic struggles of the ages: Mycenae and Troy, Athens and Sparta, Greece and Persia, the conquests of Alexander and the wars of succession, the rise of Rome and its struggle with Carthage, and Rome's internal upheavals culminating in the Caesars, and ends with the death of Augustus. Lord Black brings the ancient world to life as few historians have been able to do.

In The Political and Strategic History of the World, you'll learn:

·    How the Bible ties into known ancient history;

·    The historical accuracy of the ancient Homeric battles and the Trojan War;

·    How Greek internecine warfare delayed the development of the nation-state;

·    That Alexander the Great was likely not a homosexual, but his mother was the hellcat of the ages;

·    That Julius Caesar did not destroy the Roman Republic - that had happened fifty years earlier;

·    About the dramatic final days of Antony and Cleopatra; and

·    About the fortuitous rise of Caesar's adopted son, Octavian.

The publisher believes The Political and Strategic History of the World should be read by young people and therefore the kindle version is offered for only $9.99. When all three volumes are complete, one will be able to receive a high-quality education in world history for less than $30. Traditional history lovers will want a copy on their shelves to return to again and again.

"Conrad Black is one of a handful of contemporary historians who could undertake a narrative, multivolume history of world civilization and restore the value of that grand tradition."

--Victor Davis Hanson, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University,

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lord Conrad Black is a Canadian-born British peer, and former publisher of The London Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Jerusalem Post, and founder of Canada's National Post. Historian, biographer, columnist, and bestselling author, he is a regular contributor to numerous publications, podcasts, radio, and television in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Lord Black has published comprehensive histories of both Canada and the United States, as well as authoritative biographies of presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard M. Nixon, and Donald J. Trump. He is a dual-citizen (Canada and the U.K.) and has been a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour since 2001. 

Monday, November 20, 2023

The Case for Colonialism By Bruce Gilley


By Bruce Gilley

"For the last hundred years, Western colonialism has had a bad name." So began Professor Bruce Gilley's watershed academic article "The Case for Colonialism" of 2017 resulting in his new book, THE CASE FOR COLONIALISM. The article sparked a global furor. Critics and defenders of Gilley's argument battled it out in the court of public opinion. The Times of London described Gilley as "probably the academic most likely to be no-platformed in Britain." The New York Times called him one of the "panicky white bros" who "proclaim ever more rowdily that the (white) West was, and is, best" and are "busy recyclers of Western supremacism."

We hear a lot about anti-colonialism these days. It is presented as an unmitigated evil perpetrated by misguided Brits and Europeans against the poor, suffering darker-skinned folk who were exploited - full stop. But what if the story is a very different one? What if colonialism was actually a net positive for the people under colonial rule? What if those countries who threw off all the colonial structures in revolution did measurably worse than those who kept their colonial structures, such as the British legal system and the benefits of trade within the Commonwealth? What if the evidence suggests that people moved into areas of colonial rule to gain those benefits, rather than flee the supposed 'oppression?' What if education was improved, life spans lengthened and prosperity in general increased?

Professor Gilley presents evidence showing not only was colonialism a net positive for the people involved, but that the whole anti-colonialism framework used in our universities is based on very poor historical research, to say the least. Gilley even suggests that much of the suffering in the Third World was actually precipitated by a too-rapid withdrawal of colonialism, and the answer for much of the suffering in the world today would be to bring back the colonial ideal as a civilizing mission.

In THE CASE FOR COLONIALISM, you'll learn that:

·    Colonialism is disparaged today as a way to attack Western civilization;

·    The evidence is clear that colonized countries did better than non-colonized ones and that countries that maintained their colonial infrastructure after independence did better than those which did not;

·    Continued chaos and economic collapse across Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia and Latin America show the desperate need for Western governments to encourage new interventions that look like colonialism; and

·    Modern words like "decolonize" are simply code for undermining the basis of democratic, rule of law-based systems and replacing them with premodern systems of group-based entitlement.

Professor Gilley is a lone voice insisting on historical facts and calm reason rather than emotionalism to make his argument. For that he has been the target of a firestorm of abuse. What he has to say is interesting, challenging and sure to upset the woke cry-bullies. In THE CASE FOR COLONIALISM, Gilley responds to the critics and elaborates on the case for colonialism. The critics have no evidence for their claims, he asserts. It is robust no matter which colonizer or colonized area one examines. Patient, empirical, humorous, and not a little exasperated by anti-colonial ideologues, Gilley here sets a challenge for the next generation of scholars of colonialism.

"Bruce Gilley's THE CASE FOR COLONIALISM is, I believe, one of the most important works of history of the last fifty years. In an age of Western self-flagellation, and the loss of civilizational self-confidence, when every ill in the Third World is blamed on Western colonialism, Gilley's courageous work is a welcome corrective."

--Ibn Warraq, Author of Why the West is Best and The Islam in Islamic Terrorism 

"Both those who oppose colonialism and approve of colonialism will learn something from reading THE CASE FOR COLONIALISM, which is a long overdue response from this author to being attacked by a cancel culture mob when he contradicted their ideologies of 'anticolonialism' and 'decolonization.' Here, Gilley replies to his critics plus delivers evidence and arguments for four propositions. That European colonialism had legitimacy. That colonialism delivered real benefits."

--Eric Louw, Author of The Roots of the Pax Americana: Decolonization and white-Africans and The Rise, Fall and Legacy of Apartheid

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bruce Gilley is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at Portland State University. His work centers on global politics, democracy, comparative development, and colonial history. He is also active in defending academic freedom and political diversity in higher education.