Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Power of Relentless By Wayne Allyn Root

Bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root reveals the secret to success

With his signature relentless enthusiasm, "Mr. Relentless" himself, Wayne Allyn Root, unlocks the secrets to supercharging your career, growing your business beyond your wildest dreams, and taking your life to a level you never imagined.

The Power of RELENTLESS: 7 Secrets to Achieving Mega-Success, Financial Freedom, and the Life of Your Dreams is about the most important traits of success. It's not enough to be highly effective and purpose-driven - you must be relentless. Using a unique three-part system - Relentless Rules of Success, Positive Addictions, and his one-of-a-kind daily structured game-plan Triad - Root teaches readers how to achieve unprecedented success.  

In this tough economic climate, it is easy to see why people - especially entrepreneurs and small- business owners - are so pessimistic about their financial prospects. But Root has found the key to thriving in the worst economy of our lifetime. Drawing from his own financial success, Root explains, "One thing, more than ever, separates the winners from the losers, the leaders from the wannabes, the dreamers from the succeeders... It is the Power of RELENTLESS!"

In The Power of RELENTLESS, the reader will discover:

·      Wayne's own personal Relentless Triad - the remarkable, incredible, magical scheduled daily action plan that will change your life by 9:00 a.m.;
·         The secret Wayne learned from his dying mother;
·         How prominent figures like Floyd "Money" Mayweather, "Broadway Joe" Namath, and Wayne used the magic of branding to turn themselves into highly marketable commodities;
·         Why Wayne threw his grandpa from a plane;
·         Three bonus Principles of Relentless, along with a bonus chapter on Relentless Wealth Protection and Appreciation; and
·         Wayne's twelve secret "Positive Addictions" that give him the nonstop energy to put the seven Principles of Relentless into action all day, every day - with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

About the Author: Wayne Allyn Root - an entrepreneur, CEO, best-selling business author and speaker, small business defender, and crusader for smaller government, lower taxes and fewer regulations. Wayne is a nationally known TV and radio commentator on the topics of business, economics, entrepreneurship, and politics.