Thursday, January 23, 2014

Uncommon Sense - Second Edition

Uncommon Sense
Solutions to Modern Political and Social Challenges Based on Ancient Jewish Wisdom (The Talmud)

The Talmud is the central text of traditional Judaism. Among other topics, it also touches on a wide range of humanistic issues. Rabbi D.B. Ganz has written a most unique book, Uncommon Sense, that demonstrates how Talmudic thinking is highly relevant to the major social and political issues that bedevil today's modern Western societies. Uncommon Sense was not written in an attempt to mix religion with politics. Almost anyone, Gentile or Jew, can sidestep its origins and gain beneficial insights from Talmudic wisdom.

This is a positive book of specific solutions to specific topics rather than a volume that mainly attacks either liberals or conservatives. Though small in size (239 pages) and easy to read, it nonetheless covers a wide array of "hot" topics, including:
  • How to end medical malpractice lawsuits and lower the cost of doctor care; 
  • Whether English should be America's national language;
  • Abortion policy;
  • How to both strengthen the military and at the same time reduce its cost;
  • Why liberals are liberal about almost everything except for ideas and people that are not liberal;
  • Whether the U.S. should intervene and help rebels overthrow bloodthirsty Third World dictators (like Assad in Syria);
  • How a country and its citizens can grow prosperous and wealthy;
  • Why, by definition, government management of almost anything (such as health care) will be terribly inefficient and terribly wasteful;
  • A policy on all taxation;
  • Illegal immigration to the U.S.; and 
  • What government should or should not control.
There is also an Epilogue on how people can attain enduring inner contentment and happiness.

The newly released edition of Uncommon Sense focuses additionally on two major topics:

1. How to vanquish the opposition in a political campaign. Though applicable to all political parties, in particular, the book zeroes in on the current Republican struggle against Obamacare and other liberal initiatives. Drawing upon ancient Jewish wisdom, it strongly cautions against certain tactics now being widely employed by opinion makers on the right. It then outlines a simple and specific approach to getting Obamacare repealed and attaining decisive conservative victories in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

2. How to defend the U.S. against deadly threats. This chapter deals with two major threats to the U.S. One is that of bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists who could theoretically strike America almost anywhere and inflict massive carnage. The second focuses on the treacherous computer hacking of the U.S.'s military, government, power plants, and private industry that was orchestrated by the Chinese government. Based on ancient Jewish thinking, the book proposes forceful and decisive ways of defending the U.S. from these two potentially lethal dangers.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FREE DVD: 2014 Will Bring U.S. "Crisis of Confidence"

Today our nation faces a crisis of confidence.  Polls show that 85% of Americans don't trust Congress, 53% don't trust the president, and, amazingly, 66% do not even trust their fellow Americans.

This rising tide of debt and distrust has economic consequences.  Get my new DVD, which identifies seven "realities" that could ignite major economic problems in 2014: The Timeless Truth About Money. [more...]

Wayne Allyn Root is an entrepreneur, CEO, best-selling business author and speaker, small business defender, and crusader for smaller government, lower taxes and fewer regulations. Wayne is a nationally known TV and radio commentator on the topics of business, economics, entrepreneurship, and politics. He is also President Obama's college classmate from Columbia University (class of '83). His latest book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide is the handbook all Americans need not just to survive the next four years, but to outsmart the coming big-government disaster.  Get his new free DVD, The Timeless Truth About Money.

The Trident By Jason Redman

The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader

"There already are many books on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There will be more, including by those who experienced the fire of combat.  This story, though, is not just about a SEAL on the Iraqi battlefield, but a SEAL at war with himself, and his ultimate victory.  I believe his story will inspire the reader, just as it did me."
--Robert M. Gates, former Secretary of Defense, 2006-2011

Former Lieutenant Jason Redman had a legendary career as a SEAL from 1995-2013 and was deployed to Columbia, Peru, Afghanistan and Iraq, where he served as a team assault force commander. In western Iraq alone, he conducted forty capture-kill missions with his men and captured more than 120 Al Qaida insurgent leaders and fighters.

But the high-stakes of combat are only part of his story. THE TRIDENT: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader is an intense and unforgettable story of a man's determination to overcome adversity no matter the cost. Redman's journey - from his training as a SEAL and the early years when he struggled to find the balance between bravery and bravado, to his near-death and subsequent recovery - is the evolution of a modern warrior, husband, and father. This is a man who has come to embody the never-say-die spirit that defines this elite fighting force.

Some topics that Jason discusses in the book and can discuss in interviews are:
  •          The forging of a Navy SEAL - all Jason wanted to do from a very young age was to be a Navy SEAL.  He discusses his infatuation with the military and SEALs in particular, including his family's military history, as well as the long road to getting his Trident.
  •          The reforging of a Navy SEAL - during a battle with the Taliban in Afghanistan, Jason makes a critical error that got him into a great deal of trouble. He risked losing his Trident, and battled his own emotions to come back as a leader. Although it was a dark time for him, his faith and his family helped him recommit to his career.
  •          His injury - during a battle in Iraq in 2007, Jason was seriously wounded by gunshots to the arm and face, requiring over 30 surgeries.  While hospitalized, he posted a sign on his door warning anyone who entered that they should not "feel sorry for" his wounds. He discusses in depth how he was injured, what the recovery process was like for him as well as his wife Erica, and how it led him to form his company, Wounded Wear.
  •          How military service affects families - between trainings and missions, the life of a SEAL took a huge toll on Jason's relationship with his wife Erica (as well as their children). Jason also discusses how his family helped him survive the long missions, and how in his darkest times with the SEALs Erica stood by him. 
  •          Missions - From the jungles of South America, to the swamps of Florida, to the desserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, Jason has no shortage of experience handling all types of missions. Jason thoroughly explains each mission and how it helped him become a better SEAL and a better leader.

THE TRIDENT is an intense and unforgettable story of a man's determination to overcome adversity no matter the cost.

More about the author: Former Lieutenant Jason Redman spent 11 years as an enlisted Navy SEAL. For his bravery in battle, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor, the Purple Heart, the Navy Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Navy Achievement Medal (five awards), and the Combat Action Ribbon (two awards). After being severely wounded in Iraq while acting as Assault Force Commander, Redman returned to active duty with the Navy SEALs, retiring in 2013. He has founded a non-profit corporation called Wounded Wear, which provides clothing tailored for wounded warriors. He and his wife Erica live with their children in Virginia.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Passing of the Legendary Bob Grant

Bob Grant was a giant in the talk radio industry!  And he was my friend.  R.I.P., Bob!  We love you!
Straight ahead!