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Non-Computable YOU By Robert J. Marks


Non-Computable YOU

What You Do That Artificial Intelligence Never Will

By Robert J. Marks

 Are Future Humans Doomed to Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

 Artificial intelligence has largely replaced travel agents, tollbooth attendants and mapmakers, but will smart machines / AI someday replace attorneys, physicians, military strategies, and world leaders? What about composers, painters, and novelists? Are we doomed to obsolescence by tomorrow's ultra-powerful artificial intelligence? Robert J. Marks, a pioneer in computing intelligence, says, "no way." In his new book, Non-Computable You: What You Do That Artificial Intelligence Never Will Marks says as impressive as AI is, it doesn't hold a candle to human intelligence... and it never will. How does he know? The answer can be stated in one word: algorithm.

In NON-COMPUTABLE YOU, you will learn:

·    The difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial general intelligence (AGI);

·    That AI has achieved many incredible things - and continues to do so... but that there are certain problems AI will never solve;

·    That AI will never be sentient;

·    About examples of how AI doesn't have common sense;

·    Why AI will never be creative;

·    That artificial general intelligence, or AGI, will never be achieved by computers;

·    That there is a cult religion forming around AI called the AI church; and

·    Why great minds like Henry Kissinger and Stephen Hawking are wrong about AI.

Catch a glimpse of the geniuses behind today's AI - their foibles, follies, and friendships - as told by someone on the inside. Under the author's steady and winsome guidance, learn about the exciting possibilities for artificial intelligence, but also hear how many of the heady claims for AI are provably overblown. Marks shows why there are some powers AI will never possess, no matter what. These powers belong to another - to NON-COMPUTABLE YOU.

"Emotions that make us human will never be duplicated by a machine," says Marks. "These include compassion, love, empathy, elation, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, pleasure, pride, excitement, embarrassment, regret, jealousy, grief, hope, and faith. Properly defined, creativity, sentience, and understanding are also on the list. These and other non-algorithmic traits are evidence of NON-COMPUTABLE YOU."

Machine intelligence may someday have the proper code to duplicate all human attributes. Impersonate, perhaps, but experience, no. AI will never be creative or have understanding. Machines may mimic certain other human traits but will never duplicate them. AI can be programmed only to simulate love, compassion, and understanding.

"Written brilliantly by an expert who served as Editor in Chief of a leading AI journal and who helped lay the foundations of the field."

--Jacek M. Zurada, PhD Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert J. Marks II, Ph.D. is Distinguished Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, School of Engineering & Computer Science, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Baylor University. He serves as the director of Discovery Institute’s Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence and hosts the Center's Mind Matters podcast. Marks is a Fellow of both the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Optical Society of America.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

LOCKDOWN By Cheryl Chumley




The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom

By Cheryl Chumley

Beware. Be warned. Be armed with the truth to fight.

This is the world the Left envisions.

This is the America the collectivists are busily building.

Washington Times Online Opinion Editor, Cheryl Chumley's new book, LOCKDOWN: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom is the terrifying story of how the government is using the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic to cloak their nefarious plan to take away American freedoms, a dangerous growth of government power. 

Using COVID-19 as a cover, Democrat leaders and their bureaucratic health advisers have seized powers the Constitution never gave them and ordered citizens to stay off streets and out of public parks, banned them from their workplaces, closed down their schools, and made church attendance a crime - even as these same leaders and their left-leaning cronies blithely, arrogantly and outrageously allowed mass protests, kept open abortion clinics, and did as they pleased.

In LOCKDOWN, you'll learn:

·    That the Coronavirus will go down in U.S. history as the greatest political hoax the Democrats have ever inflicted on the American people. The virus may have been real - but the response from the left was far from truthful.

·    'Never let a crisis go to waste' is old-style Democrat politicking. The new mantra, thanks to the Coronavirus, is never let fear go to waste.

·    That Americans ought to be both shamed and shocked at the way the country caved to Democrat demands during the height of coronavirus crackdowns. What's worse is now Americans have been conditioned to believe the government holds the power to strip away rights at will. 

·    That either individual rights come from God - or they don't. Either America is a nation of individualism - or it isn't. The Coronavirus showed how far we've strayed from those core characteristics of American exceptionalism; and the goal post may have been permanently moved. Today's America is all too willing to compromise on God-given liberties for the sake of the greater good - and to do so without questioning the conflict of interest with a government that's allowed to define the greater good.

·    To peel back the curtain of government and peek behind the doors of Big Pharma and it's clear: the same people who continue to call for continued clampdowns on liberties and for more shots in the arms of citizens are those most benefitting - either in terms of power and influence, or in terms of financial profits.

In this sequel to her bestselling Socialists Don't Sleep - and relying on her trademark, aggressive reporting style - Chumley exposes how hypocritical, elitist, and radical leftists are STILL using the Coronavirus to score political points and steal individual rights as the original pandemic served as a dress rehearsal in the march toward the new fascism.

The people, organizations and companies Chumley exposes in LOCKDOWN (responsible for the "Great Reset" in order to increase control over the lives of citizens as they build a one-party, socialist state in America) include:

·    The Democratic Party and its leaders: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi;

·    The Radical Left and its leaders: Bernie Sanders & A.O.C.;

·    Bill Gates, big tech and media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & CNN; and

·    Big Government bureaucracies such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and the NIAID, and its Director, Anthony Fauci.

LOCKDOWN is a warning that the extraordinary powers invoked by left-wing Democrats and others, justified by claims of public health and safety, have begun the unraveling of America's constitutional order and our most cherished freedoms.

"Exposes the truth about the Left's exploitation of COVID-19 and the dangers of big government. This book is an important tool for all Americans to defend their God-given freedom and liberties."

--Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cheryl Chumley is an author and the online opinion editor for The Washington Times, where she also serves as commentary writer and host of the "Bold and Blunt" twice-weekly podcast. An award-winning journalist with more than 15 years of experience covering Capitol Hill, state and local politics, her publication credits include Newsmax, The Blaze, The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner, The Heritage Foundation, and more. Chumley has made hundreds of appearances on TV and radio, including Fox News, C-SPAN, CBN and Newsmax TV. Chumley is the author of four books, including: Socialists Don't Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall. She is a U.S. Army veteran. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution By Mike Gonzalez


BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution

By Mike Gonzalez

In the explosive new book, BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution, Sr. Fellow Heritage Foundation Mike Gonzalez takes on a terrorist organization that is methodically destroying America - Black Lives Matter - and exposes them for what they really are revealing grifting on a major scale.

Back in 2020, BLM, which says its mission is to "eradicate white supremacy," quickly stoked anger over George Floyd's death and unleashed protests and riots in American cities, precipitating great changes throughout American society. These were not spontaneous events; Americans did not suddenly rise up in righteous anger, take to the streets, and demand not just that police departments be defunded but that all the structures, institutions, and systems of the United States - all supposedly racist - be overhauled.

Incredibly, Wikipedia still identifies BLM with this completely false narrative: "Black Lives Matter protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful; when violence does occur, it is often committed by police or by counter-protesters. Despite this, opponents have falsely portrayed the movement as violent." Because of media portraying this terrorist group as a peaceful movement, many hundreds of thousands of people and corporations have been bamboozled into donating money that has never been accounted for.

In BLM, you'll learn:

·    That BLM's founders are radical Marxists whose express goal is to dismantle America - especially the nuclear family;

·    Why the money Americans contributed to BLM is not being used to fight racial discrimination at all;

·    That the three leaders of BLM - Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah - used donations to buy a $6 million dollar home in California;

·    That the IRS has no idea where the millions of dollars in donations went; and

·    People and corporations who donated to BLM have filed many complaints that the funds never reached the black community; and

·    That BLM has not reported to the IRS what is has done with more than $60 million it has grifted from the vulnerable public;

The 12,000 or so demonstrations and 633 related riots that followed Floyd's death took organizational muscle. The movement's grip on institutions from the classroom to the ballpark required ideological commitment. That muscle and commitment were provided by the various BLM organizations.

This book examines who the BLM leaders are, delving into their backgrounds and exposing their agendas - something the media has so far refused to do. These people are shown to be avowed Marxists who say they want to dismantle our way of life. Along with their fellow activists, they make destructive use of social media to spread their message and organize marches, sit-ins, statue vandalism and removal, and riots. In 2020, they seized upon the video showing George Floyd's suffering as a pretext to unleash a nationwide insurgency.

Certainly, no person of good will could object to the proposition that "black lives matter" as much as any other human life. But Americans need to understand how their laudable moral concern is being exploited for purposes that a great many of them would not approve. This ambiguous phrase has become ubiquitous in America and around the world implying that the eradication of systemic racism is their intent, when in fact they're bilking donors out of millions of dollars to line their own pockets.

"Mike Gonzalez shows why Americans must take seriously the architects of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory. He systematically reveals how these Marxists seek to transform America into something unimagined by the Founders and unrecognizable to most Americans today. His diagnosis of the threat is superbly argued and his wake-up call sorely needed."

--Victor Davis Hanson, The Hoover Institution

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Gonzalez has been a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. since 2009. He spent close to twenty years as a journalist, fifteen of them writing from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He left journalism to join the Bush administration, serving as a speechwriter before moving on to the State Department’s European Bureau, where he wrote speeches and op-eds.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

The Credentialed Court By Benjamin H. Barton



The Credentialed Court

Inside the Cloistered, Elite World of American Justice

By Benjamin H. Barton

THE CREDENTIALED COURT: Inside the Cloistered, Elite World of American Justice by Professor Benjamin H. Barton starts by establishing just how different today's Justices are from their predecessors. The book combines two massive empirical studies of every Justice's background from John Jay to Amy Coney Barrett with short, readable bios of past greats to demonstrate that today's Justices arrive on the Court with much narrower experiences than they once did.

The current Supreme Court is dominated by a particular type of lawyer. If Judge Brown Jackson is appointed, there will be seven Justices who attended an Ivy League University for undergraduate and eight Justices who went to Harvard or Yale Law School. She will be the fifth former Supreme Court clerk. She will be the sixth Justice to practice law at an elite D.C. law firm; she will be the eighth Justice to come from the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the fourth from the D.C. Circuit. From the time these Justices turned 18 and arrived at an ivy league college, they have lived remarkably similar lives.


·    That this is not typical for the history of the court - we used to have Justices with long and varied careers serving as politicians, in the military, in business, or as decorated solo practitioners;

·    What U.S. Supreme Court Justices did before they joined the Court and how it has changed over history;

·    The current Court is the most diverse in history in terms of race and gender but lacks diversity across other dimensions;

·    That today's Justices have spent more time in elite academic settings (both as students and faculty) than any previous Courts;

·    That the current Court reflects these new Justices in longer opinions packed with more concurrences and dissents. Each Justice is trying to outdo the other in terms of complex legal analysis; and

·    That one solution Professor Barton pitches is to return the Justices to circuit riding. For the first 100 years of the Court, the Justices heard cases all over the country on "circuit." If we are going to appoint cloistered D.C. lawyers to the Court, let's at least get them on the road.

Every Justice but Barrett attended either Harvard or Yale Law School, and four of the Justices were tenured professors at prestigious law schools. They also spent more time as Federal Appellate Court Judges than any previous Courts. These two jobs (tenured law professor and appellate judge) share two critical components: both jobs are basically lifetime appointments that involve little or no contact with the public at large. The modern Supreme Court Justices have spent their lives in cloistered and elite settings, the polar opposite of past Justices.

The current Supreme Court is packed with a very specific type of person: type-A overachievers who have triumphed in a long tournament measuring academic and technical legal excellence. This Court desperately lacks individuals who reflect a different type of "merit."

Professor Barton examines the exceptional and varied lives of past greats from John Marshall to Thurgood Marshall and asks how many, if any, of these giants would be nominated today. THE CREDENTIALED COURT argues against our current bookish and narrow version of meritocracy. Healthier societies offer multiple different routes to success and onto bodies like our Supreme Court.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Professor Ben Barton is the author of four books: Fixing Law SchoolsRebooting JusticeGlass Half Full: The Decline and Rebirth of the Legal Profession, and The Lawyer-Judge Bias in the American courts. Professor Barton is the Helen and Charles Lockett Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee. 

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Black Lives Matter Lied, 973 Police Died By David Horowitz

Black Lives Matter Lied,

973 Police Died

National bestselling author David Horowitz exposes why black lives don't matter to Black Lives Matter

Conservative author and chronicler of the Left David Horowitz's book, I CAN'T BREATHE: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America is THE comprehensive analysis of the biggest hoax of the twenty-first century. Those three words rocked the nation in the spring of 2020 and the historic eruption of lawlessness and violence (that followed career criminal George Floyd's death) opened new fault lines in the nation's cultural and political landscape, threatening a radical reshaping of American society. It's representative domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is at the root of this destructive movement that changed America forever. Two years after Floyd’s death, the hate campaign it spawned is still inspiring criminal violence as we observe in the breaking news that BLM posted bail for a celebrated BLM activist who attempted to assassinate a mayoral candidate in Louisville, KY.

Horowitz's "I Can't Breathe" exposes Black Lives Matter (BLM) - the openly racist and anti-Semitic criminal organization run by America-hating Marxists. BLM's hate campaign against police, fueled by false claims and accusations, has led to the deaths of 973 officers, a de-fund police campaign, and a dramatic spike in black-on-black homicides in inner city communities. Examining the twenty-six most notorious cases of police "racism" - from Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor - David Horowitz demonstrates that BLM has lied about every one of them in its quest to undermine law and order, fuel race hatred, and destroy America.

Since 2020, it has become clear that Black Lives Matter is not about protecting and supporting black lives. BLM is responsible for a racial hoax that has taken the lives of thousands of blacks, incited violent insurrections in 220 cities, destroyed billions of dollars in property, and unleashed a crime wave that is setting records for homicides and robberies across the United States. This is plain and simply domestic terrorism.

Contrary to what the donors to BLM believe, the tens of millions of dollars raised in support of BLM have been appropriated by BLM leaders to spend on themselves - not on helping black people as their ambiguous name suggests. But who in their right mind would donate money to such an "organization" that, by the way, is being represented by the most prominent Democrat Party lawyer in the country, Marc Elias? In January, news reports indicated that BLM had $60M in the bank, but it's unclear who controls it. Where did all the money go that this terrorist organization bamboozled from hundreds of thousands of people and corporations? Who will hold the nonprofit's officers personally liable for its lack of financial transparency? They have yet to even file taxes for 2020, the year they raised tens of millions after George Floyd's death; and they have no official leader overseeing its $60 million war chest after its co-founder resigned in May.

Massive giving by deep-pocketed donors linked to Facebook, Twitter and Netflix - as well as by corporations rushing to show the "right" political consciousness - enabled Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) to raise over $90 million in 2020 alone. Yet no one seems to know how most of that money has been spent. Interestingly, BLM's impact report lists far more transgender-advocacy organizations as its recipients than organizations promoting black civil rights. You'd think that all of this might make more people want to know what happened to the billions pledged to BLM, or the millions given to BLMGNF specifically. Yet most media outlets have not held them culpable.

It's clear now, in 2022, that despite its claim to be an "inclusive and spacious movement," BLM's aim is to divide Americans by race, class, and party in pursuit of a radical agenda that would impoverish and degrade everyone and turn America into a communist state like Castro's Cuba, where their patron saint, cop-killer Assata Shakur is a fugitive.

Demonstrated by their actions over the past two years, we now know for certain that the goals of BLM are a far cry from those of the civil rights movement of sixty years ago. Despite its anti-capitalist, anti-family, anti-wealth, anti-Semitic, anti-white and anti-American agenda, BLM continues to receive hundreds of millions of dollars from powerful donors. And they have yet to be held accountable for all the criminal acts spawned by their hate campaigns. I Can't Breathe not only uncovers the truth about BLM but provides solutions that will actually strengthen black communities and guarantee the freedom of all citizens.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Jew Hatred Rising By Richard L. Cravatts, Ph.D.

Jew Hatred Rising
The Perversities of the Campus War Against 
Israel and the Jews

New e-book Exposes Hostile Campus Climate for Jewish Students

In a new e-book released this week by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, author Richard L. Cravatts, Ph.D. exposes the lies and misrepresentations of the pro-Palestinian movement on American campuses, revealing its true roots in the ancient animus of Jew hatred and the genocidal threat of Islamic supremacism.

The e-book is titled, Jew Hatred Rising: The perversities of the campus war against Israel and the Jews, in which Cravatts describes in detail the hostile climate that BDS activists have created for Jewish students on campus who are accused of racism for supporting a Jewish state and denied equal participation in student affairs. He also parses the warped logic of pro-Palestinian activists who declare Israel to be illegitimate while championing the non-existent nation of "Palestine."

"The notion of 'two states living sides by side in peace,' as the oft-repeated refrain goes, is, and always has been, of complete irrelevance to the Arabs," writes Cravatts. "The creation of a new Arab state is not the sought-after goal; what is the actual goal is the extirpation of the Jewish one."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Richard L. Cravatts, Ph.D. published over 350 articles, op-ed pieces, columns, and chapters in books on campus anti-Semitism, campus free speech, terrorism, Constitutional law, Middle East politics, real estate, and social policy, and is the author of the book, Genocidal Liberalism: The University’s War Against Israel & Jews. He is also a frequent guest on radio programs and lectures nationally on the topic of higher education and the Middle East.

Monday, January 31, 2022

Rediscovering America By Scott S. Powell



Rediscovering America

By Scott S. Powell

With an Introduction by David Horowitz

New Book Calls on Americans to Rediscover Their Past to Save the Future

Most engaged citizens are aware that America likely faces more turmoil because of lost confidence in national leadership, election irregularities, overrun borders, extraordinarily lax law enforcement, almost no penalties for those engaged in massive law-breaking and the wholesale destruction of property in 2020. But just as the United States is now seemingly under unprecedented attack from every side, a new book Rediscovering America by Scott S. Powell, addresses these challenges head-on by succinctly explaining why the discovery and founding of America and its rapid rise as a world power happened for good reasons and not by chance. 

In Rediscovering America you'll learn:

·    How little-known stories behind the holidays reveal what’s needed to revive and save America today;

·    Why the genius and simplicity of the Constitution with its checks and balances and protections under the Bill of Rights are the only reliable guarantor of people's creativity and the flourishing of the nation;

·    How the level playing field of freedom to succeed and achieve success have made the idea of America as a land of perpetual opportunity and progress so enduring;

·    How true leadership, law enforcement and responsive institutions will work now to bring about correctives to problems just as they have throughout America's 400 years of history; and

·    Why corruption and abuse of power rather than institutional failure, are the chief causes of decline and demise, and what you can do to bring about correctives.

Rediscovering America makes a convincing case that most of our present problems can be solved by better understanding the past. In so doing the reader is elevated to see through the propaganda of such initiatives as the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory to gain a refreshing and penetrating understanding about what it really means to be an enlightened American who delights in the vision of Martin Luther King, whose timeless truth - that people "should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" - is the absolute standard that cannot be eclipsed.

No one would refer to the United States as "just another nation," as the concept of "America" has always carried big and positive attributes. From the first settlers to today's arrivals in America 400 years later, immigrants remind us that the mythic sense of America as being a place of refuge and sanctuary, a land of second chances, renewal and new beginnings, a place of unexplored frontiers with unlimited possibilities is so enduring and compelling.

According to Powell, America's role in history and in the world isn't just unique and important, but it's indispensable. There have been nation states of prior cultural achievement, but the United States is the only country in the entire history of mankind that was specifically founded on ideas and principles, rather than royalty, blood lineage, language, common culture, geography or the spoils of war and conquest. And the founding ideas of America - that all people are created equal in value, and that they have unalienable rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" - remain as powerful and true today as ever. 

The concept of America as the land of the free and the home of the brave is under greater attack from internal and external enemies than ever before, threatening to end life in our constitutional republic as we and generations before us have known it. Powell reminds us that should freedom continue to ebb to the point of being snuffed out in America, a great darkness would envelop the world, fulfilling the warning of John Adams who said, "Liberty once lost is lost forever." The fulfillment of the so-called Great Reset would bring on global authoritarian rule and mass poverty and starvation.

Rediscovering America does not deny or avoid covering the difficulties and failures that punctuate the history of the United States, but it may well be the most optimistic book about America written in many years. And it's no accident that its publication comes at a time most in need of its reassuring message. Rediscovering America is like no other book because it offers solutions grounded in fundamental timeless principles and qualities of character.

This book was written to defeat the enemies of our republic by equipping readers from all walks of life to get connected to the character and accomplishments of their forebears and the arc of redemption that defines our history. Prior generations of Americans who shared a similar greatness of moral vision and believed in the beauty of freedom and equality sacrificed their all that this nation might be protected, guided, and healed. We are called to do no less.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Scott S. Powell has been a fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution and is currently senior fellow at Discovery Institute. Having been a frequent guest on national radio and TV, he has also published 250 articles in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s Financial, New York Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union, Florida Sun Sentinel, USA Today and some two dozen other newspapers and journals in the U.S., Japan and Europe. He has been called on twice to provide expert witness testimony for the U.S. Senate Committees: the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.