Thursday, February 17, 2022

Black Lives Matter Lied, 973 Police Died By David Horowitz

Black Lives Matter Lied,

973 Police Died

National bestselling author David Horowitz exposes why black lives don't matter to Black Lives Matter

Conservative author and chronicler of the Left David Horowitz's book, I CAN'T BREATHE: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America is THE comprehensive analysis of the biggest hoax of the twenty-first century. Those three words rocked the nation in the spring of 2020 and the historic eruption of lawlessness and violence (that followed career criminal George Floyd's death) opened new fault lines in the nation's cultural and political landscape, threatening a radical reshaping of American society. It's representative domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is at the root of this destructive movement that changed America forever. Two years after Floyd’s death, the hate campaign it spawned is still inspiring criminal violence as we observe in the breaking news that BLM posted bail for a celebrated BLM activist who attempted to assassinate a mayoral candidate in Louisville, KY.

Horowitz's "I Can't Breathe" exposes Black Lives Matter (BLM) - the openly racist and anti-Semitic criminal organization run by America-hating Marxists. BLM's hate campaign against police, fueled by false claims and accusations, has led to the deaths of 973 officers, a de-fund police campaign, and a dramatic spike in black-on-black homicides in inner city communities. Examining the twenty-six most notorious cases of police "racism" - from Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor - David Horowitz demonstrates that BLM has lied about every one of them in its quest to undermine law and order, fuel race hatred, and destroy America.

Since 2020, it has become clear that Black Lives Matter is not about protecting and supporting black lives. BLM is responsible for a racial hoax that has taken the lives of thousands of blacks, incited violent insurrections in 220 cities, destroyed billions of dollars in property, and unleashed a crime wave that is setting records for homicides and robberies across the United States. This is plain and simply domestic terrorism.

Contrary to what the donors to BLM believe, the tens of millions of dollars raised in support of BLM have been appropriated by BLM leaders to spend on themselves - not on helping black people as their ambiguous name suggests. But who in their right mind would donate money to such an "organization" that, by the way, is being represented by the most prominent Democrat Party lawyer in the country, Marc Elias? In January, news reports indicated that BLM had $60M in the bank, but it's unclear who controls it. Where did all the money go that this terrorist organization bamboozled from hundreds of thousands of people and corporations? Who will hold the nonprofit's officers personally liable for its lack of financial transparency? They have yet to even file taxes for 2020, the year they raised tens of millions after George Floyd's death; and they have no official leader overseeing its $60 million war chest after its co-founder resigned in May.

Massive giving by deep-pocketed donors linked to Facebook, Twitter and Netflix - as well as by corporations rushing to show the "right" political consciousness - enabled Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) to raise over $90 million in 2020 alone. Yet no one seems to know how most of that money has been spent. Interestingly, BLM's impact report lists far more transgender-advocacy organizations as its recipients than organizations promoting black civil rights. You'd think that all of this might make more people want to know what happened to the billions pledged to BLM, or the millions given to BLMGNF specifically. Yet most media outlets have not held them culpable.

It's clear now, in 2022, that despite its claim to be an "inclusive and spacious movement," BLM's aim is to divide Americans by race, class, and party in pursuit of a radical agenda that would impoverish and degrade everyone and turn America into a communist state like Castro's Cuba, where their patron saint, cop-killer Assata Shakur is a fugitive.

Demonstrated by their actions over the past two years, we now know for certain that the goals of BLM are a far cry from those of the civil rights movement of sixty years ago. Despite its anti-capitalist, anti-family, anti-wealth, anti-Semitic, anti-white and anti-American agenda, BLM continues to receive hundreds of millions of dollars from powerful donors. And they have yet to be held accountable for all the criminal acts spawned by their hate campaigns. I Can't Breathe not only uncovers the truth about BLM but provides solutions that will actually strengthen black communities and guarantee the freedom of all citizens.

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