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Rediscovering America By Scott S. Powell



Rediscovering America

By Scott S. Powell

With an Introduction by David Horowitz

New Book Calls on Americans to Rediscover Their Past to Save the Future

Most engaged citizens are aware that America likely faces more turmoil because of lost confidence in national leadership, election irregularities, overrun borders, extraordinarily lax law enforcement, almost no penalties for those engaged in massive law-breaking and the wholesale destruction of property in 2020. But just as the United States is now seemingly under unprecedented attack from every side, a new book Rediscovering America by Scott S. Powell, addresses these challenges head-on by succinctly explaining why the discovery and founding of America and its rapid rise as a world power happened for good reasons and not by chance. 

In Rediscovering America you'll learn:

·    How little-known stories behind the holidays reveal what’s needed to revive and save America today;

·    Why the genius and simplicity of the Constitution with its checks and balances and protections under the Bill of Rights are the only reliable guarantor of people's creativity and the flourishing of the nation;

·    How the level playing field of freedom to succeed and achieve success have made the idea of America as a land of perpetual opportunity and progress so enduring;

·    How true leadership, law enforcement and responsive institutions will work now to bring about correctives to problems just as they have throughout America's 400 years of history; and

·    Why corruption and abuse of power rather than institutional failure, are the chief causes of decline and demise, and what you can do to bring about correctives.

Rediscovering America makes a convincing case that most of our present problems can be solved by better understanding the past. In so doing the reader is elevated to see through the propaganda of such initiatives as the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory to gain a refreshing and penetrating understanding about what it really means to be an enlightened American who delights in the vision of Martin Luther King, whose timeless truth - that people "should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" - is the absolute standard that cannot be eclipsed.

No one would refer to the United States as "just another nation," as the concept of "America" has always carried big and positive attributes. From the first settlers to today's arrivals in America 400 years later, immigrants remind us that the mythic sense of America as being a place of refuge and sanctuary, a land of second chances, renewal and new beginnings, a place of unexplored frontiers with unlimited possibilities is so enduring and compelling.

According to Powell, America's role in history and in the world isn't just unique and important, but it's indispensable. There have been nation states of prior cultural achievement, but the United States is the only country in the entire history of mankind that was specifically founded on ideas and principles, rather than royalty, blood lineage, language, common culture, geography or the spoils of war and conquest. And the founding ideas of America - that all people are created equal in value, and that they have unalienable rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" - remain as powerful and true today as ever. 

The concept of America as the land of the free and the home of the brave is under greater attack from internal and external enemies than ever before, threatening to end life in our constitutional republic as we and generations before us have known it. Powell reminds us that should freedom continue to ebb to the point of being snuffed out in America, a great darkness would envelop the world, fulfilling the warning of John Adams who said, "Liberty once lost is lost forever." The fulfillment of the so-called Great Reset would bring on global authoritarian rule and mass poverty and starvation.

Rediscovering America does not deny or avoid covering the difficulties and failures that punctuate the history of the United States, but it may well be the most optimistic book about America written in many years. And it's no accident that its publication comes at a time most in need of its reassuring message. Rediscovering America is like no other book because it offers solutions grounded in fundamental timeless principles and qualities of character.

This book was written to defeat the enemies of our republic by equipping readers from all walks of life to get connected to the character and accomplishments of their forebears and the arc of redemption that defines our history. Prior generations of Americans who shared a similar greatness of moral vision and believed in the beauty of freedom and equality sacrificed their all that this nation might be protected, guided, and healed. We are called to do no less.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Scott S. Powell has been a fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution and is currently senior fellow at Discovery Institute. Having been a frequent guest on national radio and TV, he has also published 250 articles in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s Financial, New York Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union, Florida Sun Sentinel, USA Today and some two dozen other newspapers and journals in the U.S., Japan and Europe. He has been called on twice to provide expert witness testimony for the U.S. Senate Committees: the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. 

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