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The Troubling Rise of Global Antisemitism

The Troubling Rise of Global Antisemitism

The groundbreaking, timely documentary NEVER AGAIN IS NOW will be released on October 23, 2019 on Amazon Prime in the U.S., Canada and the UK. This film is about the troubling rise of global antisemitism, told through the eyes of Evelyn Markus, a Dutch Jewish woman, against the backdrop of Holocaust history.

Never Again is Now chronicles the inspiring personal journey of an unlikely hero in the fight against rising global antisemitism. Evelyn Markus was one of the first in the current Jewish exodus from Europe. In the United States, the same values that galvanized her family's brave liberators to defeat the Nazis have inspired Evelyn to confront the hatred that drove her from her homeland. But, sadly, she is discovering that those same antisemitic incidents are surging in America. In an inspiring and thorough inquiry, she interviews global thought leaders, including Ben Shapiro, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and devout Muslim physician Qanta Ahmed.

Evelyn grew up in the '70s in the liberal city, Amsterdam, virtually without any antisemitism and enjoyed life with her long-time partner, Rosa. But all that suddenly changed in 2000 when a pink Star of David was painted on her front door and calls like "Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas!" were shouted on the streets and Jews were beaten up on their way to synagogue. As a child of Holocaust survivors, she was alarmed and knew she had to do something. The producers of Never Again is Now enabled her to tell her story and warn everyone of rising antisemitism all around the world. Her mission is to raise awareness at the grassroots level about rising antisemitism and facilitate civilized discourse focused on finding solutions.

In Never Again is Now, you'll learn: 

·    Israel went from being a respected country to being portrayed by the European Left as the new age Nazis;

·    The new surge of antisemitism came also with the influx of Muslim immigrants, mostly from Turkey and Morocco;

·    The Left in America is starting to turn against Israel;

·    Classic anti-Jewish tropes are now being voiced by members of Congress;

·    In tens of American mosques, imams call for the annihilation of the Jews during prayer services; and

·    Uncontrolled immigration leads to a rise of the Far Right and antisemitism.

Never Again is Now reveals an alarmingly expansive portrait of current Left, Right and religious influences on rising antisemitism in the U.S. and in Europe. This is not about Right or Left; this is about right or wrong. Back in 1940, they could have stopped the evil threat but they didn't. Now we need to stop it while we still can. That's why Never Again is Now!

"Truly one of the most important documentaries of the decade."  --The Daily Wire

"'Never Again is Now' brings to light problems that are taking place in the world today that many people know nothing about."  --Gerry Orz in The Huffington Post

Amazon US, Canada / Amazon UK


"This documentary should shock you to the core. Lawmakers have a burden of responsibility to deal with the issues this documentary highlights."  --Michael McCann, Former Member of British Parliament and Director of the Israel Britain Alliance

ABOUT Evelyn Markus: Evelyn holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She was a member of an advisory task force to Dutch Parliament on policies against cultural violence. She co-founded the Dutch non-profit organization "Network on Antisemitism," a pressure group and think tank that urged and advised authorities to take measures against the rising antisemitism. She also worked as a consultant to the Anne Frank House on combating rising antisemitism of Dutch immigrant youth. Evelyn's articles on antisemitism are being published in leading Dutch newspapers and in the American online sites, Gatestone Institute and Frontpage Magazine, and she is also speaking throughout the United States.

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