Thursday, October 17, 2019

Root for the Wall PAC

Conservative TV and Radio Personality Wayne Allyn Root Announces


Wayne Allyn Root, popular conservative national TV host, nationally syndicated radio host and columnist and bestselling author, announces his latest project - ROOT FOR THE WALL PAC.  

ROOT FOR THE WALL PAC national television and radio advertising campaigns will air all over America in the coming days. Wayne's TV and radio ads will be seen, heard and read on major conservative TV, radio, and online media from coast to coast.

The ads will promote ROOT FOR THE WALL PAC, Root's Political Action Committee formed to raise money from 63+ million Trump voters to help fund the building of the wall on our southern border. 

The advertisements will point millions of Trump supporters, conservatives, capitalists and patriots, who all support the wall, to the web site and national toll-free number (844) ROOT-WALL.

Wayne Root says of his effort to back President Trump, "I have a message for patriots across America: President Trump is making America Great Again - just as he promised. He is the only president in my lifetime who is keeping his promises. And his biggest promise is to build that wall. But President Trump can only do it with our help. If Congress won't fund Trump's wall... WE WILL!"

President Trump is one man against the world. And the deadliest weapon in the arsenal of the world's America haters is open borders.  It's time to take a stand... to draw a line in the sand… build the wall, or it'll be the end of the greatest nation in world history, ever blessed by God.

I've founded the "Root for the Wall PAC" to fund this wall once and for all. The buck stops here. 63+ million Trump voters together will help raise the money President Trump needs for the wall.

Anyone who donates $100 or more will get a unique and exclusive commemorative wall brick. Display it proudly to prove you are part of the team of American patriots who stands proudly behind President Trump in his efforts to protect our American homeland.

We will build this wall together. Trump started the revolution. We will help him finish it.

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