Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Faith-Based Freedom 4/24 Rescuing Exploited Women From Sexual Slavery and Prostitution

When college freshman, Christine Pettit, traveled to Bangkok, Thailand and learned that the average age of entry into prostitution was thirteen and two are sold into slavery every minute of every day, she knew she had to do something. With the support of just a few college friends, she started Freedom 4/24, an organization that helps sexually exploited and enslaved women, including young girls, find freedom, hope and treatment. The organization's name comes from the price of this rescue: Only $24. That is the price of one evening with one of Thailand's 300,000 prostitutes. With a single $24 donation, a prostitute can be taken off the streets for the day and be offered a new life.

The women are offered help of all kinds in that day - physical, emotional and spiritual. That day is used to help them find opportunity, including education, employment, health care and most importantly, love and companionship. The program does not end that day. It only begins.

"It is my desire to see Freedom 4/24 become a movement that is embraced by our generation," said Mike Zeland, President of Freedom 4/24. "This is more than a cause. This is about life over death, freedom over oppression, hope over despair."

Freedom 4/24's latest program is, "Run For Their Lives." This fall, an estimated 4,000 people will lace up their running shoes to take part in 10-kilometer and 5-kilometer races around the country to raise money for the organization.

This summer's comedy blockbuster, "The Hangover 2," included scenes about the sexual exploitation of women in Thailand, notes Jason Campbell, Program Director of the Christian Action Network and supporter of Freedom 4/24. "'Hangover 2' grossed over $196 million. If every person who saw that movie and realized that the sexual exploitation is real, and donated the price of the ticket to Freedom 4/24, that would have taken all of Thailand's 300,000 prostitutes off the streets for a month."

Mike Zealand is the President of Freedom 4/24, an international non-profit organization providing relevant information, media and merchandise designed to raise awareness of the sexually exploited by providing a reliable income stream to Christ-Centered organizations who purpose to rescue enslaved women and children. Watch Mike on Fox News Channel.

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