Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GI Film Festival CEO Available for Interviews

Third Annual "GI Film Festival" to Showcase World's Best Military Films
May 12-18, Washington, D.C.

"Seven Days in May" to Highlight 47 Films Honoring American GIs

GI Film Festival co-founders Brandon Millett and Major Laura Law-Millett present the line-up for the third annual festival showcasing the world's best military films.

Call or e-mail Sandy - 516-735-5468 - to schedule Interviews with the founder of the GI Film Festival, Brandon Millett.

The festival will run from May 12-18, 2009 at the prestigious Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C. and other D.C. area venues, including the National Archives, the Canadian Embassy and the Russell Senate Caucus Room. The award-winning GI Film Festival is the first and only film festival in the nation dedicated to honoring American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines through the medium of film. (Go to: http://www.gifilmfestival.com/ for more information.)

The GI Film Festival is not only the premiere film festival honoring America's troops but also the most significant film festival in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Major corporate sponsors for 2009 festival include among others: Target Corporation; TriWest Healthcare Alliance; America's Huey 091 Foundation; Pence-Friedel Developers, Inc; USO International; MGM/UA; HBO, Inc.; American Military University, and Discovery Communications' "The Military Channel."

"The GI Film Festival provides a unique opportunity to not only support the American warrior, but to participate in a meaningful and inspirational cultural event," said GI Film Festival co-founder Brandon L. Millett. "It is possible to sit through the entire slate of GI Film Festival films and experience the full range of human emotion. Shocking combat films, patriotic tear jerkers, popcorn action films, historical documentaries; we will screen them all."

In only its third year, the GI Film Festival has become the most significant venue for the screening of military films, including Hollywood features The Great Raid, Forrest Gump, and a never-before-released version of the Civil War epic Gods and Generals. In addition, one 2007 GI Film Festival premiere, Operation Homecoming, was a finalist for an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary. Last year's GI Film Festival "Best Feature Documentary," Brothers at War earned a theatrical distribution deal from the prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Films and is now in theaters. Another award-winning offering from 2008, The Last 600 Meters, will release in theaters and air on PBS in 2010.

"This range of films is important, not only for the American GIs but for the public to see our warriors' story from a variety of perspectives; from the active duty service member inside the arena of war, to the wounded warrior struggling to overcome their disability, to the military spouse at home waiting for their loved one to return. This diversity is the heart of what we offer at the GI Film Festival," said GI Film Festival co-founder Major Laura Law-Millett.

The GI Film Festival has quickly become the "go to" festival for warriors, military film buffs and filmmakers. This year's slate includes 15 original feature-length documentaries and narratives, two major studio feature films, and 30 short films covering the Civil War, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"This festival is all about warriors and filmmakers. It is established for the very reason to let artists tell the story of our great troops, their successes and their sacrifices," said GI Film Festival Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. [Watch a slideshow of photos from last year's festival.]

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