Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Last Days of New York By Seth Barron



A Reporter's True Tale

By Seth Barron

With a Foreword by Heather Mac Donald

Mayor Bill de Blasio set the stage for the ruin of New York City

Acclaimed New York City reporter and editor, Seth Barron has written a new book - THE LAST DAYS OF NEW YORK: A Reporter's True Tale. In the future, when people ask how New York City fell to pieces, they can be told - in the words of Hemingway - "gradually, then suddenly." New Yorkers awoke from a slumber of ease and prosperity to discover that their glorious city was not only unprepared for crisis, but that the underpinnings of its fortune had been gutted.

In THE LAST DAYS OF NEW YORK, Seth Barron brings to life the inner workings of how a corrupted political system hollowed out New York City, leaving it especially vulnerable, all in the name of equity and "fairness." Barron's insightful reporting of New York City politics and culture makes him uniquely qualified to tell the stories that explain why, after decades of declining crime, seemingly overnight, New York is scary again.

In THE LAST DAYS OF NEW YORK, you'll learn that:

·    de Blasio represents the nexus of corrosive interests that undermined the supports of New York's prosperity and safety;

·    Criminal justice reforms at the level of the city and state have unwound 30 years of progress in making the city safe;

·    The obsession with "inequality" overrides the longstanding attraction of NYC as a place of opportunity and ignores the fact that people come to New York to gain purchase in the American Dream;

·    The city is so deep in its problems that it will be very difficult to dig its way out, because the political system is thoroughly owned by special interests; and

·    de Blasio will go down as the luckiest mayor in the city's history; the next mayor will inherit a huge headache. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio's failure to manage the outbreak of COVID-19 is well-established. But what is less understood is how poorly he managed the city up to the point of the pandemic, and how his mismanagement left New York City vulnerable to the social, economic, and cultural shocks that have leveled its confidence and brought into question its capacity to absorb the creative energies of the world and reflect them back in the form of opportunity and wealth, as it has done for hundreds of years. At a moment when socialist currents are stirring throughout America, Bill de Blasio's term in office in New York City is a demonstration of what those impulses actually produce: debt, decay and bloat.

THE LAST DAYS OF NEW YORK is a history of New York City - from its recovery from the recession of 2008-2009 through the triple disaster of the pandemic, civil riots, and collapse in revenue of 2020. Mayor Bill de Blasio, now widely known as the WORST mayor in the history of the city, is presented as the instrument of decline: a key symptom of the rot that expedited the city's downfall.

"A propulsive chronicle of failed policy and bad leadership."

-- Heather Mac Donald, New York Times Bestselling Author of "The War on Cops" 

"I have watched NYC fall apart before my eyes, but until I read Seth Barron's book I didn't know how and why. Now I know, and thanks to his unparalleled reporting, it's clear who is to blame... and how to fix it. A must-read."

-- Brian Kilmeade, Host of Fox & Friends

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Seth Barron is a New York City-based reporter and editor who has covered local politics closely for more than ten years. Writer and Managing Editor for The American Mind, a publication of the Claremont Institute, Barron was an Associate editor of urban policy at City Journal, a publication of the Manhattan Institute. Barron is a widely read columnist and reporter on politics and issues in New York City. Barron became intimately familiar with the ins and outs of New York City politics working in City Hall as legislative director for a council member from Queens. His work has appeared in the New York Post, New York Daily News, and Wall Street Journal and he frequently appears on a range of local and national television and radio programs as a commentator.

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