Monday, April 5, 2021

The Enemy Within By David Horowitz


A Totalitarian Movement is Taking Over America - and Destroying the Principles of Our Nation's Foundation from Within

Bestselling author David Horowitz exposes the schemes implemented by the Left, the aftermath of the 'War on Trump,' and how to win back America

In the new book, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America, legendary conservative firebrand and bestselling author, David Horowitz argues that America's fundamental principles are under attack and that the progressive Left will do anything to see those principles revoked and replaced with their own radical agenda. Throughout its history, the United States has faced deadly enemies from across the globe. Today, our greatest enemies lie within the country, determined to tear our very republic apart with ugly passions and irreconcilable conflicts.

Horowitz exposes who our internal enemies are, including the leaders of the "Women's March," Senate Democrats (illustrated by their brutal treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing), teachers' unions which consistently fail inner-city students, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose "watch lists" blacklist anyone not in lock-step with their far-left agenda. In each case, these enemies of freedom suppress those who dare to question current Leftist orthodoxy.

In The Enemy Within, Horowitz presents a harrowing account of the cultural shifts and ideological power-plays that threaten America's founding principles. You'll learn about:

·    The Left's embrace of Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism - the underpinnings of their totalitarian ideology;

·    The decades-long infiltration of our education system by ideologies hostile to America, our institutions, and our freedom;

·    Why the Obama administration marked a point of no return in the division of America into two irreconcilable political factions;

·    The Democrats' political exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic;

·    The Democrats' complicity in the riots of the summer of 2020, which left twenty-five dead, injured two thousand police officers, caused billions of dollars in property damage, and revealed the fragility of our civic order;

·    How the Democrats are empowering black and white BLM Marxists, racists and violent criminals as its paramilitary contingent of domestic storm troopers;

·    The subversion of the white Christian male; and

·    How Democrats lied, invented scandals, and pursued impeachment to try to undo a presidential election.

David Horowitz says, "I wrote The Enemy Within to explain how the Democrat Party has been infiltrated and taken over by the communist/fascist left; how it has become a racist party deploying its hatred as a political weapon to silence its opponents; how it has systematically attacked the constitutional foundations of the country by abusing the impeachment power, working to eliminate the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, censor its opponents and undermine the integrity of the electoral system. I have shown how its unwavering goal is the creation of a one-party state; how its chief political weapon is to demonize its opponents by slandering them as 'white supremacists' and, worse: how its attacks on white America are really attacks on America's constitutional founding through the infamous '1619 Project.'"

In The Enemy Within, David Horowitz provides a spot-on assessment of the threat to the American Republic and points to an escape route - while there's still time. The progressive assault on America is not unlike the attempts of other totalitarian movements around the globe, warns Horowitz. What should be different, he adds, is our response as American citizens and patriots.

"The Enemy Within is a book for all patriots who understand that our country

is in a fight for its life." --MARK LEVIN

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Horowitz is the renowned conservative commentator and New York Times bestselling author of Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America and Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America. He is the founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles.

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