Thursday, October 15, 2020

Socialists Don't Sleep By Cheryl Chumley



Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall

By Cheryl K. Chumley

 If America is to be free, America Needs Christians to get louder!

In her new book, Socialists Don't Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall, a blunt assessment of the deep danger America is facing from the left, award-winning journalist, Washington Times columnist and bestselling author Cheryl K. Chumley exposes all the sneaky ways the secular left has pressed socialism into American politics and life - and why Christians are the only ones who can stop it.

At stake are the freedoms Americans cherish, unless we act now. The great hope for this nation lies in going back to the founding principles of America - Christian principles.

In Socialists Don't Sleep, you'll learn:

·    Socialists have been sneaking their policies into America for decades;

·    The left has been cleverly thrusting America down a socialist path in part by playing with rhetoric - by redefining words, softening language, and this has allowed the goal post of what it means to be an American;

·    Chaos and confusion are keys that open the door to socialists. If they can destabilize society, they can argue big government is necessary to stabilize;

·    The seeds of socialism need to be recognized, then unplanted, before taking root and spreading;

·    Our public education system is in shambles and it's filled with card-carrying, dues-paying, socialist-communist-collectivist supporting members of the DSA; and

·    Christians are especially well placed to fight socialism for many reasons; namely, because A) they understand what the founders understood - that humans are born into sin and need a power higher than government to instill morality and B) they naturally extend the idea that Jesus was no respecter of titles into American society, which emphasizes individuality and presses forward individual rights.

In Socialists Don't Sleep, Chumley takes you through all of the ways that Democrats and the radical left are planting dangerous seeds of socialist principles into our everyday life, including public schools that teach America is not exceptional; politicians who support entitlements, not hard work, to get elected; and a generation raised without God, or with a god that can be whatever is wished at the time.

It's only through God, then - by reeling back the entitlement mindset and insisting on a government that humbly, honestly and properly serves, not regulates and rules - that socialism in America can be defeated. Socialists Don't Sleep lays out the problems and then offers clear guidance for both short- and long-term solutions to rid the country of socialism. And we need to do it quickly, with bold determination and fearless focus. Why? Because socialists don't sleep. Socialists don't quit. Socialists don't abandon the battlefield. We must grab them early and stop their un-Americanism.


"Points out the roots of what's gone wrong in America, how we can get our country back on track to what founders envisioned and the Judeo-Christian community that holds the key to America's long-term successes." - GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE

"Chumley points out we can't root out socialism unless we first address the real problems." - Michael Savage

"Cheryl Chumley reminds us of the founding principles and calls on those who still believe in them to engage the failed policies and ideology of socialism and atheism and to fight back." - Cal Thomas

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cheryl K. Chumley is a commentary writer and the online opinion editor for The Washington Times where she also hosts a podcast, "Bold and Blunt," about politics and culture from a Christian, conservative perspective. Her previous books are The Devil in DC and Police State USA. She is a frequent guest on conservative media and her writing credits include The Blaze, The Washington Examiner, The Heritage Foundation, The Heartland Institute, Lifezette, and more. Chumley is also a U.S. Army veteran and a licensed private investigator.

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