Friday, April 24, 2020

Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. Introduces TeleMD Program on

On Friday 4/24, Saturday 4/25, and Sunday 4/26 Dr. Jerome Corsi will be hosting a marathon live-stream on various Internet channels. Then, starting Monday 4/27, he will be available for radio and TV interviews. He will be promoting the TeleMD program on the website.
GO HERE to watch the live-stream program.

We have created TeleMD with - a telephone service where a practicing MD licensed in your state can call you by telephone for you to become a patient. The call is a medical consultation.

If the physician determines that Hydroxychloroquine, as recommended by our medical advisor, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's protocol, fits the tele-patient's needs and is unlikely to cause adverse side-effects, the MD can write a prescription for you. The prescription is filled by a national pharmacy chain with the HCQ prescriptions being filled by one of their pharmacies in a state where it is legal for the pharmacy to fulfill a MD prescription for COVID-19. 

The pharmacy calls the patient to arrange for any insurance that may defray the cost of the prescription. The patient pays for the prescription by credit card plus the cost of express delivery to the patient's door, or a local address specified by the patient. The goal is for the pharmacy to have the prescription delivered to the patient's home overnight. The MD can also prescribe zinc and/or antibodies as the MD deems appropriate.

To be clear, we are simply the marketing arm of the program. We are marketing a TeleMD service, we are NOT selling drugs. The MD will decide whether or not HCQ is appropriate for the patient's medical condition and will not be hostile to prescribing HCQ as needed, including for preventative use.

HCQ is a legal medication that is FDA recommended for various illnesses, including malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. The MD may also prescribe HCQ "off label" as a treatment for a particular patient for a different medical condition, including preventing and treating COVID-19, as the physician deems appropriate.

The website and the video makes clear that I, Jerome Corsi, and are not medically trained and we are not qualified to give medical advice. We will be reviewing the medical literature on HCQ and the FDA approved clinical trials on-going on HCQ and COVID-19 as specified in the U.S. Government website.

In the marathon live-stream program, we will be interviewing various MDs via Zoom, including family practitioners, epidemiologists, and virologists, as well as ministers and religious leaders, and other noted spokespersons and commentators as appropriate. We will also open the program to MDs that have patients among essential medical services workers, first responders, fire and police, grocery store workers, truck drivers etc.

We will open the program to MDs in states where the state pharmacies have been directed not to fulfill prescriptions for HCQ when prescribed by the MD for COVID-19, or where the pharmacies have run out of HCQ and/or Zinc supplies.

The MDs can see patients in their offices but they must use the TeleMD computer system to establish a patient in this system and to get their prescriptions filled by the national pharmacy.

Dr. Zelenko is the medical advisor to the TeleMD program though he is not receiving compensation and he does not hold any corporate position (or financial interest) in or The TeleMD program is not political - it is open to everyone in the USA regardless of political persuasion, race, gender, sex, or age.

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