Monday, December 23, 2019

Exclusive Inside the Mueller Investigation:
Journalist Daphne Barak Reveals the Truth About Key Witness

Despite Two Guilty Pleas, Rick Gates’ Testimony Never Changed: "There was NO Russian collusion!"

NOTE: Daphne can talk about her exclusive interview with key Mueller Investigation figure Rick Gates, the Horowitz IG report, the Durham Investigation, and impeachment.

In her new book, TO PLEA OR NOT TO PLEA: The Story of Rick Gates and the Mueller Investigation, journalist Daphne Barak exposes the behind-the-scenes saga of one of the key witnesses of the Mueller Investigation - Trump campaign official and onetime business partner of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates. Barak uncovers why Gates pled guilty and reveals the lasting repercussions of the ordeal. 

Renowned International journalist Daphne Barak's new book is the FIRST INSIDE REPORT of the Robert Mueller investigation. It is the story of key witness Rick Gates, and what made him decide to cut a plea deal - how difficult it was to reach this crucial decision - yet how even more difficult it became after his decision. Barak was filming with Gates while he was being investigated and describes how Gates and others (like Mike Flynn) did not have any choice from the moment Mueller and his team put enormous pressure on them to plea and collaborate.

In To Plea or Not to Plea, Barak recounts Gates' trajectory from the 2016 campaign trail, to President Trump's inauguration, and then to more than 450 hours of relentless interrogation by Special Counsel investigators. Ultimately, Barak paints an unforgettable picture of the lengths to which Mueller's team would go in their attempts to prove a non-existent international conspiracy.

To Plea or Not to Plea describes:

·    How Gates was tormented for 118 days before he was forced to take the deal;

·    How the plea deal is one-sided;

·    How Gates and others did not completely understand that the judge may not accept the Mueller team's recommendation regarding them, even if they had fully collaborated;

·    How the deal has no timeline; and

·    How they would be asked to continue collaborating indefinitely.

Barak goes behind the scenes of the special counsel's hunt for Russia collusion, using the Mueller probe's star witness as her subject. She reveals the fallout from his decision and how Gates became the property of the special counsel's office - forced to be "on call" day and night. In the end, Rick Gates was sentenced for 45 days, 300 hours of community service, a fine of $20,000, 3 years probation and he is required to continue assisting in "ongoing investigations."

Author Daphne Barak is an Israeli-American documentary filmmaker, author, journalist and celebrity-interviewer. She has conducted a wide range of sit-down interviews with heads of state, royals, Hollywood stars, musicians, athletes, artist, and newsmakers. Her television specials and print exclusives are distributed in all leading outlets and throughout many countries around the world.

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