Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Challenge of Modernizing Islam By Christine Douglass-Williams

Reformers Speak Out and the Obstacles They Face
By Christine Douglass-Williams

The Challenge of Modernizing Islam by award-winning journalist Christine Douglass-Williams is the first major effort to provide a foundation of understanding and a vision of Islam that is consistent with human rights, equal rights and modernity. This bestselling book features interviews by foremost moderate and reformist Muslims in the Western world. Douglass-Williams poses tough questions about how they deal with problematic Qur’an passages, how they intend to get their message across to the Muslim world, and more.

In The Challenge of Modernizing Islam, Christine Douglass-Williams answers these critical questions:

·    Is Islam a religion of peace?

·    Are most Muslims who immigrate to the West peaceful?

·    What are the real hopes of Muslim integration?

·    Is the reformist movement significant enough to effect real change realistically?

·    Do you believe that Saudi Arabia is on a path to reform?

·    How can the West control our borders?

·    Should Islam be outlawed in the West?

·    Does Islam pose a danger to Jews and Christians?

·    How are Western policy makers handing the War on Terror?

·    Are populists racists?

In The Challenge of Modernizing Islam, Muslim moderates and reformists reveal their commitment to the separation of mosque and state, pluralism, democracy, their personal faith beliefs, warnings about the malignant and covert nature of stealth jihadists, and their personal travails against Islamism. It captures the Islamic Reformist movement in its full intellectual ferment, laying bare the tragedies and tensions, as well as the triumphs of the reformers.

Douglass-Williams found out the hard way that to warn the West about political Islam and to call out problematic Islamic texts not only renders one an apostate in Sharia adherent states, but is blasphemous and worthy of punishment on politically correct Western soil as well.

Christine Douglass-Williams says, "Since The Challenge of Modernizing Islam first appeared, I have been targeted by the liberal government of Canada for doing what the Muslims I profile in the book are doing: standing against Islamic jihad violence, Muslim Brotherhood stratagems and the oppression that is justified by the Sharia. On December 19, 2017, I was terminated from the Board of Directors of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) by the Queen’s Privy Council."

Williams’ termination came after receiving a threatening letter from Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly about her writings on political Islam for the online publication Jihad Watch, directed by Robert Spencer and a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in California. It came at an urgent time: when 'anti-Islamophobia' Motion M-103 was being pushed across Canada via Canada’s Heritage Department, facilitated by the National Council of Canadian Muslims - formerly CAIR-CAN, an offshoot of CAIR - linked to Hamas and found to be an unindicted co-conspirator to jihad terror in the Holy Land Foundation Trial. In fact, NCCM was directly involved in the firing of Williams.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christine Douglass-Williams is a nine-time international award-winning journalist and television producer (including Telly, Videographer, and Omni Awards), having conducted over 1,700 live interviews. She was a federally appointed Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and a former appointee to the Office of Religious Freedom in Foreign Affairs. She also serves as a political advisor.

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