Monday, September 10, 2018

How Has America Changed Since 9/11/2001?

By Brigitte Gabriel

On that fateful day in 2001, America came together as one united people - not as Republicans, Democrats or Libertarians, but as Americans. Fast forward to 2018... The flag that once flew on every street corner is now considered a hate symbol on college campuses. Athletes who used to break out in tears of pride during the national anthem are now kneeling in protest. Patriotism is seen as hateful. Freedom of speech is being eliminated by the tyranny of tolerance, and police are being targeted by criminals while the mainstream media victimizes the killers.

New York Times best-selling author and Chairman of ACT For America, Brigitte Gabriel has written an important new book, RISE: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom, which is a dire warning to America. In RISE, Brigitte discusses the dangers America is facing today from enemies foreign and domestic; she focuses on these key points and offers solutions to these American problems:

National Security: Of all agencies created after 9/11, the TSA is the one agency that almost all Americans will interact with at some point. Despite their $7.5 billion annual budget, TSA has a whopping 95% failure rate in detecting weapons and fake explosives during airport screening. TSA is now using 793 useless full-body scanners at 157 airports as a part of their continued "We've got you covered" theatre. “The war on terror" has cost every single American approximately $24,000 - that's almost $100,000 for a family of four. If you would have invested that money in a safe S&P 500 index with a conservative 8% return and the power of compounded interest, you would have amassed nearly half a million dollars.

Immigration: [All aspects of immigration - illegal, chain migration and refugee resettlement.] We not only have immigrants we cannot vet, we are lowering our standards to accommodate Third World people who are not assimilating. Dangerous diseases are rising nationwide. As an example, Tuberculosis is exploding in 16 states, the top four being CA, TX, FL and CA with over 500 cases each and most of them are drug resistant. The city of Denver passed an ordinance in 2017 reducing the penalty for public defecation which is a deportable crime. Since Denver has a larger illegal alien population than San Francisco and Philadelphia, the city wanted to make sure to protect its illegals by lowering American standards.

The Leftist-Islamist Coalition: Leftists have been colluding with Islamists on everything from cutting human intelligence to monitoring mosques and blocking the training of counter terrorism agents on signs of Islamic radicalism and smearing their enemies with accusations of "Islamophobia." There are many examples of these relationships such as the one between the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the ACLU; Linda Sarsour, the co-chair of the Women's March, and Planned Parenthood among many others.

The Lamestream Media and Soros: George Soros has spent more than $48 million dollars funding mainstream media outlets since 2003. Soros' tentacles have engulfed more than thirty top mainstream news outlets such as NBC, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press and others while stretching even further into so-called "media watchdogs."

Out on Sept. 11, RISE contains Gabriel’s most hard-hitting, explosive message yet. It’s not only a warning, but also a rallying cry to unite Americans of all backgrounds in a fight for the survival of the nation, the protection of the Judeo-Christian values upon which it was built, and the preservation of the freedoms on which future generations depend.

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