Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Truth About Obama's Legacy

Director Joel Gilbert is available to discuss Obama's farewell address as well as Obama's legacy in light of his research and revelations about Obama's background, as chronicled in his film, Dreams from My Real Father.  Gilbert details new information obtained from meeting with Obama's best friend in high school, Keith Kakugawa, in Corcoran State prison, including when and how Obama discovered Soviet agent Frank Marshall Davis was his real father. Gilbert also goes in depth on Obama's radicalization by Frank Marshall Davis in his youth, Obama's junior year abroad in Pakistan, and how Obama successfully obscured his radical agenda in order to get elected twice to the Presidency. [more...]

About: Joel Gilbert is both a filmmaker and political and foreign policy commentator. Gilbert has written and directed recent political documentary feature films on Barack Obama, Dreams from My Real Father and There's No Place Like Utopia, as well as on the Middle East conflict, Farewell Israel and Atomic Jihad. Gilbert was a videographer and media advisor to the Ted Cruz for President campaign, and then produced the Super Trump Times Square video ad and the widely- seen documentary Banished - The Story of Bill Clinton's black son. Gilbert has also produced documentary films on music icons like Bob Dylan. Gilbert gives hard hitting insight from a behind-the-scenes perspectives, and is known for his outspoken criticism of Barack Obama and the radical Left.

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