Sunday, October 16, 2016

Putin's Master Plan By Doug Schoen

To Destroy Europe, Divide NATO and Restore Russian Power 
and Global Influence
By Douglas E. Schoen

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a master plan to destroy Europe, divide NATO, reclaim Russian influence in the world, and most of all to marginalize the United States and the West in order to achieve regional hegemony and global power... and Putin is winning.  Despite Russia's naked aggression in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria, the United States and Europe remain astonishingly naive, impotent, and ineffective in confronting this escalating geopolitical threat. In his new book, PUTIN'S MASTER PLAN, acclaimed Democratic campaign consultant Doug Schoen, who has decades of international relations experience, exposes Putin's unified strategy and vision for Europe and reveals how American foreign policy blunders are emboldening Russia. 

As Doug Schoen argues, "President Obama's ill-considered decision to downgrade the shield [NATO missile shield], leaving our NATO allies vulnerable, was made to appease Putin and, at least in the president's mind, to lessen tensions between Russia and the West.  Since Obama's capitulation on the NATO missile shield, Putin has invaded a neighboring country and positioned nuclear weapons closer to NATO capitals than ever before.  How could President Obama, not to mention secretaries of state John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, have been so naive?  Why are we providing our NATO allies with subpar protection from Russia's nuclear arsenal?  It's inexcusable."

PUTIN'S MASTER PLAN is the first comprehensive attempt to systematically explain Putin's global strategy, which could inevitably and inexorably lead to the breakup of the NATO alliance, and potentially to war with the West.  Doug Schoen contends that the West has no strategy, no plan, and no tactics to confront Putin's master plan other than imposing limited economic sanctions, which have done little to deter Putin's hostility - and may well have encouraged and facilitated it.  The viewpoint taken here is not just alarmism, but an accurate and, for the first time, clear and sober portrayal of a frightening situation that, more and more, serious observers of European and Russian politics are openly recognizing and acknowledging.

PUTIN'S MASTER PLAN makes the case that it is essential to wake up to Putin's strategy to destroy Europe, divide NATO, and build a new empire in the former Soviet Union.  America must lead a united Europe to counter this threat.  Russia has demonstrated an extraordinary level of belligerence, most boldly in its outright invasions of Georgia and Ukraine.  American weakness and a divided Europe have left Russia's terrified neighbors without an alternative to Russian domination, and even once-stalwart American allies such as the Republic of Georgia are on the brink of becoming part of Putin's new empire in Europe.  Putin has made it clear that he sees NATO expansion as a fundamental threat to Russian nationhood, and he is systematically challenging the NATO Alliance as well as the United States.  So far, he is succeeding.  

As Doug Schoen argues, only a fundamental shift in American foreign policy and more assertive American leadership can avert disaster, check Russian aggression, and maintain a strong and unified West.  As a starting point, America must immediately end its talk of unilateral nuclear drawdowns and instead develop the next generation of nuclear warheads and missiles to keep our arsenal a step ahead of Russian missile defense and detection capabilities.  And America must complete the NATO missile shield to ensure military superiority, reassure our allies, and send a clear message to Russia that we will never let it gain the upper hand in world affairs. 

About the Author: Democratic Strategist, Fox News analyst and best-selling author, Doug Schoen has been one of the most influential Democratic campaign consultants for over thirty years.  Doug has advised President Bill Clinton, numerous governors and senators as well as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [more...]

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