Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Deduct Everything! By Eva Rosenberg, EA

Deduct Everything!

By Eva Rosenberg, EA

Just in time for tax season comes a tax book like no other. Packed with money-saving strategies every taxpayer can use, Deduct Everything! - #1 in Hot New Releases in Personal Taxes on Amazon - is the definitive guide to help you keep more of your hard-earned money at tax time.  You will learn all the latest tips from national tax expert and best-selling author Eva Rosenberg - the award-winning TaxMama© - a seasoned tax professional - including how to save money with hundreds of write-offs, legal tax breaks, credits and loopholes.

Whether you want to become a “tax vigilante” and fight to eliminate or reduce your taxes wherever you can, or you just want to become more “tax aware” and follow the fundamental rules to lower your taxes, Eva Rosenberg - the TaxMama© will show you the way. A popular financial tax columnist and consultant, Eva has given practical tax advice to millions through her Web site, and now she brings her proven strategies to anyone looking to take advantage of hidden, but legal, loopholes and deductions. With the help of Eva’s book Deduct Everything! you can save money and make sure your tax return is audit-proof. This comprehensive guide covers:

·       * Rules of thumb for record-keeping and staying organized;
·       * Secrets to mortgage, tax and insurance deductions;
·       * Maximizing work-related expenses;
·       * Making the most of medical expenses and health savings accounts;
·       * Strategies to utilize deductions and credits for education; and...
·       * Lots of tips on how to make more money - some of it tax-free!

What makes this tax book different from all the other tax books? Most tax tip books provide hundreds of deductions straight out of the IRS publications. Deduct Everything! bypasses most of the routine information you can find elsewhere. Eva tells you WHY a particular tax strategy is important – or unwise.  She provides links or references to specific tax codes, IRS publications, even tax court cases – especially when a strategy seems too good to be true.

More than tax breaks, Deduct Everything! provides ways to EARN MONEY and links to resources to help you generate enough income to live on, for people who don’t have specific skills or degrees. Eva shows you how to generate tax-free income via crowd-funding and how to do it correctly so you won’t fall into the taxable income trap.

Deduct Everything! even provides information about areas that many tax professionals find confusing. The good news for tax professionals using the book is that references are provided to support everything so you can look it up before advising your clients. It contains information about tax credits many people don’t know about, or understand how to use and has a wealth of links and contacts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Deduct Everything! is available wherever books and E-books are sold!

Eva Rosenberg, EA is an award winning, seasoned tax professional who teaches other tax professionals about ethics, tax preparation, IRS collections representation and more. She even advised FedEx to learn how to eliminate tax anxiety during the filing season.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/163006047X/

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