Monday, November 30, 2015

Return to Winter By Doug Schoen

Russia, China, and the New Cold War Against America

By Doug Schoen

In Fox News analyst Doug Schoen's new book, Return to Winter: Russia, China, and the New Cold War Against America, he tells us the U.S. is a nation in crisis. While Washington has been rendered nearly impotent by ongoing partisan warfare, we face an array of national security threats that America seems increasingly unprepared, and perhaps unwilling, to handle. Among these, none is more formidable than the unprecedented partnership developing between Russia and China, two former foes drawn increasingly close together because of a confluence of geostrategic, political, and economic interests - all of which have a common theme of diminishing, subverting, or displacing American power.

While America's influence around the world recedes - in its military and diplomatic power, in its political leverage, in its economic might, and perhaps most dangerously, in the power and appeal of its ideas - Russia and China have seen their influence increase. From their support and interventions on behalf of rogue regimes like those in Iran, Syria, and North Korea to their aggressive use of cyber-warfare and intelligence theft, Moscow and Beijing are playing the game for keeps. Meanwhile America, pledging to "lead from behind," no longer does much leading at all.

In Return to Winter, Doug Schoen and Melik Kaylan systematically chronicle the growing threat from the Russia-China alliance and argue that only a rebirth of American leadership in the world can counter the corrosive impact of this antidemocratic alliance, which may soon threaten the peace and security of the world.

Return to Winter outlines how Russia and China are now operating against American and Western interests in nearly every conceivable area:
  • * Russia working assiduously to build more nuclear facilities for Iran and ensuring Iran maintains "breakout potential" for a nuclear weapon - even as the West formalized its nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic.
  • * Enabling the Syrian regime: making it possible for Assad to deploy chemical weapons against his own people, preventing U.S. interventions in Syria, forcing Obama to walk back his "red line," and, finally, deploying Russian forces to protect the Assad regime.
  • * Keeping the deranged North Korean regime afloat for years and enabling Pyongyang's nuclear capabilities - which have grown to be far greater than previous American estimates.
  • * Russia's plans to destabilize and annex territories in Europe - from Eastern Ukraine to the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • * China's expansionism in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, where they are flouting international law and making claims that would put one of the world's primary shipping lanes almost entirely under Chinese direction.
"Return to Winter puts on the table what many have preferred to ignore or wish away, namely that our current foreign policy is causing grave and systemic harm to American interests all around the world."  --John Bolton, Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

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