Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Power Grab By Dick Morris

Obama's Dangerous Plan for a One Party Nation

By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

America is at a crossroads - we can choose the path of the Founding Fathers and keep a strong constitutional government that thrives on our bipartisan spirit, or opt for President Barack Obama's dream: a nation ruled by one political party with a far left agenda.

That's the dire warning from best-selling author and political insider Dick Morris and his co-author, Eileen McGann, in their compelling new book, Power Grab: Obama's Dangerous Plan for a One Party Nation in which the authors make a convincing case that Obama has an overarching strategy in pushing his liberal agenda, one that grabs power from our traditional and bipartisan institutions in favor of a single party: his Democratic Party. According to Morris and McGann, Obama has begun:
  • Implementing the biggest power grab of all: ObamaCare - the law that says anything supporters say it does;
  • To create a permanent government recipient class (with this new health law) who will vote Democratic time and again;
  • To gain federal control over state run education systems using Common Core curriculum;
  • To gain more control over private business by granting the EPA global governance in the name of climate change, affecting every aspect of our lives;
  • Blocking energy independence, thereby slowing economic growth and breeding more dependency;
  • Gutting welfare reform and keeping millions on the dole; and
  • Turning over regulation of the Internet to the United Nations.
The authors write: "Obama is a left-wing president who is desperately determined to impose his radical agenda to transform our democratic government and free market economy into his socialist-style ideal before leaving office in 2016. He's a president who is obsessively fixated on keeping the left in permanent power by turning our two-party system into a one-party monopoly." He is close to achieving his goal, Morris and McGann say. Only you can stop him.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Dick Morris became well-known for his probing, insightful, hard-hitting, clear commentary on media like Newsmax and the Fox News Channel. Time magazine has dubbed him "the most influential private citizen in America." A well-known Republican strategist, he was the architect of Bill Clinton's comeback landslide in 1996. Internationally, he has piloted the successful campaigns of the president or prime ministers on five continents. With his wife, Eileen McGann, Dick has written fourteen books, including ten New York Times Bestsellers. Morris and McGann write for DickMorris.com and the Hill newspaper.

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