Thursday, January 23, 2014

Uncommon Sense - Second Edition

Uncommon Sense
Solutions to Modern Political and Social Challenges Based on Ancient Jewish Wisdom (The Talmud)

The Talmud is the central text of traditional Judaism. Among other topics, it also touches on a wide range of humanistic issues. Rabbi D.B. Ganz has written a most unique book, Uncommon Sense, that demonstrates how Talmudic thinking is highly relevant to the major social and political issues that bedevil today's modern Western societies. Uncommon Sense was not written in an attempt to mix religion with politics. Almost anyone, Gentile or Jew, can sidestep its origins and gain beneficial insights from Talmudic wisdom.

This is a positive book of specific solutions to specific topics rather than a volume that mainly attacks either liberals or conservatives. Though small in size (239 pages) and easy to read, it nonetheless covers a wide array of "hot" topics, including:
  • How to end medical malpractice lawsuits and lower the cost of doctor care; 
  • Whether English should be America's national language;
  • Abortion policy;
  • How to both strengthen the military and at the same time reduce its cost;
  • Why liberals are liberal about almost everything except for ideas and people that are not liberal;
  • Whether the U.S. should intervene and help rebels overthrow bloodthirsty Third World dictators (like Assad in Syria);
  • How a country and its citizens can grow prosperous and wealthy;
  • Why, by definition, government management of almost anything (such as health care) will be terribly inefficient and terribly wasteful;
  • A policy on all taxation;
  • Illegal immigration to the U.S.; and 
  • What government should or should not control.
There is also an Epilogue on how people can attain enduring inner contentment and happiness.

The newly released edition of Uncommon Sense focuses additionally on two major topics:

1. How to vanquish the opposition in a political campaign. Though applicable to all political parties, in particular, the book zeroes in on the current Republican struggle against Obamacare and other liberal initiatives. Drawing upon ancient Jewish wisdom, it strongly cautions against certain tactics now being widely employed by opinion makers on the right. It then outlines a simple and specific approach to getting Obamacare repealed and attaining decisive conservative victories in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

2. How to defend the U.S. against deadly threats. This chapter deals with two major threats to the U.S. One is that of bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists who could theoretically strike America almost anywhere and inflict massive carnage. The second focuses on the treacherous computer hacking of the U.S.'s military, government, power plants, and private industry that was orchestrated by the Chinese government. Based on ancient Jewish thinking, the book proposes forceful and decisive ways of defending the U.S. from these two potentially lethal dangers.

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