Monday, December 16, 2013

The End of Authority By Doug Schoen

The End of Authority
How a Loss of Legitimacy and Broken Trust
Are Endangering Our Future

"In The End of Authority, Doug sounds the alarm on the rising public distrust of government globally and offers his ideas for rebuilding confidence - not only in America but also around the world."                                                    --Bill Clinton, Forty-second President of the United States

Around the world, citizens have lost faith in their political and economic institutions, leading to unprecedented levels of political instability and economic volatility. From Moscow to Brussels, from Washington to Cairo, the failure of democracies and autocracies to manage the fiscal and political crises facing us has led to a profound disquiet, spawning protest movements of the left, right, and center. "I'm now beginning to feel that my government is not capable of understanding the situation, let alone solving it" - a view that citizens around the world share today.

In The End of Authority, Douglas E. Schoen systematically analyzes the leadership crises facing democracies and autocratic governments alike. He presents a firsthand, detailed assessment for why this collapse in trust happened and offers a comprehensive blueprint for how we can restore public trust in government and economic institutions in a world of division, dissension, and governments clearly lacking in responsiveness to citizen concerns. Schoen outlines bold and clear solutions and offers practical steps to fix our democracy and rebuild international institutions.

The End of Authority educates us about:
  • Why the crisis of authority matters;
  • Documenting and understanding the loss of trust;
  • How trust works in democracies and autocracies;
  • Income inequality and the crisis of capitalism;
  • What's causing income inequality, why it matters and what to do; and
  • Political corruption and crony capitalism.
The End of Authority's purpose is to systematically analyze the crises facing democracies and autocratic governments alike; present a firsthand, detailed assessment of why this has happened; and offer a blueprint for how we can restore public trust in government and economic institutions.

About the Author: Democratic Strategist, Fox News Analyst and Best-selling Author, Doug Schoen has been one of the most influential Democratic campaign consultants for over thirty years. Doug has advised President Bill Clinton, numerous governors and senators as well as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [more...]

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