Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Obamacare Answer Guide

The Obamacare Answer Guide Offers Navigation and Solutions to Protect Health, Wealth and Sanity

Vice Presidential nominee, national bestselling author, conservative commentator and patriot Wayne Allyn Root reveals the hidden truths about Obamacare in a new 15-page booklet, The Obamacare Answer Guide.

Far from being a "train wreck," Root says, "Obamacare is a brilliant, cynical and purposeful attempt to damage the U.S. economy, kill jobs and bring down capitalism."

Over 5 million Americans have already lost their health insurance, but that's just the tip of the iceberg ahead says Wayne, author of the 2013 bestselling book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.

According to Wayne, "Obamacare is intended to wipe out the middle class by redistributing your income to Obama's voters and leaving you dependent on government."

"I've studied 2,700 pages of Obamacare's new rules and regulations and my biggest concern is the same way government is now destroying your healthcare, is how they may also plan to destroy your life savings," says Root in The Obamacare Answer Guide.

"Obamacare is killing jobs by the millions. Since January, over 80% of all the jobs created in America are part-time jobs," says Root.

The Wall Street Journal reports:"Some 64% of small business franchise owners believe the law will have a 'negative impact' on their business," according to Public Opinion Strategies survey of more than 400 business owners with between 40 and 500 employees conducted in September and October for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and International Franchise Association. Half of Obamacare's funding comes from new taxes and fees. We're adding 30 million new patients, with no new doctors. What's worse is many doctors are planning to retire. "We're headed for a nightmare... disaster... economic collapse," says Root.  

Who benefits from Obamacare? Big government, big business, big insurance, the pharmaceutical lobby, Obama's biggest donors, and corrupt power-hungry politicians. 

Who loses? You and I. The American people. The middle class. Small business. It's all on life support. I call it 'The Murder of the Middle Class.'

The Obamacare Answer Guide offers 14 proposed solutions to protect the health, wealth and sanity of Americans - before it's too late! [more...]

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