Tuesday, April 23, 2013

#1 Bestselling Finance Author in USA Has Financial Advice for Prospering on Obama

 Wayne Allyn Root shows not only how to survive but to thrive and prosper under Obama

President Obama's second term in office guarantees that more American families than ever before will fall into poverty. Obama's destructive agenda is aimed squarely at the middle class, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and those with capitalist drive. Wayne Allyn Root's The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper During Obamageddon is the handbook all Americans need not just to survive the next four years, but to outsmart the coming big-government disaster.

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"First get mad... then get even," says Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, and former Libertarian Vice-Presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root. As a former classmate of President Obama at Columbia University, Root exposes how President Obama is working to steal our liberty, wages, assets, property, opportunities, and ultimately destroy the middle class using a brutally simple plan they were both taught at Columbia University. Then Root shows Americans how to fight back and protect their assets, protect the American dream, and thrive in the midst of the Obama Great Depression.

The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide exposes "The Obama Axis of Evil" - taxation, regulation, unionization, litigation, intimidation, and government strangulation. Then (unlike most books critical of the Obama administration) The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide offers no-nonsense, practical, real-life strategies for any individual to fight back, protect themselves, and even benefit from Obama’s harmful policies. The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide is essential reading for anyone who not only wants to survive Obamageddon but thrive.

In The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, you will learn:

·         How Obama is "Boiling the Frog" by overwhelming the country with deficit, debt, entitlements, onerous regulations, and tax hikes designed to slowly collapse the U.S. economy without a fight.

·         Why Obama's real goal is to destroy the middle class and create just two classes of Americans - the super-rich who are rewarded with bribes, stimulus and government contracts; and the poor who loyally vote for Obama in return for the handouts they need to survive.
·         Why Texas should be the gold standard for saving America and why Detroit is the model for Obama's America.

·         How to use Y-Pods - Your Personal Obama Defense Shields - to protect your assets, save yourself from the fall-out of the spiraling national debt, and improve your financial position.

·         Which not-so-obvious investments from farmland, the oil patch, collectibles, and medical real estate could be the keys to creating your own Booming Personal Economy.

·         Why a U.S. Special Forces Commando says every family member should have a MOLLIE or an ALICE and why owning a gun is essential to survival.

·         What solutions and techniques eighteen self-made super-rich millionaires are employing to protect themselves from Obamageddon.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wayne Allyn Root - the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee - is an entrepreneur, CEO, best-selling business author and speaker, small business defender, and crusader for smaller government, lower taxes and fewer regulations. Wayne is a nationally known TV and radio commentator on the topics of business, economics, entrepreneurship, and politics. He is also President Obama's college classmate from Columbia University (class of '83).

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