Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GasCanMan is Here!

$1.84/gallon "PAIN IN THE GAS" Tour Through November

Gas Can Man is taking his campaign to help America achieve energy independence through an "all of the above" approach across the country in the coming weeks. Gas Can Man has already hosted events reducing the price of gasoline to the January, 2009 price of $1.84 for drivers in fourteen markets from Ft. Meyers to Denver, from Reno to Cincinnati, from Charlottesville to Las Vegas and Grand Junction to Richmond. (The January, 2009 national average price for gasoline was $1.84 per gallon.)
CALL 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with Steve Gill and Gas Can Man.
Another twenty "Pain in the Gas" events are being scheduled in the weeks ahead, including Panama City, Asheville, Colorado Springs, Toledo, Jacksonville, and Pensacola.
"High gas prices have been one of the main topics of concern that Americans all over the country have experienced and we are using Gas Can Man to promote the idea that with a "can do" attitude, we CAN do better," Steve Gill, Chairman of Morning In America, Inc., a Nashville. TN-based 501c4 focused on American energy policy, said in announcing the price roll-back event in Las Vegas. "We need an all of the above approach to energy policy, because coal, gas, natural gas, biofuels, solar, nuclear, etc., ALL fit in the CAN!"
"We have teamed up with some of the top talk radio hosts in the country to promote the "Pain in the Gas" events, including Jimmy Barrett in Richmond, Kevin Wall in Las Vegas, Drew Steele in Ft. Meyers and Rob Schilling in Charlottesville," Gill added. "We are reaching out to other talk show hosts and their stations in the weeks ahead to help introduce Gas Can Man to their listeners... and give them a break at the pump." [more...]
Steve Gill is the host of the nationally syndicated Steve Gill Show which airs from Nashville, Tennessee weekday mornings from 5-9 am. He hosted the first "Gas We Can" price roll back event in Nashville earlier this year. 

For more information about Gas Can Man and Energize America PAC, contact:
Steve Gill | Morning in America, Inc.
1616 Westgate Circle, Brentwood, TN 37027 | 615-243-0976 | steve@gillreport.com

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