Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Screwed!" By Dick Morris

#1 New York Times bestselling author Dick Morris returns with a blistering expose of how America is being ripped off by friends and enemies alike - with the help of our ruling elites.

How Foreign Countries are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy - and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It

In their new expose, SCREWED! How Foreign Countries are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy - and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It, bestselling authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann lay bare the unvarnished facts as never before and suggest real, immediate, and specific steps to stop those who undermine our interests and take away our jobs. In the same vein as their previous crusading books, CATASTROPHE, FLEECED, and OUTRAGE, Morris and wife Eileen McGann have documented, in great depth and detail, exactly how the United States is getting screwed and how to stop it. They dig up the facts, name names, point fingers, and suggest concrete solutions - independent of partisan politics.


European Bankers and Politicians: With the encouragement of our own president and the Federal Reserve, these elites dominate our economy and want to take away our sovereignty and our greatness.
China: The pirates of Beijing protected by their paid U.S. lobbyists - often our former legislative leaders - steal our technology, hack into our defense systems, and rig their currency to take away our jobs.
Pakistan: With friends like this, who needs enemies? They use our own military and economic aid to fund al Qaeda and help them kill Americans.
The United Nations: A cesspool of corruption, the UN poses in the garb of international legitimacy and lets its member nations and bureaucrats rob us blind.
Saudi Arabia: A country our troops have defended with their lives funds 90 percent of the global Islamic extremism - and uses our money to do so!
Afghanistan: The most corrupt government in the world bilks us out of $9 billion a year in aid.

Our jobs go to China. Foreign aid goes to our enemies. Pakistan uses our money to fund terrorists who attack us. Saudi Arabia, which our soldiers have defended with their lives, funds 90 percent of the world's Islamic fundamentalism. The UN is awash in corruption; its bureaucrats steal the money we give it with total impunity. Fifteen hundred brave American soldiers have died defending the regime in Afghanistan - rated the second most corrupt in the world! Meanwhile, European bankers and bureaucrats are taking over our economy and preempting our sovereignty.

How do they get away with it? By hiring our own political leaders, as soon as they leave office, to lobby for them to rip us off. Former House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt, for example, sits on the board of an American affiliate of a Chinese company that has been denied the right to operate in the United States because it steals our technology. Former House Republican Appropriations committee chairman Bob Livingstone represented Libya until just before Gaddafi fell. And we have a president who willingly obliges countries that poach our sovereignty, refusing to stand up for our interests and our jobs as they confiscate half the royalties from our offshore energy, subject our elected leaders to criminal prosecution if they go to war without UN approval, and tell us what kind of land-use policies we should pursue.
About the Author: Dick Morris served as Bill Clinton's political consultant for twenty years. A regular political commentator on Fox News and other networks, he is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers (all with Eileen McGann), including Outrage, Catastrophe, Fleeced and 2010: Take Back America.

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