Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Capitalism 101 By Leon Weinstein

Capitalism 101
By Leon Weinstein

As we find ourselves amidst arguably the most critical presidential election in the history of America, the GOP candidates debating weekly on all the hotly contested issues of our time, none is more heated - in light of Obamacare, the most controversial act of the current administration - than the possibility that we may be on the brink of becoming a socialist nation.

What better time to learn from the wisdom and personal experiences of one who emigrated from the USSR and knows firsthand what it means to live in a Communist society?  In his new book, Capitalism 101, former Soviet Union citizen, political writer and social commentator, Leon Weinstein, speaks in no uncertain terms of the stark contrast between the life he knew in Russia versus the one he discovered in America.  His book is a dire warning to Americans about the consequences of allowing our government to whittle away at our freedoms.  Mr. Weinstein states clearly what The Declaration of Independence meant by "freedom" and the impact a socialist agenda may have on America and calls for basic changes to the ways we govern.

Capitalism 101 is a blueprint of how a just and free society should be built in order to survive. Ayn Rand showed us what not to do. George Orwell showed us what would happen if we go the wrong way. Fifty years later, Leon Weinstein shows us what must be done as quickly as possible in order to preserve our freedom and enjoy the prosperity we once knew as the greatest nation on Earth.

"If Americans continue allowing their government to take from them any amount of money it wants to, whenever it wants to; if Americans continue allowing people who do not contribute to the society to vote on what to do with the money the others earned; if Americans continue allowing their government to expand its powers instead of merely protect and serve," say Weinstein, "this country will reach the point of no return, after which it will be impossible to stop or even reduce entitlement programs and the morphing into a nanny state and eventual transformation into a tyranny will begin."

Capitalism 101 proves beyond a doubt that in order to sustain the high quality of life and the freedom that Americans have enjoyed in the past, the government's role must be redefined as "to protect and serve" and NOT to use taxpayers' money to choose favorites, create entitlements or compete with the private sector. More information: http://capitalism101.net/

About the Author: Leon Weinstein emigrated from the USSR to Israel in 1974, where he completed his pre-doctoral study at the Ramat Aviv University. In Israel, Mr. Weinstein was actively involved in the election of a right-of-center Likud coalition into Knesset (Israeli Parliament). Starting in 1989, he began to take active part in establishing ties between Post-Soviet Russia and his newly adopted homeland, America. In 1990, he initiated sister city relations between St. Petersburg and Los Angeles and co-founded several companies with operations in both countries. Mr. Weinstein is the author of numerous political articles defending capitalism. His first political novel, "Looking for Hugh: The Capitalist Guidebook" was published in 2009 and "Capitalism 101" in 2012. He is a frequent guest on talk radio and has written for FrontPageMag.com.

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